Some Eagles veterans have concerns about decision to dump Bradford for Wentz

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Last Saturday’s surprising two-in-one decision by the Eagles to trade starting quarterback Sam Bradford to the Vikings and to make rookie Carson Wentz the new starter raises an obvious question: Will veteran players be concerned about the perception that the franchise has decided on a path that makes the Eagles less competitive in 2016?

Appearing on Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook addressed that issue.

“I kind of feel for those veterans like Jason Peters and Malcolm Jenkins, because I know and I was in the situation,” Westbrook said. “I had Donovan McNabb my entire career in Philadelphia but at some point they benched Donovan McNabb when we were in Baltimore and they put in Kevin Kolb. You just wonder, ‘OK, what are we doing here?’ Because we felt right now we had one of the better quarterbacks in the league in Donovan on the bench.

“It’s a little bit different situation with Sam Bradford because he hasn’t been one of the better quarterbacks on that same type of level as Donovan but if I’m on this football team here in Philadelphia right now and I’m a veteran I’m saying, ‘Well, hold on, timeout. We’re building for the future but that future does not necessarily include me and I have a problem with that.’ It’s good for the organization but not necessarily good for those veteran guys and so I would be a little disappointed.”

Westbrook’s explanation led to the question of whether he knows that guys on the team feel the way Westbrook would feel under these circumstances.

“Definitely,” Westbrook said. “There’s no doubt about it and I’ve talked to a few guys that have expressed that. A few guys have said, ‘We’re trying to win this year because I don’t know if I’m going to play next year and I’m definitely not sure if I’m going to be able to be in Philadelphia next year. So as much as we want this young guy Carson Wentz to be successful we’re concerned about winning this year. We’re concerned about winning now.’ . . .

“I think that there’s an understanding from the fans, the coaching staff as well as the front office that, ‘Hey, we’re going to need to take some time to build this thing the right way.’ Unfortunately for some of the older players, some of the veteran players, that doesn’t necessarily mesh with what your goal is as far as winning right now.”

Appearing earlier this week on PFT Live, Eagles executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman addressed the potential concerns outlined by Westbrook.

“Just being around our players through all the whole offseason in training camp and in the preseason games they all believe in Carson Wentz, that’s clear,” Roseman said. “You get a chance to talk to him a lot during that period of time just in between drills and on the sideline. All of them can see his unique physical ability and then his work ethic and his mental makeup is off the charts so it wasn’t something where the rest of the team couldn’t see how talented this kid is. A lot of this, our message to them is that we believe in them and we believe that the teams who’ve had success with a rookie quarterback are built the same way that we’re built. So it’s an opportunity for all of them to show their leadership [and] to step up their game and we understand there are a lot of doubters outside our building but we’re really looking forward to kicking it off on Sunday.”

Westbrook’s comments show that not all veteran players have that attitude. If Wentz succeeds quickly, their attitudes could change.

71 responses to “Some Eagles veterans have concerns about decision to dump Bradford for Wentz

  1. Hey Eagles Vets…you probably WON’T be around next year…

    Wentz will struggle as all rookie qb’s do….you guys will lose games because of it…and in 3 yrs he might be pretty good…you werent going to be there 3 yrs from now either.

  2. It was the right decision to trade Badford. He wasnt going to make them win, they weren’t going to win the division anyhow (with any of their QBs), and the Eagles got a very good return in the trade.

  3. Just relax this team wasn’t going to win the Super Bowl this year anyway. As long as Loser Lurie owns the Eagles they will never win a Super Bowl so when your contract is up go sign with someone else who can win it all.

  4. hawksfanallday says:
    Sep 9, 2016 10:10 PM
    lol Westbrook, Donovan was once a top 10 QB and at that peak he was #10 but I know forsure at the point job came in situation he wasn’t even top 20

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    You’re right. He’s only #21 ALL TIME in passing yards with wr’s named Thrash, Pinkston, Mitchell. Sit down already……

  5. What’s the ceiling with Wentz, really?

    I just don’t see Philly as a place where any rookie would succeed. They just have the feel of a team in transition. I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

  6. This was a good trade for both teams. Vikings got better at the QB position, and Bradford could make something out of his career, this is his best chance. He’s never been surrounded by as much talent as he has here in MN. And if he can’t make it happen now, he never will. The eagles get to put the rookie in the game, and let him take his bumps while he’s young and can grow up fast. Plus, philly gets a first rounder back for 2017, and 2018 is undecided yet, but 4th rounder at worst.

    Was it a big price? Sure, it was. But, say Bradford comes in, plays lights out, has a big year. And teddy comes back healthy and can play by week 2-4 next year. Could MN trade Bradford before the deadline next season and recoupe something? Could they trade him in the offseason? Sure! Bradfords future now all depends on him and teddy.

    Only real negative I could see for philly would be if wentz turns out to be a bust, or a David Carr type. But, draft, FA, and trades are all a gamble.

  7. Brian was fired by the Eagles Comcast post game show. I’m sure that he’ll be the source of positive comments all year.

  8. Someone needs to tell Brian Westbrook two things:
    He uses the words “I” and “me” way too often.
    Players are paid to play, not run their mouthes about coaching and managing decisions.
    No wonder Westbrook never won anything…

  9. I don’t think that Peters or Jenkins would have to worry about finding a job. I get that it would suck to leave your team of many years. If they are going to think of themselves, you certainly should be too. If you can play ball…you will be on a team.

  10. Umm mcnabb got his job back the next week and they went to the NFC championship game that year. I know the Seahawks were garbage then and 99% of your fanbase didn’t exist then but atleast do some homework before u come on here n start talkin crap

  11. This was a great move for Bradford, he’s on a playoff team with the best RB in football. AP! The Eagles traded away respectability not only by the trade of Sam Bradford, but also their credibility, the HC tells this QB that he’s my guy you are my starter then you trade him away two weeks before the regular season. Wentz and Goff were two of the most over-hype QBs to come out of any draft in the last ten years. The Eagles team went from a contender to possibly the worst team in the NFC East. What did the Eagles really get from the Vikings, the first round pick will most likely be a late round pick in the 25 to 30 range, that’s equivalent to a second round pick or talent.

  12. And on Monday when the game check comes in all will be forgiven, because that’s all this is isnt it? A man getting paid to do a job – just like us.

  13. lol Westbrook, Donovan was once a top 10 QB and at that peak he was #10 but I know forsure at the point job came in situation he wasn’t even top 20

    Thats absolutely ridiculous. He was top 5 from 2000 to 2006. He put a completely mediocre offense with ZERO WR’s on his back and went deep into the playoffs EVERY year. The one year he gets a star WR he is the first QB ever to throw for over 30 TD’s and less then 10 INT’s in one season. He was an MVP runner up one year and is top 10 all time in playoff wins by a QB. We forget but McNabb was a star.

  14. I love Westbrook but if these unhappy veterans thought they were winning the Superbowl with Sammy Sleeves they were sorely mistaken.

  15. “We’re building for the future but that future does not necessarily include me and I have a problem with that.”

    -The key words “does not necessarily include me and I have a problem with that” are what stoodout most from Westbrook’s comments. That sums it up right there, the “me first” attitude of the modern day American. Everything is a WIIFM. What’s In It For Me?

    The reality is this team has ZERO chance of winning a Super Bowl. They would have had little offensive talent, quarterbacked by Sam Bradford. They are changing back to a 4-3, have a whole new coaching staff, yet older veterans and B West himself are pretending their potential deep run in the playoffs that was all but guaranteed has been ripped from them. Wentz’ll throw three more INTS than Sam, and probably play more games.

  16. Coming from someone who, has zero emotional attachment to the Eagles and also as someone who watched the last 3 games from last season…

    What are you guys talking about?

    Seriously. Are you that oblivious to what, “competent football” looks like, that you yet carry such a malicious attitude towards Sam Bradford?

    It seems rather silly to me. You guys are in straight up re-build mode and you don’t even realize it. What do you expect from this season? You are in the most boring, irrelevant division in all of professional football with problems at every single level of your organization beginning at the top and ending at the bottom of your coaching staff and you blame your problems on Sam Bradford??

    Ladies and Gentleman… Look inwards. Seriously. Sam Bradford was the best thing you had going for your seriously crappy organization.

    Enjoy our very late round pick, we have the ammo where we might trade in front of you. Not only that, but Carson Wentz is a lifelong Vikings fan. You are 10 years from competition, at the minimum.

  17. It wasn’t a traditional dump/cut/waive, it was a trade whereby the eagles gained much needed assets for the future. Btw, Bradford have yet to experience the career production of McNabb

  18. In the Eagles defense… They’re not winning anything with Sam Bradford… I actually think they have way more to gain with Wentz in there.

  19. I’m sure all the veteran players want Wentz to succeed and become a top QB in the league. But they’re realistic and know that it probably won’t happen this year. But also realistically, it won’t have helped much to have Sam Bradford at QB. The Eagles wouldn’t be winning more than 8 or 9 games even if you had Donovan McNabb in his prime (circa 2004) in there at QB.

  20. Wow, Jerry Jones sounds like a better GM then Howie Roseman. I don’t think the Eagles can sink any lower.

  21. Hey hawsfansallday: the year Donovan was yanked against the Ravens (for a half), he started the following game (4 days later) and the team ended up in the NFC Championship game for the 5th time in 9 years.

  22. So they thought that Bradford was taking them to the SuperBowl this year? Were they kidding themselves? One way or another Bradford was gonna be history next year & the offense was gonna be back at square one with an untested rookie. At least now they have a chance to see what the kid can do right from the get go.
    I get that older veterans wanna win now. My advice? Do everything in your power to help Wentz out. Block for him, catch what he throws, & run the damn ball productively. Do that & you’ll win now.

  23. I’m thinking 3 and 13. I suspect their strategy is to then trade their number one pick next year to some other QB hungry team for a bunch of more daft picks and hope to be competitive in 2018. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  24. Ok B-West. Life-long Eagles die-hard here. But with all due respect we are talking about Sam Bradford. He is far from Donovan McNabb, and I’m not even the biggest McMabb guy. We all know you just got your new radio show and you need to make waves. But this isn’t the issue to make your point. What the Eagles did is the right move. Everyone knows it. Come on B-West. You’re better than this.

  25. If you’d quoted a “veteran” who’s actually on the team, you might have actually had a point. As it is, you’re just muddying the waters, like you always do.

  26. You know the ceiling on Bradford. I know, I hit my head on it. We don’t know the ceiling on Wentz. Perhaps it is higher? which in turn may make the team better. Observation from a non Eagle fan.

  27. Donavon was good once upon a time but he was used up a year or 2 before the eagles actually benched him.

    Eagles weren’t going anywhere with Bradford so I don’t know what Westbrook is talking about. The NFC East is wide open but it s a parity of flawed teams.

    If Wentz can accelerate his learning by playing this year and Agholar can turn things around, and DGB can pick up the mental side of the game then this could be a pretty good team in a year. The Eagles already have the best defense in the division (at least of players that aren’t suspended). To many “IF”s this year though.

  28. They weren’t winning with Bradford. This was a good move to get rid of his salary, get a #1 pick back for next year, and let the future begin. Yes, there will be growing pains but few QB’s come in and light it up their 1st season.

  29. Cris Carter & now Sammy boy…. Thank you from Viking Nation…Skol Philly… And congrats to pound 4 pound the greatest basketball player of all time Allen The Answer Iverson.

  30. if these ‘malcontents’ step up their game the final standings this season will improve over last season (and wentz will be safe and sound )

  31. It really doesnt matter how well your quarter back is throwing the ball when your receivers arent going to catch them anyway. Saying the defense should be vastly improved is an understatement. Chip Kelly is not going to be around issuing plays like a methhead ordering at the late night Dennys. I dont even want to start with Demarco Murry. If the defense can hold down the fort to some degree and maybe get a few pick 6’s Sturgis steal a few games just by kicking 3’s’Eagles are a better team this year than last but dont start talking about playoffs yet.

  32. westbrook is muddying the waters ie muckraking because he is pissed he got fired from comcast sportsnet and in particular eagles postgame live

  33. 1st, Bradford was/is awful. You can’t play scared in the NFL, and he has since he got in the league. He had a YPA of 7.0 last year, good for 25th in the league, and it was BY FAR the best of his career. His career average is about 6.5. That’s not a lack of WR, or lack of coaching, or a bad system, it’s a QB that is scared to go down field with the ball. He is Captain Checkdown

    If he’s better than Wentz right now is irrelevant, unless he was better enough that it made them title contenders….he’s not even good enough to be worth a long term deal. That being obvious, it would be idiotic to keep him, just so you can win 8 games instead of 6 or 7, and not having a 1st round pick next year.

    I can see the vets point. The rest of the NFC East is awful, that division is in site for any team that can win 9 games. However, even if, and that would of been a huge if, they won the division with Bradford, they would of had virtually no shot of being anything but 1 and done. Take the word virtually out, and it would be their chances to win a title. This move was a literal no-brainer for the Eagles

  34. It’s kinda like major league managers benching a 12-12 starter for a rookie league pitcher who in 3 years might be a 12-12 starter…..makes your season seem worthless and causes players to be all about themselves and all about their own career situations instead of anything team oriented.

  35. Funny, bc for minnesota donovan was one of the worst qbs in the league. I can’t even be sure he was a qb at that point in time. Everytime i think about that opening day san diego game i still throw up a little in my mouth!

  36. nickinneohio says:
    Sep 9, 2016 11:09 PM

    OK So we lose 1 game.
    At least it was to the Browns.

    Some would argue that a loss to the Browns is the worst kind of loss

  37. Philly got there cake and got to eat it to….They got there guy in the draft…gave up a lot to get him…Sam demanded a trade….BOOM…traded for a IST round pick!…and dumped his salary. Cant do better than that. Eagles have to play this kid to see what there investment looks now he starts as he should. Like others have said this was a no brainer

    This kid has the tools to be good…gotta give him a chance
    Boys fan

  38. The headline makes it seem like veterans on the current team are concerned about this.

    It’s just Westbrook with comments that he admits contradict themselves; he says benching Kolb sent a mixed message to vets because McNabb was a top QB, and then he admits that this situation isn’t an equivalent because Bradford is not a top QB.

    Nothing to see here.

  39. Both teams will come out ahead here – unfortunately the franchise strategy doesn’t typically mesh with the players individual windows of opportunity.
    Players all realize this, Bradford was lucky to get on to a team whose window of opportunity better matches his. It will a good story to follow.

  40. let’s ask ALL current Eagles, not the ones that are LONG gone how they feel about Wentz TODAY!??!
    I bet they are ALL IN W THIS KID! He looks for REAL!
    Pre snap D reads, audibles at the line, to shotgun from under center! the kid looks legit and I am 10000% sure they are all in to help this team and Carson!

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