Graham Gano says timeout didn’t make him nervous


The idea behind icing the kicker is that by calling timeout before a potentially game-winning field goal, you can make the other team’s kicker nervous. That seemed to work for Broncos coach Gary Kubiak on Thursday night.

Except that Panthers kicker Graham Gano says that isn’t the case. Gano split the uprights on a kick that didn’t count just after Kubiak called timeout, then missed a minute later, but he says he doesn’t think the timeout affected him.

I’m perfectly calm in those situations. It’s not different than any other kick, really. I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Gano said. “Those are the moments that you dream of, so it hurts. You want it back. I’m human. I’ll probably think about it for a little while, but we’ve got another game next week. I’ve just got to move on.”

Statisticians have researched icing the kicker and found that NFL kickers are about equally likely to make a game-winning field goal whether or not the other team calls timeout just before that field goal. So it’s easy to believe Gano when he says he didn’t feel the timeout affected him. Even if Kubiak’s ploy worked.

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  1. Come on, the result speaks for itself. Gano’s comments were made so that he can get past it.
    #icing. 😀

  2. The kick he made before the timeout wasn’t exactly straight down the middle. In my opinion, seeing that his first kick went off the right upright and deflected in, he overcompensated and pulled it left. I don’t know if the timeout iced him, but on that day, it worked.

  3. It was a 50 yard field goal attempt. That isn’t a chip shot. If he missed a 22 yard field goal – i would say, yes he was iced.

    But what is the success rate 50 yards +? 50%?

    I never fault a kicker for missing 50 yards or more. If the offense did the jobbed got closer, then it would have been a higher percentage shot.

  4. That’s Gano in true form. Miss the equivalent of a 25 yarder since in Denver. That’s why I cut him years ago. I handed the reigns over to Dustin Hopkins now, sure fire first ballot HOFer. Think that’s his name? :_)

  5. Split the uprights on a kick that didn’t count? I thought it hit the upright and caromed through. No?

    Also, props to him for not throwing the long snapper under the bus. Horrible snap through the timing off. Hard to blame Gano for that.

  6. What’s the percentage after a kicker gets off a kick that doesn’t count? Essentially, that feeling of having to do it over. I think the mental process is affected. I think the timing of a timeout is important. The kicker has to rethink.

  7. His first kick appeared to bounce off the right upright and through — it certainly did not “split the uprights.” It looked to me like he tried to correct for his near miss to the right by kicking it more to the left, and hence missing wide left on the second kick.

    He also missed one in SB 50 btw.

  8. I hate icing the kicker.

    If it has to keep existing, make so that the timeout has to be called X amount of time before the playclock starts

    If the goal is to make the kicker think, fine

    if the goal is to make the kicker kick it twice, I feel like that’s bull

  9. We’ve also seen the reverse effect in icing the kicker where the kicker missed the initial kick only to make the redo. From the snap to the hold so much goes into making the kick. Almost everything has to be perfect. The kicker almost always will get the credit or blame. Gano has to put it behind him and move on.

  10. Gano is a great kicker. A 50 yarder is not a chip shot. Carolina looks like a 15-1 team. Calm down everybody. Carolina is probably going to be back in the super bowl. They look better than they looked last year. And they have Benjamin back.

  11. Maybe he shouldn’t have talked before the game about how easy it is to kick in Denver.

  12. Snap didn’t look too high to me. And if the TO did affect him mentally, he’s hardly going to broadcast that for all his other opponents is he? And general kicker-icing stats are meaningless – the only important stat would be how has he himself responded in the past to being iced (compared to no icing) just at the end of games.

  13. @stellarperformance… that’s exactly it.

    It all started with…. ’60 yarders are like 50 yards’

    If so… then the 50 yarder should have been like a 40 yard chip shot.

    @gaucho – not really, he hit the right post with the first one. He can say whatever… but spraying right then left = Nerves.

  14. The field goal was a mile wide to the left of the uprights and was not even close. Gano is not a clutch kicker and if this continues down the road, then Gano will be looking for a new job or out of football completely. The Panthers will be looking for a new kicker then. Kickers are paid to score and win games if possible and not to be shanking kicks in every direction.

  15. He’s a pro kicker and it was in Denver. It was more like a 40 yard kick and he frwaking choked. Kickers are soft emotionally. Do your freaking job

  16. bmoreb says:
    Sep 10, 2016 7:08 AM
    Come on, the result speaks for itself.

    Yeah, but not the way you think. For his career Gano is 56% from 50+. I know math isn’t your strong suit, but figure it out anyway.

  17. But 50 yards in DEN should be easier then anywhere else.

    I think the high snap threw him off. Great job by the holder to get it down so quick. It still throws the rhythm off and acts as a distraction to the kicker.

  18. I watched the game. His body language was a lot different from the first kick to the second. He was cool as ice on the first kick, but seemed rattled on the second.

  19. The key is calling the timeout late enough that he actually kicks it the first time. I agree with the comment above about how he saw it went a little right so he overcompensated for it on the second kick.

    That’s the best when you call the timeout then see he makes the first kick that doesn’t count. That kick would’ve beaten you…now…can you do it twice?

  20. Icing the kicker doesn’t work. I’ve never read one kicker say it hurts them. They’ve almost all said it helps to slow things down, as they’re usually in a rush to come on the field and win the game.

    The FG comes down to the snap, hold, and the kick. If the first two are off in any way, that could result in a miss. And it’s not as though he missed a 25 yarder.

  21. Carolina couldn’t beat Trevor Siemian. Where in the world do their fans get the idea they will even make the playoffs this year? Garbage team full of cowards chokers and blowhards (and in Cam, all three)

  22. flaccotoboldin says:

    if the goal is to make the kicker kick it twice, I feel like that’s bull


    This ^^ ^ all day.

    No doubt Gano should’ve made the kick. It’s his job. But there is something cowardly to planning for the timeout to be called *after* the snap, in order to make the guy do it twice.

  23. Carolina doesn’t need that FG to win if the ref’s are calling all of the illegal hits on CAM and players were ejected as they should have been. It was clear that was Denver’s game plan to target Cam’s head. NFL, fines should be many and heavy!

  24. howiehandles says:
    Sep 10, 2016 1:09 PM
    Icing the kicker doesn’t work. I’ve never read one kicker say it hurts them. They’ve almost all said it helps to slow things down, as they’re usually in a rush to come on the field and win the game.


    you can argue the theory but not the RESULTS!

  25. It would never have come down to that kick if the ref’s had done their job. The Panthers were holding all night and that bogus call on 4th and 21 continued what should have been the end of the game.
    Cam wants to be a bruiser running back but whines when he gets hit. Just like the Panther fans.
    Carolina has now lost two games in a row after being heavily favored in both. A worn out and decrepit Manning and a 7th round rookie beat them. It’s becoming obvious that the Panthers are overrated chokers.

  26. Panthers fan here.
    Ultimately the game shouldn’t have been left in the hands (or feet) of a kicker. We had our chances and we blew it. It’s true that the refs allowed Denver to tee off on Cam’s head and for that I hope they’re all suspended and at least 1 that there’s a picture of him staring right at it with a no call on a vicious hit is fired. But ultimately we lost that game because Denver out played us. It is what it is. Good luck this season Denver, I really hope you make the super bowl and we dismantle you to the point most of your fans leave the stadium before the game is over.

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