Breaking down Goodell’s latest comments about #DeflateGate

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In an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Commissioner Roger Goodell defended the outcome of the #DeflateGate debacle as 100 percent accurate. So let’s take a look at 100 percent of what he said about the issue.

Here’s what Goodell said, in response to the question of whether he completely got it right.

“Yes, because we went through a very exhausting process with this,” Goodell said. “We had an independent investigation. We had a federal judge who ruled against it. It went to an appellate court. The appellate court at that point in time said, ‘Listen, there’s compelling, if not overwhelming evidence here. There’s absolutely no question that the destruction of evidence should be considered by the Commissioner in the context of this. And that the process was properly followed.’ We collectively bargained a process for discipline. We went through that. And I can’t think of an issue that has been more litigated, by the way.”

First, the process was “very exhausting,” in more ways than one. But the amount of time and effort devoted to the process doesn’t matter, if the time and effort isn’t properly expended. In this case, it seems as if the NFL concluded based on a flawed presumption that the Patriots cheated, then used flawed assumptions to ignore the scientific explanation for the true PSI numbers — not the false numbers the NFL leaked and/or didn’t thereafter dispute.

Second, the investigation was not independent. NFL general counsel Jeff Pash was involved in the investigation, to the point where Pash actually reviewed and revised the report from Ted Wells before the report was published. While the investigation involved a non-employee of the league office, the investigation was far from independent.

Third, a federal judge indeed ruled against the suspension. That is entirely accurate.

Fourth, the appellate court didn’t say what Goodell claims it said. They did not call the evidence of guilt “compelling” or “overwhelming.” The litigation had nothing to do with whether Goodell got it right; the only question was whether he was acting within his powers. The appeals court did not conclude that Brady cheated, that he destroyed his phone, or that he did anything else in relation to the allegations.

But don’t take my word for it (as if you ever would). Consider the words of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit: “Our role is not to determine for ourselves whether Brady participated in a scheme to deflate footballs or whether the suspension imposed by the Commissioner should have been for three games or five games or none at all. Nor is it our role to second-guess the arbitrator’s procedural rulings. Our obligation is limited to determining whether the arbitration proceedings and award met the minimum legal standards established by the Labor Management Relations Act.”  

Fifth, the appeals court didn’t say that “the destruction of evidence should be considered,” but that it could be considered. That’s a significant distinction.

Sixth, the NFL did follow the collectively-bargained process. That is accurate.

Seventh, there are issues that have been more litigated, in sports and elsewhere. But Goodell was only joking, with the joke aimed at tapping into the fatigue that many fans have regarding a litigation that actually began not with the NFL Players Association suing the NFL but the NFL suing the NFLPA.

57 responses to “Breaking down Goodell’s latest comments about #DeflateGate

  1. Goodell lies so much I think he might actually believe it himself at this point.

    Pathetic. Almost as bad as the lemmings out there that follow him.

  2. when you tell lies often enough, you really start to believe they’re actually true, it’s no surprise roger believes his lies are true.

    anyone without a bias who scratched even slightly under the headlines knows this emperor has no clothes

  3. Get over it for cryin out loud. You sound like a kid that keeps arguing with their parents after they’ve already slammed the door to their room.

    He is suspended because he was too arrogant to simply comply with the investigation. If he would have he would be playing and there is no debate on this simple fact.

    Whiners be whining

  4. Thank you Florio for fact checking statements coming from Goodell. We know Matt Lauer doesn’t fact check. Goodell lies have been well documented and reported. No one can trust anything he says now.

  5. .

    ” He is suspended because he was too arrogant to simply comply with the investigation.”

    You’re at odds with Ted Wells who testified at Brady’s original hearing before Goodell. But, if you want to just make stuff up, then I’d recommend you stick with the 11-12 balls were more than 2 lbs underweight.

  6. I think its worth remembering that the NFL claim of an “Independent” investigation has been so THOROUGHLY debunked that the NFL issued statements absolving itself of any obligation or commitment to having an investigation be independent. That says it all right there. Roger “Perjury” Goodell just cannot help himself from lying. Its like he wears a shock collar and gets the electricity every time he is accidentally honest.

  7. Hlna55 that isn’t even a little true. Whining crybaby billionaire owners need a way of stopping Brady and the pats winning ways. They need to justify why they can’t beat them

  8. Hey hlna55,
    this isn’t even about Brady anymore. This is about the NFL’s/Godell’s inability to deal in good faith, and once again proving that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  9. Tee hee 🙂 Look how angry and frustrated Patriot Hater gets when I literally in their grill and confront them with the truth.

    Too bad cupcakes I’m not going anywhere 🙂


  10. The biggest problem is that Roger Goodell is still keeping the PSI information secret that was collected during the 2015 season because is show’s that footballs lose PSI naturally when taken from where it is warm to where it is cold and wet.

  11. They sure were exhausted after investigating why 75% of the Colt’s footballs were also under regulation pressure, yessir.

  12. Bad enough he did all this, and then he only takes softball interviews. Plus, they don’t allow reporters follow-up questions at his press conferences, so he dances around any tough question in a ridiculously obvious manner with some canned response that doesn’t even address what he was asked, and we all have to sit there like “uhhh…what???” At this point, you’re either a low-information squawker or you’re just reaching to the farthest corners of Crazytown for anything to discredit Brady and Pats’ successes to soothe your own psyche if it threatens the legacy or even minimum respectability of whatever team you root for.

  13. Videos I saw with my own eyes contradict Roger Goodell. Anyone with internet access can search for these videos online and will know that Roger Goodell messed up big time.




  14. Your Officials are corrupt, quit screwing the Raiders, they don’t even try and hide it anymore. The officiating in the Raiders vs saints game is deplorable!!!!!!

  15. The Patriots “didn’t cheat” trollz so desperately want to turn this into a baseball situation…well everybody cheats so it’s okay…

    Its not okay to cheat folks and Bravo to Goodell for not allowing the desensitization of our favorite sport to cheating the way baseball did!…

  16. The NFL should release the PSI numbers collected last season. A comparison of the GOAT’S punishment with every equipment violation on each team needs to be published. Additionally, I didn’t realize that Pash REVISED Well’s multimillion dollar report. Lastly, fans of other teams should realize that Goodell is a control and power freak….Brady won’t be the only star who will be benched because 31 other owners have been frustrated for close to 20 years. Your team could be next.

  17. LyinRogerMustGo says:
    Sep 11, 2016 1:10 PM
    As usual… Florio is the voice of common sense and logic. Well said.

    86 9

    As usual …Florio is,the voice of common sense and logic as long as it favors the Pat’s. Accurately stated.

  18. “…remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”
    -G. Costanza

    The problem is most in the media (Florio being one of the few exceptions) either never understood this case from the start, 0r are simply too lazy to question whatever Roger-Dodger says. He just flat out made things up and lied during an interview… but hey, what else is new?

  19. Goodell has a problem with the meaning of words that begin with “I” like Integrity, Independent Investigation and Intelligence.

  20. Goodall can’t afford to be perceived as weak. Not after the Ray Rice incident and others that predated Deflategate.

    So, when Deflategate spun out of control for him, he dug in his feet. He was either misinformed about the science or ignorant of it. Or both. And by the time he was able to educate himself, it was too late.

    He could not afford to back down—especially since the supposed infraction involved the top franchise and QB in the league (based on winning record over the past 15 years). It didn’t help that they had a prior rules infraction and that his handling of that had been called into question.

    So, when it was clear that the investigations (the initial one on the day of the AFCC and then the Wells Report itself) were flawed per the science, he hung his hat on three things:
    1. hearsay/circumstantial evidence (text messages),
    2. the perception of noncompliance with the investigation
    3. and ultimately, the authority granted the commissioner in the CBA.

    He knew they were on shaky ground, so the NFL preemptively went to court against the NFLPA. (As Florio points out, it was the NFL that went to court first. Not the NFLPA. Not Brady.) The NFL bargained—correctly—that the CBA authority would eventually be upheld.

    So, for all intents and purposes, Brady is guilty per that old parental favorite: “because I said so.”

    Courts upheld Goodall’s right to stick with “because I said so” because the courts could not rule on the validity of the actual evidence.

    So, now the the NFLPA and players are completely at the mercy of the “because I said so” approach to discipline. Goodell will occasionally back down on appeal in future disciplinary situations in order to create the appearance of fairness.

    But, in the end, the players and the NFLPA have no leg to stand on in ensuring that they receive a fair hearing. If the commish feels compelled to rule in a way that is contrary to all reasonable, compelling evidence, he can and will (whether it’s to save face, to affirm his authority, to appease frustrated owners, to right a perceived previous wrong, etc.). He just can’t be perceived to be weak.

    Unfortunately, the facts of this particular case do call into question his judgment.

  21. realitycheckbaby says:
    Sep 11, 2016 3:48 PM

    Pats cheated, got caught and are being punished


    At this time and until the end of time only clueless dupes believe that Brady cheated. These clueless dupes were too ignorant to understand basic science while failing to notice the countless NFL lies and the orchestrated manipulation of the story through the national media.

    Those same clueless dupes continue to miss the fact that the NFL still hasn’t released the information from the 2015 NFL PSI study.

  22. Someone should ask Ginger Roger what it’s like to live without a soul. I’d say ask him if, when he was growing up, what he really wanted to be was a schill, but I’m afraid he would answer, “If I have power and money, sure.”

  23. Will this shake up the distorted convictions of basement dwelling fans across America? Will they have to face the fact that there is really no evidence of cheating? Sadly, no. Most people in America today, thanks to our lowered educational standards, lack critical thinking skills, and are low information decision makers. They won’t even take the time to read this. We see it in the current election. Entire populations can be ruled with emotional headlines. It takes effort to peel back layers of emotion and propaganda, and to look beyond what we personally find distasteful, to see whether or not something is truly correct or not, regardless of how it was packaged and delivered. Again, the 2016 election stands out as the most current example. Those that have followed Deflategate know the deal. Those that haven’t will forever be confident in their own ignorance. I have close friends and relations that repeat this stuff as if God Himself came down and told them personally, never once having lifted a finger to get beyond a sound bite, headline, or just what they heard someone else repeat. It’s just a small symptom of what now plagues our society on a much larger level.

  24. Brady is innocent. I will prove it.

    For the science, the following scientists/firms have demonstrated that no deflation occurred: John Leonard. Drew Fustin. HeadSmart Labs. Mide Technology. Dale Syphers. Michael Naughton. FLIR Systems.
    Basically, a 20F drop = a 1psi drop. Rain causes an additional drop up to .7psi. The Pats’ footballs averaged 11.5psig at halftime, the lowest was 10.9psig. That’s within the expected effects of the ~50F raining weather.
    No scientists have confirmed or even agreed with Wells’ conclusion. Wells’ report had instances of obvious bias. For proof, look at the images of the gauge needles – figure 3, page 15 of Exponent’s appendix. They’re measured from different points to make their difference in lengths seem smaller, so Wells’ could more easily dismiss ref Walt Anderson’s recollection that he used the logo gauge pre-game.
    Wells/Exponent did an experiment to try to determine which gauge was used. See section VIIB for the explanation. The problem is, without precise temperature values for the pressure measurements, it’s literally 100% impossible to experimentally determine which gauge was used.

    The Colts’ footballs did not appear to lose as much pressure because they were measured at the *end* of halftime. The Pats’ were measured at the start of halftime. This means the Colts’ had ~10 minutes to warm and dry while inside, and the Pats had little to no time. More time = more heat = more pressure. Newton’s law of cooling.

    If you think the May 2014 text with ‘the deflator’ matters, consider the following;
    Months later, during a cold November Pats@Packers game, McNally texted Jastremski “deflate and give somebody that jacket” when he saw him on TV on the sideline wearing a thick jacket and holding another. This definitively demonstrates a different meaning for the word.
    In an October 2014 text, Jastremski mentions to his fiancee after a Pats v Jets game that the footballs were nearly 16psig, but they were “supposed to be 13” This demonstrates it was not their goal to go outside the legal limit.

    Brady’s phone. As posted on Brady’s FB: “I replaced my broken Samsung phone with a new iPhone 6 AFTER my attorneys made it clear to the NFL that my actual phone device would not be subjected to investigation under ANY circumstances.”
    This means his phone was not evidence. It was never going to be evidence. Therefore, destroying it was not tantamount to destroying evidence.
    Besides, Wells went through McNally and Jastremski’s phones and found no evidence of a scheme. In order to believe Brady’s phone had other evidence, you’ve got to believe he texted it only to someone BESIDES the last 2 guys to handle footballs before a game. That is completely illogical.
    If their texts are indicative of any kind of deflation, it’s because Jastremski pumps up footballs to rub them down with rags/brushes, then gives them to McNally to set them to the desired pressure before the pre-game inspection. Not tampering, just preparing footballs together legally.

    There was no motive to tamper with the footballs. In 2006 Brady got other QBs to support him in petitioning the league to change a rule, allowing teams to alter the surface texture of footballs. This means if Brady wanted pressure outside the legal limit, he could have just gotten that rule changed. There was no need to sneak around. His 2015 stats were better than the previous FOUR seasons. The Patriots 2015 fumble rate was as remarkable as any other year. There’s no apparent statistical advantage.

    There is no evidence the footballs were ever tampered with.
    There is no evidence anyone wanted to tamper with them.
    There is no motive to tamper with them.

  25. The Colts’ footballs did not appear to lose as much pressure because they were measured at the *end* of halftime. The Pats’ were measured at the start of halftime. This means the Colts’ had ~10 minutes to warm and dry while inside, and the Pats had little to no time. More time = more heat = more pressure. Newton’s law of cooling.

    The Patriots footballs also got wet while the Colts footballs were being kept in a plastic bag. This is due to the fact that The Patriots had longer time of possession and a long drive just before halftime. When things are wet they warm up more slowly than when things are dry. Anyone that has ever been wet outdoors understands this. Evaporative cooling could also be a factor for the footballs that were rained on.

    The Colts footballs were also treated differently prior to the game. This is due to the fact that the Colts were the visiting team. They had to transport their footballs from Indianapolis to Massachusetts and then to the stadium in Foxboro. They were likely not in heated areas during that entire time. This would mean that they were already colder when measured before the game.

    The Colts footballs should never have been used for comparison with the Patriots footballs. There were too many differences and variables that were not accounted for to use them as a control group.

  26. grogansheroes says:
    Sep 11, 2016 1:41 PM
    Remember Mike, it’s only a lie if you believe it’s a lie.
    goodellisaclown says:
    Sep 11, 2016 2:57 PM
    “…remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.” -G. Costanza
    This comes from an oversimplification of the actual definition that a lie is “an intentionally fasle statement”. But within that definition, you can still state a lie even if you believe it isn’t a lie, in two ways:

    1) Arguably, if you repeat a lie, it’s still a lie, it just didn’t originate from you.
    2) Definitively – you so self-righteously believe in your own twisted view of reality, that you deliberately misrepresent or change something in what you see as “correcting”, to fit your deluded “truth”. Subjectively, this might not be lying, but objectively it is a lie – because you are still intentionally altering an actual fact, regardless of whether you delusionaly thought the fact was somehow wrong. In short, your Costanza didn’t appreciate that there’s a difference between intention and belief.

  27. Roger Goodall’s multiple arbitrary actions to “discipline” players who haven’t done what he thinks they have done have made me doubt the actual outcome of NFL games more than any of the players actions ever could.

  28. When is a reporter going to ask Goodell where the PSI data collected during last season is? And – assuming it showed that the Laws of Physics don’t exist in football – why didn’t he release them to the public as he promised?

    Of course the reason is that PSI very much DOES decrease in the cold – and if the NFL released the numbers from last year it proves Brady is innocent and Goodell is corrupt.

    Why won’t a reporter tell Goodell to his face that the Emperor has no clothes and the evidence shows that he, the Owners, and the entire League office is corrupt and trying to fix games by sitting the best player in the league for no reason other than to appease other jealous owners?

  29. The Patriots will always be guilty in the minds of those that believe the Earth is flat and the Laws of Physics don’t apply to the NFL

    For all those with the least bit intelligence, Goodell provided proof of his own corruption

    Google “Sally Jenkins and Goodell” to see how a Washington Post journalist and Redskins fans ridicules Goodell and all who believe him

  30. Note:

    Goodell also thinks he “got it right” on Bountygate even though Tagliabue chided his underling for not understanding football

    And Goodell also thinks he “got it right” on giving Ray Rice a 2 game suspension and Josh Brown just 1 game

    Goodell also “got it right” when he determined that the HGH sent to Peyton Manning’s house was for Peyton’s wife

    And of course Goodell got it right when he gave Brett Favre a $50k fine for refusing to give up his cellphone in a sexual harrassment case against an NFL employee

    The list of things that Goodell “got right” is a long one

    I for one would like to examine Goodell’s cell phone to find out how deep this corruption in the NFL goes

  31. Some idiots in 2014 said Dallas had a dominant O-line, while they were mowing through a cupcake schedule of soft teams (Philly and Indy had the same soft schedule).

    They get Romo killed constantly and they can’t push the line for rushing touchdowns.

    Zeke was something like 15 carries for 38 yards and Aikman called them a dominant line during the game. Howie Long chimed in at halftime that they needed to give it to Zeke more because they are dominant.

    Once a lie sticks, the sheep will run with it. Its easy to be lazy and pretend you know something then to find the truth. Just as the loser under center for the Cardinals tonight.

  32. If the writers who cover the NFL would insist that Goodell release the numbers for the psi recordings made during the 2015 season, and refuse to be brushed aside, this thing can get to some semblance of sanity.

    By continuing to allow Goodell and the NFL to get away with hiding the obvious conclusion that the psi readings support the Patriot’s argument and show the whole process to be a sham, the writers expose the real blot on the game and the writers’ own profession. The problem is, if the writers go after Goodell they will not be invited to press parties and may have their credentials pulled. If they had any integrity they’d challenge the NFL on that and probably win,

  33. Also a knock against the “independence” is that Wells’ colleague, Lorin Reisner, was involved in the Wells report and then is allowed to represent the NFL at the appeal and was even allowed to ask Brady questions during the proceedings.

    And his comments on the league caring about concussions when Lauer pointed out Case Keenum was further proof he is just paying lip service. If concussions are such a concern to the NFL, why did you add another gameday per week and why do you keep pushing for an expanded regular season and playoff? Both of those expose players to more frequent opportunities for head injuries.

  34. lunar2013 says:
    Sep 11, 2016 1:20 PM
    If you say the same lie over and over again, it becomes truth somehow.

    That’s what the Pat’s have been doing for several years when it comes to getting caught cheating!!! Lie, deflect, rationalize and prey people forget!!!

  35. Judge Smails says:
    Sep 12, 2016 2:27 PM

    That’s what the Pat’s have been doing for several years when it comes to getting caught cheating!!! Lie, deflect, rationalize and prey people forget!!!


    Sounds more like the NFL’s strategy when the league bungles yet another investigation. Bountygate was overturned, Bullygate was picked a part, Rice was a PR disaster and Deflategate was disproven by science and the NFL’s dishonesty. Their credibility is shot.

  36. hlna55 says:
    Sep 11, 2016 1:24 PM

    Get over it for cryin out loud. You sound like a kid that keeps arguing with their parents after they’ve already slammed the door to their room.

    He is suspended because he was too arrogant to simply comply with the investigation. If he would have he would be playing and there is no debate on this simple fact.

    Whiners be whining

    Actually its like a defendant completely and thoroughly debunking the prosecutor’s case but still going to jail because the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, the CSI lab, the policemen, the expert witnesses, and the legislature were all supervised and paid by the same person.

    That is what it is like.

  37. Ved, if this was a court case, the NFL won hands down. The Pats whole case is based on a rcollection, ignoring texts and ignoring the lack of credibility of JM, TB and JM. And, as per usual, the NFL probably buried evidence against them, just like Spygate. Brady buried himself with his lies and denials. He deserved his suspension.

  38. Limakey, if it was a trial, Goodell and the NFL ‘s case would be shut down for lack of evidence and perjury.

    Goodell lying in his appeal decision about Brady testimony and later in court still makes him credible? Or the refusal to correct the false leaks or the broken promise to investigate them? Or the lie about the independence of the report where Pash edited the it and Lorin Reisner, a Wells colleague who worked on report, was allowed to represent the NFL at the appeal? Or the fact that the only scientific outlet that agreed with the NFL was the one that was paid by the NFL? Or the fact that zero testimony was provided by Wells, only his own interpretations of interviews? Or why weren’t the Colts punished for illegally inserting a needle into the intercepted ball, thus tampering with it? Or that zero texts mention any scheme to mess with the balls after ref inspection or mention putting balls below 12.5 PSI? Or that the last several major investigations by the NFL have been either discredited, overturned and/or been a PR disaster?

    And how can you assume the NFL “buried evidence” when the recorded PSI “spot checks” have not been released? Seems like the NFL is burying evidence that would help the Pats.

  39. The only real lesson to come out of this mess was the clear picture drawn by the courts of just how little the LMRA protects the working man from the incompetence/laziness/collusion of labor chiefs and management — practically none.

    Personally, I enjoyed the irony of a Trump-backing millionaire making the case for stronger labor protections. Maybe he quit the fight when he realized the damage a personal victory would do to the anti-labor policies he tacitly endorses?

    In any case, I hope that the players were watching this closely. The NFLPA is terrible; new leadership best raise its hand before the CBA renewal; and the rest of use should expect a strike.

  40. And in conclusion what we categorically know is that the NFL fabricated evidence, leaked it to selected media hacks, and with the commissioner’s latest statement repeatedly and continually distorts the truth; all to obfuscate his lapses in judgement in attempting to maintain owners’ power over the NFLPA.

    Why won’t he release any of the psi data collected from the game in question and the 2015-16 season?

    Goebells’ legacy will be a loss of the Commissioner’s power.

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