From FNIA, Tony Dungy on the national anthem


Sunday’s season-opening edition of NBC’s Football Night in America included comments from Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy regarding his views on the subject of players standing for the national anthem.

Dungy shared his own experiences with the anthem (at one point in his life, he didn’t stand), and he shared some of the wisdom on the topic he obtained from his late father, who served in the U.S. military during World War II.

It’s perhaps the most reasoned, balanced, and common-sense explanation regarding efforts to protest the anthem by sitting or kneeling from Americans who have legitimate concerns regarding whether the last 12 words of the song truly are being honored.

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  1. I miss the days when football pregame shows were about football and things dealing with football. This anthem stuff is not about football, and as is usually the case, has morphed into a copycat “hey, look at me” scenario.

    None of this is news. Whether the Dolphins stand, kneel, squat, lay down, whatever, has no bearing on their ability to play football and how they will play in a particular game. This is a political and social issue, and it has no place in sports. The reason it keeps being brought up is because of the agenda the media wants to push.

  2. The key to Dungy’s reasoning, in the words of his father paraphrased “if you think it will make a difference, than do what your want”

    Trouble is it really doesn’t, it does nothing for the alleged “problem”.

  3. staff2cj – – – Get your head out of your a$$! There are a lot of non-white people and veterans who have a problem with some punk-a$$ athlete not honoring the sacrifices of all these who have made it possible for them to suck of the public teat and provide NO tangible benefit to society.

  4. The football players that are doing this are buffoons. These guys have so much off time when their not practicing or playing and what are they doing with their free time away from football ? Oh, they are going out to clubs partying, others get in trouble like smoke weed, get PED’s, carry weapons, getting arrested for domestic violence, so what are they doing to make a difference in their communities ? They sure aren’t holding talks with police or going to those neighborhoods speaking to young kids or orgainzing rallies. They just want the “look at me” spotlight.

  5. Privilege white america … do me a favor.. next time the show the audience at a game just take a look at who is there. I will spoil it for you. I guess 95% of most fans at games are white. But I am guessing the NFL is racist because it don’t only sells tickets to white people.

  6. FNIA was bringing us the last game of the day on 9/11. I am a vet and in all honesty this was the only day that I cared whether a player sat, knelt or stood on his head. I have had no problem with any player other than a Castro shirt and pig sock wearing Kaepernick exercising their freedom of speech/expression but honoring the fallen on this day mattered. Next week every one of them can do the worm on the sideline

  7. The networks should treat it like people running on the field to interrupt the game. They’re looking for their ”Hey, look at me! I’m on TV! Woo-hoo!” Reason the networks do that: They don’t want to encourage it. After all, it’s the networks’ First Amendment right to show what they want (See: NBC’s Olympic coverage.)

  8. suncawy – what are you doing to better the conditions in “those” neighborhoods? Isn’t it interesting how we can all fight to protect all Americans who do not look like us, but when we’re home we only want what’s good for “our community”.

  9. These ‘oppressed’ millionaires absolutely have a right to protest or sit or to be total butt wads, I personally don’t care. However as a disabled vet who has buried brothers of all colors and religion under that flag I will not pay to be insulted by over paid children. I love football and it’s unfortunate that I will be unabl to watch it until the NFL gets their employees in line.

  10. staff2cj says:
    The only people who have a problem with the protest is privilege white America.

    Privilege? You mean millions of people are out there busting their butts to make a living for nothing?

  11. I for one will not watch any game that has players sitting for kneeling during the anthem. The only way to get thru to the NFL is to cut off the money. The Players are representing the team any time they have on the uniform. If the team wants to allow disrespect then I will not watch and they will not get my viewership to increase advertising revenue. I do not agree with hijacking the National Anthem. What they do on there own time is their business. You can use your racist rants all you want the true injustice is that people put up wit the load of bull the movement is putting forth.

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