Fuller, Hopkins come up big for Osweiler as Texans beat Bears


New Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler didn’t have a great game in his Houston debut, but his receivers did.

Texans receivers Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins both stepped up as Houston beat Chicago, 23-14.

Osweiler’s two touchdown passes were a great diving catch in the end zone by Hopkins and later a nifty catch-and-run by Fuller. Osweiler, who threw an interception on his first drive, generally had his numbers inflated by the strong play of his receivers. Lamar Miller also added 106 yards rushing for the Texans.

Fortunately for Osweiler, Houston’s defense played well even with J.J. Watt at less than full speed. The Texans made life miserable for Jay Cutler, as Whitney Mercilus had two sacks and Jadeveon Clowney, John Simon and A.J. Bouye had one each for Houston.

Bears coach John Fox had some questionable late-game decisions, including punting on fourth-and-2 at the Texans’ 38-yard line and wasting a timeout with a bad challenge in the fourth quarter. Fox deserves to be scrutinized for that.

Osweiler deserves to be scrutinized, too. The Texans won and looked good doing it, but they’re going to need more from their $18 million quarterback.

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  1. So his receivers made good catches, yards after the catch, I see that in every game. Is that only being pointed out because it’s Osweiler?

    Most QBs need their teammates to help them out.

  2. Good for Osweiler if his receivers are helping him. Even Brady relies on his receivers for YAC, there is no shame in utilizing your weapons if you are a QB.

  3. Still waiting for any evidence the Bears are getting better under John Fox. Their D had issues, but that offense is straight brutal. O-Line abused all day, Cutler and WRs out of sync like always, no run game, terrible playcalling. They seem to have enough talent but the focus and mental aspect just is not there. I’m sure Josh Sitton is wondering what the hell he’s signed on for.

    On the bright side, it was out of conference and Eddie Royal did some nice things both receiving and returning.

  4. Bears didn’t play well on either side of the ball.

    Feels like the Bears have NO SHOT this year. And the only team in the division will be the Packers. Like usual.

  5. Fox again showed why he was let go at Denver and has done some great work on that OL group during the off-season. Looks like 5 and 11 if we are lucky.

  6. The middle of the Bears o-line was good. The tackles were both turnstyles. The play calling was also pretty brutal in the second half, running exactly when everyone in the stadium knew that they’d be running. And either Cutler was holding the hold way too long, or maybe, just maybe, there should have been a few play calls involving three step drops to keep Jay from getting drilled. And no catches from Alshon in the second. That’s ridiculous.

    On the other side, the defense didn’t get any sustained pressure. What exactly is John Fox doing? How do you punt down two scores with 5 minutes left? That’s completely giving up. Why don’t you challenge the on QB sneak, when the QB is tackled behind the line of scrimmage, yet somehow the spot gives him a full yard for a first? Why do you challenge a catch that never hits the ground? I’m not impressed with Fox at all.

  7. What a load…

    Brocko threw one pic when a WR broke his route off and yall act like he is trash. Brocko looked good overall and made some great throws. The rookie WR set franchise records but the qb get no recognition for that? I guess Fuller caught 107 yds all by himself.

  8. Brock had a much better game than this article suggests. This is a new group so it’s going to take some time to jell. Also, Clowney played well, getting double teamed most of the game. Houston has lots to be encouraged about and they should improve over time.

  9. Brock had the offense 1st and goal twice and holding calls had them settle for field goals. Fuller dropped a sure touchdown. He did overthrow Fuller twice. Still not bad for first live action with a new team and offense….

  10. For Da Bears:
    1. Offensive Line was up and down, but mostly down in the second half. 2 White has a long way to go —should not be starting. 3. No tight end talent. 4 Cutler had no tight end or back he trusted to check down when needed. 5. Defensive team looked improve except defensive backfield,

  11. When you want someone to fail, you’re always going to find something to support the narrative. PFT has been doing this since Brock LEFT the Broncos.

    Today, Brock moved the offense, which is the job of the Qb. 60% success rate on 3rd downs.

    Fantasy football has killed the objective journalist or whatever these guys are. Who knows what Brock will turn out to be for sure, but It’s a nice start for him.

  12. I thought Os had a good game after he settled down, but he threw into coverage several times early on, was lucky he was only picked off once.
    O line was shaky all day, they need to run the ball much better than that if they want to make a real run; and pass protect better. This was the Bears, not the Broncos or Seahawks and they really struggled at times.
    I’d give the O a C+; they were good enough, and with all the new faces it’s hard to expect much better.
    The D was outstanding in the 2nd half, but that 1st half was giving me flashbacks to Week 1 against KC last year.

    Overall a B -; got the win, looked good in spurts, but lots to improve on as well. And this is probably one of the weakest opponents they’ll face all year.

  13. Way to go Bears in setting the tone for the regular season. Everyone in the division got a win and there we are…already in a familiar spot…again. Yes, there is a lot of season to go…so with that said, then show us the improvements? We’re still waiting! Or is it going to be the usual game after game after game in the post game and post practice interviews, “We did good in ____ areas and obviously need to improve in _____ areas.” “I think _____ did a good job in doing ____.” Etc! In other words….just jibber jabber air coming from the mouths. Hmmmm? Results or just a broken record like all the previous recent years and decades; except 2007 of course? We’ll see. I’m still here and will always be here supporting but it sucks to start with a sour bite or salt in the wound.

  14. Brock put up better numbers than an 11 year veteran and won the game.

    He’s making big cash but that’s the going rate. Inflation bro!

    Houston has potential even with a 50% JJ. Damn.

  15. As usual at the Bears game site most of the views and notes come from fans of the other team.

    Get the couch ready as it will be a long season. Hope the car commercials are better this year.

  16. Fuller looks like he’s going to be a stud. On the other hand, Kevin White looked lost. Not good considering he’s a 1st rounder coming into his 2nd year. Bust.

  17. Make sure you also note that if it weren’t for 2 drops by Hopkins and Fuller that were clearly TD’s, Osweiler would have ended up with 4 TD passes and over 300 yards.

  18. I’m not sure what the point of this article is, but Hopkins and Fuller both dropped TD passes they easily should have caught. In addition, Osweiler’s interception was the result of Tracey Porter ripping the ball out of Hopkin’s hands, so that should have been a completion as well.

  19. Osweiler, who threw an interception on his first drive, generally had his numbers inflated by the strong play of his receivers.


    This is analysis by someone who didn’t watch the game.

    Hopkins dropped an easy TD and had a mysterious offensive PI call in the end zone. Fuller dropped 2 balls, one of them should have been an 83 yd TD.

    Both the dropped TD by Hopkins and dropped TD by Fuller were perfect throws.

    Texans left points on the board Sunday and it wasn’t Brock who left them there. It was Hopkins and Fuller.

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