Mario Williams emerges from Miami debut with a concussion


In his first game with the Dolphins, defensive end Mario Williams had a sack. He also, however, suffered an injury.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Williams has a concussion.

He’ll be required to pass an independent neurological exam before returning to practice. He then will be required to pass a separate exam before he’ll be able to play.

The Miami defense had three sacks of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. On one of them, Wilson injured his ankle.

8 responses to “Mario Williams emerges from Miami debut with a concussion

  1. So much for all the talk about him loafing or slow. He was a beast! They really needed him on that final drive. The Dolphins let this one slip away. I hope he revovers quickly. Why can’t the 4 players who took a knee during the Anthem get a concussio? Maybe they already have one? What a disgusting choice they made. I am embarrassed to be a Dolphins Fan today and not because of their play and even more so than when they went 1-15.

  2. The dolphins played a heck of a game and should’ve won that game. Tannehill and Foster played great and the defense played spectacular. I knew this game was going to be a lot harder than most made it seem. The dolphins will make some noise this year!

    Seahawks fan

  3. If you hold the Seahawks to 12 points in Seattle, you should win. I thought the offense was supposed to be the strength of the team.

  4. Williams was a beast all day. I still can’t believe Stills missed that wide open touchdown pass. That, a blocked filed goal, and not trying for a field goal on 4th down were the difference in blowing out Seattle and limping home with a loss. I hope Mario is good again soon, and Stills finds his hands.

  5. Miami have been bad for so long I am afraid losing games like that is not surprising and in that way. We keep talking about missed opportunities but is the excuse of teams without a winning mentality. It’s easy to lose and a lot less hassle to lose. It’s not about putting a shift in or playing hard because all teams do this even though us as fans think they don’t when we consistently lose. It’s all about having a winning mentality and the only to get it is you guessed it is by winning regularly something we don’t do.

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