More tests coming for Keenan Allen


The Chargers suspect that receiver Keenan Allen suffered a torn ACL in his right knee on Sunday. The diagnosis, however, is not yet official.

According to the team, the degree of the injury will be determined based on further testing.

If Allen has a complete ACL tear, he most likely will be done for the year. External options to replace him include James Jones (who spent the preseason with the team), Roddy White, Aaron Dobson, and Brian Hartline.

In other words, there aren’t many good external options.

They could also opt to swing a trade for Browns receiver Josh Gordon, who will be eligible to play as of Week Five. It’s always difficult to plug new receivers into an offense on the fly.

If Allen is done for the year, he’ll join fellow starting receiver Stevie Johnson on injured reserve due to knee injuries.

5 responses to “More tests coming for Keenan Allen

  1. Given the acumen the SD GM showed in signing the third overall pick, I don’t think he would be able to put together a trade for Gordon. He’d probably demand that they get Gordon but Cleveland pay for his entire salary, because that’s the “Chargers way.”

  2. A trade for Gordon seems the best option because I do not believe the Chargers can count on Allen making through a season off IR. Really good player but he seems to always be hurt. No player wants to be labeled injury prone but you cannot help but think of him that way. So many great players never lived to their potential do to injuries.

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