NFL will review response to hits on Cam Newton


After indicating on Friday morning that the medical team at Thursday night’s game did an appropriate job of monitoring Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, the league now says it will take a longer look at the matter.

The league said in a statement today that it will review all relevant aspects of the events that transpired on Thursday night in a more thorough effort to determine whether the medical professionals should have pulled Newton from the game.

“The NFL is committed to the proper application of the Concussion Protocol,” the league’s statement said. “In order to ensure that it is being uniformly applied across all 32 NFL teams, we have decided to initiate a review of the medical team’s response to the Cam Newton tackle, under the procedure set forth by the collective bargaining agreement. Under that procedure, representatives from the league and the players association will review the relevant documents and video and interview the involved parties to ensure that the Protocol was applied properly. It is important to note that initiation of this process does not mean that we have seen any evidence that the Protocol was applied improperly, but simply reflects our obligation to ensure the health and safety of our players.”

Newton was hit in the head several times during Thursday night’s game, including one hit that the NFL has since admitted should have resulted in a penalty on Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall. The Panthers say he was evaluated during and after the game and did not suffer a concussion. Still, league protocols indicate that a player who suffers a hard hit to the head needs to be checked out, and during Thursday night’s game it appeared that those protocols were not met.

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  1. The issue is way deeper than whether concussion protocol was ignored. The Denver defense is dirty and plays to injure. This is not new. They have been doing this for the past couple of seasons. You’d almost think Jeff Fisher was coaching that defense. They are a phenomenal defense with great speed and athleticism, so the sad part is they don’t need to play dirty to win, but they do. The league needs to look long and hard at why the officiating crew missed at least 2 (maybe 3) blatant shots to Newton’s head before they finally called one on the final drive. That officiating crew should be downgraded significantly and the league needs to be looking at suspensions, not fines, for players targeting other players heads.

  2. The NFLPA should all go open up new savings accounts at Air Academy Federal Credit Union . Since they pulled Brandon “the traitor’ Marshall endorsement because of his stupidity.

    Kudos to the Credit Uniont. If I lived in CO I would go open up a new account right away!

    Also the NFLPA sucks.

  3. Cam doesn’t want to leave a game on the line so he can get a concussion exam. Shouldn’t the NFLPA be advocating what it’s members actually want?

  4. “It is important to note that initiation of this process does not mean that we have seen any evidence that the Protocol was applied improperly, and if it was, we will cover it up and spin it to sound appropriate.”

  5. The point Woodson was making is that it wasn’t a dirty hit. Yes, it’s technically a penalty as you explained, but that wasn’t the point. The whole dispute is whether it was an intentionally dirty hit. The two arguments are not inconsistent — i.e., Cam ducked, which caused Stewart to hit him in the helmet, which is certainly a penalty but not some bounty hate conspiracy like you suggest.

  6. Still ya all….Scam is quite the actor. Take another look. And just an FYI they must have all come in the 4th quarter when he knew they were not getting a win. See him on bench flossing his teeth????

  7. De Smith needed to wait until he got taking points from NFL.

    He has keeping players in dark on Health and Safety since he started running the union.

    He is a yapping chihuahua that Roger kicks on cue.

  8. This will be easy to predict. There will be an emphasis on illegal hits to the head all day today. Meaning the Broncos get away with it yet again and the other teams get penalized for it.

    Same ole NFL. In October the hits to the head will be back in full force and the NFL will be trying to justify more blown calls that never stand a chance of being done correctly.

  9. Yeah, i understand this is just procedure, but its misguided. The investigation nerds to be put into the flagrantly missed calls for the helmet spearing at Newton’s head.

    Officials are the only contingent in this entire league who don’t face any consequence of doing their job poorly. Its time for that to come to an end.

  10. Not a huge Newton fan based on his reaction to loss in SB but the last play later in the game where he clearly wasn’t running the ball and got hammered on a helmut to helmut, was too egregious to not be called.

  11. Cam said post game that the he was asked questions AFTER the game about in re concussion protocol, NOT during the game. It’s on tape, yet the NFL says different and expects us to say, “gee, okay Mr. Goodell”, like idiots.

  12. The only dirty hit on Thursday was the Marshall hit, and that was because he launched himself. That said I don’t blame Marshall. When he sees Cam scrambling at the line of scrimmage who in their mind thinks that dude is going to be passing? Should have been flagged none the less, but the rest of the hits were split second football plays.

    If Cam wants to avoid those hits he needs to play smarter. Get rid of the ball quicker when there are no receivers, and stop showboating to throw fuel on the defense fire. If he insists on showboating then don’t whine to the officials, the second you do that you’ve lost them.

  13. Gotta love ‘fans’ who are trying to change the game, which will eventually lead to its demise.

    Here’s the deal. Women are able to say it’s their body and its no one’s business what they do with it. Well these are men, who know what they are getting into, and why can’t they say the same? It’s not like they can declare ignorance anymore. They know the risks.

  14. I think Denver is a bit dirty, but I also think that if Newton would stop that stupid dance after he scores a TD that might help.

    Dance AFTER you win the SB.

  15. Officials are the only contingent in this entire league who don’t face any consequence of doing their job poorly. Its time for that to come to an end.

    That statement is just plain wrong and incorrect. Officials are graded after every game. Last year, an official was removed from his crew after errors.

  16. Four head shots in one game ain’t no accident, and 7 refs on the field missing the calls on 3 of them ain’t no accident either. The NFL knows what they are doing, The refs aren’t blind, just doing what they’re told to do.

  17. NFL double talk and other assorted bravo sierra under the non-leadership of one stuffed shirt named Roger Goodell.

  18. Whether Cam was running or not, both the hit by marshall and 26 were illegal. They launched with the top of the helmet. And he didn’t duck his head on either play, stop making stuff up. That’s not allowed on a Rb or wr either. Stop trying to make it sound like it was ok because he was running.

  19. dorubin says:
    Sep 11, 2016 11:07 AM
    The issue is way deeper than whether concussion protocol was ignored. The Denver defense is dirty and plays to injure. This is not new.
    Can’t discount their offense also when Shanahan was coaching… their O-line was notorious for illegal chop blocks.

  20. luvpeytonmanning says:
    Sep 11, 2016 11:14 AM

    OMG lets move on if Cam wants to act like a running back he is going to get hit.

    People need to stop typing this.

    1. He was scrambling and looking to throw the ball every time he got hit in the head. (if you didn’t watch the game, then why do you think you have a valid point?)

    2. It’s against the rules to target any player, even running backs, in the head and neck area. Especially not with the crown of your helmet, which happened twice the other night.

    3. Cam is tall and was standing up when hit on his most vicious hits, which means shorter players had to actively go after his head to get to it. There’s no wiggle room here, they head hunted Cam. At least 2 Broncos players should face suspension for and 2 more refs should be downgraded to bad games and definitely kept from officiating the playoffs.

    Look, I know a lot of people don’t care for Cam or his antics. At the end of the day, that’s no reason for him to get excluded from player safety and be protected like any other football player. Because being a dirty cheap shot artist who’s okay with taking out a guy’s freshly repaired knee, or targeting a guy’s head knowing full well the danger of CTE is far beyond being mouthy or arrogant.

  21. I just do not like how Cam enjoys playing football so much. He really needs to be a miserable man with no passion, like Barry Sanders. Just hand the ball off to the ref and depress those around you. I heard it is good for long term marriages and relationships.

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