After torching Darrelle Revis, A.J. Green keeps it classy


If Bengals receiver A.J. Green ever wanted to engage in trash talk, he’d never have a better opportunity than now, after he torched Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on Sunday.

Instead, after the game Green showed nothing but respect for Revis, saying he was honored to match up with an all-time great.

“That guy has nothing else to prove,” Green said of Revis. “He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer for sure. I’m trying to get where he is.”

Revis was once the best cornerback in football, but at age 31 he’s no longer able to shut down a great receiver like Green. That was very clear on Sunday, when Green caught all 10 of the passes thrown to him when Revis was covering him, gaining 152 yards and a touchdown.

To his credit, Revis himself acknowledged that Green got the better of him. Green didn’t need to add anything to that.

77 responses to “After torching Darrelle Revis, A.J. Green keeps it classy

  1. Green had no need to pile on. His actions did the talking.

    Revis was a stand-up guy and acknowledged that he got torched.

    Good for both of them. Too bad more players don’t follow these examples.

  2. Is there anyone out there who still thought Revis could cover an elite WR? Anyone who watched him in TB or NE already knew this ship had sailed. BB made him look productive by putting him on the #2 receiver to minimize his exposure….then along came the Jets and their tampering ways. Now they’re stuck with him and his absurd contract. Congrats!

  3. Green then went on to say, “I wish I could match up with him every Sunday” we know you do AJ we know you do……

  4. Revis was a 20 something yearold punk when Randy Moss would burn him downfield at the age of 33. Revis might be the “slouch” now that the shoe is on the other foot.

  5. Proud of both of these guys. This is what football needs to be all about.

    …not gonna lie, I do appreciate some good smack talk once in a while, though. 🙂

  6. Man as a Bengals fan it’s so nice to have such a great and classy wide receiver on my team. No prima donna bs, no whining about contracts every year, no constant trash-talking, no goal post hugging celebrations, etc, etc.

    The man just goes out there and does his job and hands the ball to the ref.

  7. “No longer” able to shut down a great receiver like Green? He never was. He’s never been able to handle big receivers.

    Richard Sherman is laughing.

  8. Boy…pretty sobering that a (only) 31 year old guy, who once solidly dominated, can’t perform like he used to.
    That said, I love the sportsmanship from both guys after the game…

  9. All that wasted money on Revis. This is why the jets will never win. Poor decision, poor management, and shoddy owner whos jealous of bob kraft.

  10. To be exact two of Green’s big play were not on Revis, even if he took the blame for them. Anyway I like these two gentlemen, the NFL lacks guys of this kind.

  11. mongo3401 says:
    Sep 12, 2016 9:44 AM
    Revis in not a first ballot HOF or even worthy of HOF consideration.

    When you consider how many take the field and proportionally how under represented the position is in the HOF you can make a case that he may not may not be a first ballot HoF player. If you do not believe he is worthy of consideration then I could make a case you do not understand football very well. And that’s coming from a guy whose team he never played for.

  12. No surprise here. Green has always been a class act.

    He has struggled against Revis in the past, so it was nice to see a STRONG performance.

    He made Dalton look very good with some of the catches he made. Just a great player.

  13. As a Bengals fan, I’m so happy to have AJ Green represent class on and off the field. An incredibly talented and humble human being. He is perhaps the best role model in the NFL. Works hard, never complains, and is always complimentary of his opponent.

  14. Revis took a step back last year and had issues staying on the field. He’s definitely past his peak, the question is how much he has left. I think he’ll still be a good player, but I’m not sure you want him on an island against the elite players now.

  15. Man, this dude is as good as they come on and off the field. You can criticize the Bengals for a lot of things over the years but they absolutely nailed this draft pick. He gets more and more impressive each year.

    I wish he as in my team for sure.

    Much respect to Revis as well for manning up. I’ve never understood the hate for him either, he wants to get paid the most for his work and believes in himself, nothing wrong with that. Father Time may be creeping up on him at 31 but it’s not like he was beaten by a rookie, Green is a top 5 WR in my opinion

  16. osiris33 (bandwagon since 1976) says:
    Sep 12, 2016 10:07 AM
    “No longer” able to shut down a great receiver like Green? He never was. He’s never been able to handle big receivers.

    Richard Sherman is laughing.

    Last time Revis played against Richard Sherman Revis watched Richard crying…. Don’t worry, Brady will be back in time to make him cry again soon enough.

  17. revis is the most over-rated player in the NFL.

    jets totally overpaid for him (again) after seeing him get a ring in NE…but who doesn’t get a ring in NE???

    guy is done.

  18. AJ is a far cry and a breath of fresh air from the days of Ocho Stinko and his “look at me” antics.

    Good for AJ and Darrelle to take the high road.

  19. A J Green embodies class. An oddity these days, to be sure.

    Thank you A J for your continued superior play, week in, week out; and for your professionalism and class.


    A Steelers’ Fan

  20. Some of these comments… oof. An iconic player later in his career doesn’t play to the level he did in his prime and all of a sudden he always sucked.

    We get it, guys: you don’t watch football.

  21. cobrala2 says:
    Sep 12, 2016 11:16 AM
    Mutual respect between humans… it’s a good thing.

    I mentally liked this comment x 10,000!

  22. It’s refreshing to see a WR who speaks with class after the game. It’s too bad more of them don’t follow his example instead of behaving like spoiled brats.

  23. Revis is old and slow but the Bengals also did a great job of taking advantage of Revis’s speed by running different types of screens with Green. Revis definitely needs Calvin Pryor on the field in order to lock down a receiver, as soon as Pryor went out for a few series Aj Green lit Revis up for big gains but when Pryor was on the field giving Revis help they were able to contain him a little bit.

    The Jets are not done I believe they are a very good team and we may be seeing this match up again in the wild card round. It’s likely that Eric Decker and Marshall won’t have a game like that again and Fitz played well outside of the last interception (think Decker could of turned and caught that or swatted it away at least) and limited options out on the field due to the Bengals defense.

    I expect the Jets to be locked in Thursday I wouldn’t want to be playing for Buffalo.

  24. The Bungholes need to trade this guy immediately. Clearly this kind of class and character could be a cancer to that locker room if it rubs off on any of their other idiots.

  25. flaccojumpball says:
    Sep 12, 2016 10:50 AM
    Jimmy Smith is MUCH better than MEvis. His highlight was obtaining a tainted championship with Tom Shady.-
    Instead of your constant obsession with all things Brady and the Pats(BTW, this post had NOTHING to do with either one) you should put all your time and energy into something more worthwhile to the general public. Say like growing up and moving on.

  26. Part of me wants to see the bengals win a playoff game, just because of AJ. Unfortunately, as good as Green is, Dalton’s badness will trump that…again.

  27. Green has a lot of respect for Revis as a player as he has a history of success… Granted Green may have had the better day but as any player knows… Each game is it’s own game! Consistently Revis has been top notch, with exception of the last few years which he is still above average… If he makes a switch to Safety I fully expect another dominate Revis stretch which Green knows better than to smack talk a future HOF. He respects other players and doesn’t let the competition blind him.

  28. there is one thing that just edges Revis into the HOF conversation…

    …and that’s a ring. take that ring away and I feel it would be a totally different convo.

  29. Sorry Darelle but you are cursed. Ever since Woody was slapped on the wrist for the most obvious tampering in league history (most of the time the league has to scratch its head on how to prove tampering), and ever since you used that to secure a mega-contract with the Jets and dis the team that helped you win your only Super Bowl ring, the gods decided you were finished in this league. Sub par year last year … embarrassing start to this season. You’re making Belichick look like a genius fir letting you walk.

  30. …and that’s a ring. take that ring away and I feel it would be a totally different convo

    Have you even watched football the past 10 years? Real football fans know that a championship isn’t the be all end all for being a hall of famer

  31. I realize AJ vs. REvis is an exciting matchup and AJ Green is like Mother Theresa, but could we give some credit to Andy Dalton? His passes were out of this world and some of these amazing catches happened because Dalton threw it in the perfect place where Revis couldn’t possibly defend.

  32. qbarrel says:
    Sep 12, 2016 9:47 AM

    Is there anyone out there who still thought Revis could cover an elite WR? Anyone who watched him in TB or NE already knew this ship had sailed. BB made him look productive by putting him on the #2 receiver to minimize his exposure….

    That’s not really what BB was doing. What BB did then and is still doing is use his best CB one on one withe the opponents 2nd best receiver and double team the opponents best receiver. It has worked fairly well.

  33. The Bengals are loaded with classy players. The only questionable guys are Burfict and Pacman, and they’re more like our “enforcers” for dirty teams like the Steelers.

  34. Burfict and Pacman are enforcers?! The ankle-twister and ref-pusher?! I guess I’m spoiled by rooting for the 2 hard-hitting (and clean-hitting) Mitchell and Shazier.

  35. flaccojumpball says:
    Sep 12, 2016 2:17 PM
    AJ Green will be shut down by a real elite corner in Jimmy Smith. Revis is garbage.


    You don’t recall all the really exciting, really long, really amazing tackle breaking touchdowns AJ has against B-more?

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