Browns place RG3 on injured reserve

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The Browns placed quarterback Robert Griffin III on injured reserve Monday, a day after he suffered a shoulder injury in a fourth quarter collision with Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills.

The team’s statement on the move said Griffin has a fractured coracoid bone in his left shoulder. It said no surgery is required at this time and that Griffin will be evaluated again in 3-4 weeks.

Per the NFL’s injured reserve rules, the earliest he could return is Week 10.

“It’s very unfortunate, Robert came in and has worked extremely hard to learn our offense and earn the respect of his teammates,” Browns coach Hue Jackson said in the statement. “This is a tough loss because everyone has seen how invested he has been in this team and his dedication to the work needed to improve his craft. We all know these are the realities of the NFL, injuries occur and you have to find ways to overcome them so they don’t impede your progress.

“Robert will do everything in his power to rehab and get healthy but Josh McCown is on this roster for a reason and we have great confidence in him. He is more than capable. His veteran presence has been an asset to our team throughout our process of preparing for the season. We look forward to him assuming the role of the starter and leading our offensive unit.”

Griffin said after Sunday’s game that he suffered a sprained shoulder on the hit by Mills but said he would be OK. He returned for the game’s final series.

McCown started eight games for the Browns last year. Rookie Cody Kessler becomes the backup with Griffin out. The Browns added rookie Kevin Hogan to their practice squad after Hogan was released by the Chiefs earlier this month.

125 responses to “Browns place RG3 on injured reserve

  1. Browns fans…. I’m very sorry, I truly am. You have suffered many years and it has to stop. Something needs to go right for the Browns. Stay strong Dawg Pound!

  2. Thankfully, he was signed cheap with most money for staying healthy. Time to move on… at least we can keep that sweet QB jersey going.

    On to number 26…. or 50… whatever.

    This is why there’s beer.

  3. Whatever talent (if that’s what you want to call it) this kid displayed in college clearly doesn’t translate to the NFL.

    Thais is exactly why teams should NEVER go “All-In” on a player in the draft…especially a QB. More times than not, they aren’t really that good.

  4. I bet they wish they would have drafted Wentz now. Well nevermind, they would have messed him up too. Cleveland is the place where QBs go to die.

  5. He had one good year. Other than that, he has been a total bust. Even yesterday, a kid in his first game out of some nothing div 2 school was by far the best qb on the field. I would say it’s a shame, but this is just what he is, a below average qb with health issues

  6. As bad as he looked in that game, he’ll never start again unless an injury happens. His passes were horrific, he missed receivers by 5 – 10 yds on almost every pass further than 15 yards…very bad!

  7. Well the audition for QB of the future ended after only 4 quarters. It’s not like Griffin has a history of putting himself in dangers way and suffering season ending injuries. He’s Sam Bradford lite.

    Hopefully they find a QB in the draft next year that meets their metrics criteria. In the meantime, the Eagles thank you for not drafting your QB of the future this year.

  8. Interesting they put him on the IR, they must not really be “all in” on him. Carson Wentz will be ready to start in a few weeks so the Browns will be set……OH I forgot about that…………………………………………….

  9. Every backup needs to always know where his helmet is at. With RG3 you need it on, mouthpiece in, next play ready to call, and one foot on the field.

  10. Remember when people thought RG3 was going to have a better career than Luck? That was actually a serious debate. Wow. Wonder if Skip Bayless still thinks that. Hate it for RG3, but he just can’t stay healthy. Meanwhile Luck just threw for 400+ yards and 4 TDs yesterday….and the Colts still lost. Dude needs a defense.

  11. Well, now he’s got more time to work on updating his personal logo. Gotta keep that fresh, nah’m sayin’?

  12. It was an unfortunate late hit out of bounds, but I honestly think the Browns are better off with McCown. Isn’t RG3’s contract just guaranteed for this year, and only at $7 Million? It’s backup money for a QB. The Browns will be going after Watson most likely.

  13. I’m sure the Browns were hoping he wouldn’t come back at all. Everyone who follows the NFL knew RG 3 stinks and was brittle. If the Browns’ front office paid attention, they would have know it too.

    On the bright side, he lasted 2 quarters longer than the Vegas odds!

  14. Wow, just wow… After just one game, it’s quite possible the the Browns new front office and HC have already sealed their fate and will not recover from signing RG3, passing on Wentz, gutting a roster, and putting out an inferior product from last year’s 3-13 gem. 0-16 is a serious possibility.

    As a Browns fan, this may be an over-reaction after one game, but nothing that happened yesterday provided any hope at all. Hue was supposed to know QBs, but he passed on Wentz and Zac Prescott, and instead signed RG3 and Kessler. Who would do the same today?

    The writing may be on the wall already, just after one game. Well, Jimmy you continue to prove that you are a complete and utter baffoon as an owner. Everyone in the NFL is laughing at you today.

  15. Maybe Hue could trade five first round picks to AZ for Palmer, get fired at the end of the year by the Browns, get a job as O-Coordinator for the Cardinals, use the draft picks to make his offense look good, then get hired elsewhere as an ‘offensive genius.’ Repeat.

  16. Browns will be forking over a few high round picks to land Garoppalo sooner rather than later after game 4….

  17. 1. Ty Detmer
    2. Tim Couch
    3. Doug Pederson
    4. Spergon Wynn
    5. Kelly Holcomb
    6. Jeff Garcia
    7. Luke McCown
    8. Trent Dilfer
    9. Charlie Frye
    10. Derek Anderson
    11. Brady Quinn
    12. Ken Dorsey
    13. Bruce Gradkowski
    14. Jake Delhomme
    15. Colt McCoy
    16. Seneca Wallace
    17. Thad Lewis
    18. Brandon Weeden
    19. Brian Hoyer
    20. Jason Campbell
    21. Johnny Manziel
    22. Connor Shaw
    23. Josh McCown
    24. Austin Davis
    25. RG3


  18. And that’s a wrap on him being a starting QB ever again in the league. Now begins his franchise hopping and clip board holding for a couple seasons until he doesn’t even get a camp invite or a call for emergency QB help. Time to head back to Baylor and set up the autograph table and put on a big smile as folks get their picture taken with the Heisman trophy winner on Baylor game days.

    Lots of high hopes but all blown away when he met a man name Haloti.

  19. In all seriousness….they should call the Bucs about Mike Glennon.

    I always thought he was a capable enough QB.

    They won’t…because DePodesta regards picks above all else.

  20. nomoreseasontix says:
    Sep 11, 2016 5:58 PM
    I’m always suspicious of self reported injuries.
    I’m thinking he’s building in an excuse for being terrible on the field.
    It’s a brand thing.

    therealtrenches says:
    Sep 11, 2016 9:27 PM

    No doubt he’s brand conscious. But there’s also no doubt that that injury was real.


    Ummmm…I’m not an RGIII fan by any stretch, but the idea that anyone would think he was “building an excuse for being terrible on the field” to somehow help his brand is an absolutely ludicrous idea, especially if you saw the shots he took during this game.

    And now we know the injury was real.

  21. Remember after the Ravens won the Super Bowl, the Football Establishment beat their chest as to the only way you could win games is with an RG3 or Kaepernick a hybrid QB?

  22. The Browns are the Browns, but let’s don’t forget that it was Dan Snyder who ruined this guy by empowering him to think he knows more than his coaches.

  23. This may be the end for Bob.

    His production has not been good the last few years.

    What is worse, he is very injury prone.

    He tried really hard, but he still had some bad attitude moments.

    He can’t even be a reliable backup.

    They should tank. Trade McCown for some picks.

    The team is so far away from contention they may as well.

    Too bad, since the Browns are some of the best.

  24. Another waste of time “running QB” or “option QB” or “junk QB” (whatever you want to call that strategy).

    Time for Hoyer the Destroyer to make his great return to the city of Hopeless Dreams.

  25. Could have happened to any Qb ask tony Romo lol…. Any event a rookie qb wouldn’t have won us more than 2 games this year anyways. All in for Watson now.

  26. People have been champing at the bit for for years hoping one of these scramblers eventually pan out. I go in more arguments with people thinking Vick or Griffin would supplant Brady & Manning as the next prototype QB.

    That style doesn’t fly in this league. It’s killer in video games but only there. Check it, they all get whomped eventually, and usually way before SB win. Sure, you had you *Elways* who could run a bit, Steve Young when he couldn’t find *Stickey Rice* would run a bit but the last true scrambler that had any success was Tarkenton (1)

    (1) no SB wins.

  27. darkneptune73 says:
    Sep 12, 2016 3:10 PM
    I don’t know who is stupider, the Brownies signing him or RGIII not learning his lesson.

    Answer, the dolts at ESPN who insisted he was the second coming.

  28. It was very obvious that the Browns strategy was to have the first pick in next years draft. The only question is whether the owner is going along with it. Lombardi and Banner didn’t last long.

  29. So this is what we’ve come to.
    He’s not even good for half a game for the entire season?

  30. Tebow? Nope. Too busy with a silly home-improvement show. Oh, and besides the SEC Network stuff, he’s a part-time baseball player.

    What I don’t like is this “QB only” philosophy which clearly costs him a spot on an NFL roster. Didja see how many QB’s have gone down just by now? If Josh McCown goes down in Cleveburgh and if Tebow were just a special teams player on that roster, he’d then be “next man up” AS A QUARTERBACK!!

    It’s a lie that he loves football. What he clearly loves is the spotlight and himself. Big P-H-O-N-Y!

  31. The bad news: Millions for less than one complete game
    The good news: The Browns can still win eight out of the remaining fifteen, especially with the Chargers, Titans and the other three NFC East teams on the schedule.

  32. George Carlin noted that never in his life had he ever seen anyone literally laughing all the way to the bank. Neither have I, but someone on or associated with that NFL team up in Washington might be doing it. Hahaha!

  33. Oof. Less than one game before the injury. Brutal.

    Sorry, Rob. I’m not a Browns fan, but I was pulling for you. I put you in a contrarian lineup on DraftKings hoping you’d prove the haters wrong.

    I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for a good redemption story.

    Always next year, right? Or even this year, for Browns fans. Hey, if you can get McNown to play like he did in 2013, you might just have something.

  34. No, this is not the end of the running quarterback. It’s the end of Fragile RG3’s career as a running quarterback. Randall Cunningham was lethal, Steve Young was quite impressive, and Michael Vick would’ve been something if he could’ve thrown worth a hoot.

    Running quarterbacks who know when to run, and who can take four hits to the head in a single game and still pass the oh-so-medically-sound concussion protocol, will continue to thrive.

  35. I feel bad for Brown’s fans. It sucks checking out your team’s page and everyone is trolling, but most of the comments on here are pretty funny. My favorite – Dude came out of the womb on IR…. LOL

  36. In July 2012, then-Giants DE Osi Umenyiora said:
    “Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about? You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything. When he does anything in the NFL, we’re gonna call him RG3. Right now, he’s Bob Griffin.”

    Looks like Osi was right…

  37. Quarterbacks shattering like glass left and right but the 6’4, 250 lb Tebow isn’t good enough to be a backup because he prays while others protest the national anthem? Ok. Yes, don’t need the distraction or a someone who can come in cold off the bench and move the ball for the mere reason he’s built like a tank.

  38. Three “running” quarterbacks all get injured in the same week…Cam Newton, RGII and Russel Wilson. Coincidence?


    Cam’s a beast–he’ll play next week.

  39. I feel like Jackson put Bob on IR so he doesn’t feel compelled to start him until at least week 10. He looked so awful on the field yesterday. I am certain Jackson is going to look at his other QBs.

  40. So in other news the Browns after only 1 week of play are probably going to be selecting number 1 overall? Hopefully they start drafting right those guys haven’t been relevant for years, and that’s coming from a bucs fan

  41. Ugh! I like RGIII and he is a great guy but maybe he is too brittle to play in the head hunting NFL of today. It is open season on QB;s no matter what is being spouted out of the mouth of Roger Goodell. I wish him a speedy recovery but he should seriously consider retiring from the NFL for the good of his own health. He can’t take the pounding.

  42. Just watched the game/incident.

    Think RG3 was pretty unfortunate actually. He was clearly attempting to get out of bounds – it just so happened that the defender was blocked into his path.

    Outside of that, I counted 6 dropped passes by his receivers – so I think all in all he played pretty well.

  43. RG actually looked a little better yesterday than he looked in Washington. I absolutely agree that he is done as a starter. WHO on earth would turn a team over to him with his health history (whoops, I forgot about the Browns). Remember, even when healthy RGme cannot read defenses….

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