Hue Jackson defends RG3: He wasn’t trying to get hurt


The Browns put quarterback Robert Griffin III on injured reserve today after a shoulder injury he suffered when he lowered his shoulder into Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills on Sunday, and Hue Jackson can already sense the criticism coming for Griffin.

Shortly after the Browns announced the move, Jackson told reporters that it isn’t fair to Griffin to criticize him for the injury because he wasn’t trying to do it.

“It’s really unfortunate because Robert worked extremely hard to put himself into position to be our quarterback, to be one of the team leaders, and it’s just very unfortunate,” he said. “Please, let me make it known, Robert didn’t get hurt trying to run into a linebacker or a DB.”

Obviously, Griffin wasn’t “trying” to get hurt, and he was trying to get out of bounds when he collided with Mills. But he did run directly into Mills, rather than sliding feet-first. That was a major mistake, and it’s fair to criticize him for that, just as it’s fair to criticize any quarterback who doesn’t protect himself.

Griffin’s inability to avoid sacks and hits has been a huge problem throughout his career, and it’s a problem he still hasn’t been able to correct. It may be the problem that ends his career.

61 responses to “Hue Jackson defends RG3: He wasn’t trying to get hurt

  1. well duh –

    we all know robert isn’t trying to get hurt – but he also is trying to slide or avoid contact.

    robert gave us a miraculous rookie season. one that many Skins’ fans will never forget.

    I am truly fond of and grateful for those memories.

  2. ‘Obviously, Griffin wasn’t “trying” to get hurt’

    And I wasn’t “trying” to get my girl pregnant, but when you don’t protect yourself….

    Face meet palm. Palm, say hello to face.

  3. The Browns are snake bitten, it’s as simple as that. This team might squeak out 3 wins in 2016.

  4. Maybe it’s semantics, but he wasn’t trying to get out of bounds. He had an opportunity to step out and he turned up field. He should have gotten out of bounds WAY earlier. He’s too arrogant to know when a play is done.

  5. like sands thru the hour glass.

    so our the days of our lives….

    only in that cesspool of Believeland, great signing moneyball geeks….

    off to a great start….as expected…epic failure

  6. Browns are tanking…I don’t think they care to win a game. They are just waiting for next year’s draft.

    I say Commish calls Jerry Colangelo and see if he can get them to stop tanking…?

  7. The Browns could have Carson Wentz throwing to Julio Jones and Sammy Watkins. Instead every year they trade down to accrue picks that they use on bums. Feel bad for Browns fans and I’m a skins fan who’s seen plenty of boneheadedness from my team.

  8. RG3 could have run out of bounds, he turned up the field and got hit. Then he hid the injury from the trainers.

    It’s like RG3 in Washington all over again.

    Careful Hue, RG3’s dad is going to call you out in the media in 3…. 2…. 1….

  9. A couple of weeks ago I said I looked for RGIII to last beyond the 1st series of the season unlike McCown last year.
    – Mission accomplished.

    I’ve also said I thought RGIII would become elite and would be the long term answer for the Browns.
    – Not looking good.

    And finally, I said Wentz was a one-read stare-down artist a la Brandon Weeden.
    – That scouting report would not disqualify me from becoming the next Browns’ GM.

  10. Yes, but you know, a question that hasn’t been asked is why Hue had him still in the game at that time? The game was won by the Eagles at that point, with a little over three and a half minutes left.

  11. Watch the replay – he was pushed (legally) by a different defender resulting in the sideline collision. Freak injury – get off of RG3’s and Cleveland’s back, and pile on Keenan Allen if you’re looking for a place to celebrate injury.

  12. I’m the kinda guy that is a pushover. It doesn’t take much to get me feeling bad for you but somehow RG3 has been so unlike able I don’t feel bad at all. Somewhere he’s found himself on injured reserve and I guarantee in his head he’s wondering who’s fault it is and there’s no mirrors anywhere. He’s not an NFL caliber QB right now and since he believes he is he’ll do nothing to change it. What happened in Washington should have humbled him. I don’t think what happened yesterday will have any effect at all on him.

  13. dude has the worst body type for a qb …thin boned and svelte. it is 100% certain that as a qb in the nfl you are going to get hit. you need to be big and thick enough to take them,you need to train like a weight lifter not a sprinter. could his career be over?

  14. Did Hue also say it wasn’t fair to criticize RG3 for his interception because he “wasn’t trying to throw it to the other team”? What weird logic!

  15. Hue might be playing dumb, but I wonder if the owner will appreciate it. I guess we’ll see. Once this owner sees that he made a mistake, he fires you quickly.

  16. hue should have said this:

    “look, we GAVE him the job with the idea it would sell tickets, and provide us with a relatively certain path to the first overall pick next year. with mccown, we thought we might win enough games that tennessee or some other team might take our pick….

    We also thought the eagles would stink, and we have their first as well. We were hoping for #1 and #2 overall next year. now that bob has gone and screwed up our plan, we’ll have to hope that our assessment of mccown was overly optimistic….”

  17. And Cam Erving wasnt trying to snap it over RGMe’s head but he did.

    Intentions dont matter results do.

    Amazing the boneheads running the Clowns. From the bonehead owner Haslam to the Bonehead GM Sashi the Clown to Huey Jackson and the Blues. Wow what could go wrong?

  18. mrnick66 says:
    Sep 12, 2016 3:31 PM

    dude has the worst body type for a qb …thin boned and svelte. it is 100% certain that as a qb in the nfl you are going to get hit. you need to be big and thick enough to take them,you need to train like a weight lifter not a sprinter. could his career be over?

    Didn’t seem to help Big Ben.

  19. Perhaps it’s not about trying to teach him to slide or throw it away like they tried so hard to do. Maybe they need to make him understand something that he just can’t seem to get through his 50¢ head: You can’t play like a man among boys when you are built like a boy and playing against men.

  20. I don’t blame RG3 one bit. He didn’t sign himself. The owner is paying millions of dollars to people who are supposed to be evaluating talent. Whoever signed RG3, has no business in the personnel room. If there’s one position that you have to get right, it’s your QB. There are 500 QBs I’d bring in ahead of RG3. You’re allowed to make mistakes, but this was complete nonsense. This owner is not known for patience. I’d have to say the baseball guy they brought into the front office already has two strikes on him.

  21. As an unfortunate Browns fan, I’d like to ask fans from other teams if they appreciate the easy win, while the owner slick Jimmy Haslam gets his full owners cut with putting out garbage that is 40 million under the salary cap. Or would they like a bigger challenge for their team and Jimmy needing to take a little more time paying the fed’s fine for the whole truck stop rebate fiasco?

  22. I’m not sure how after one camp and one game for the Browns organization you DON’T have the desire to hurt yourself.

    Remember last year McCown threw himself head first at the JETS defense and that was only after one series! At least RG3 made it a whole game.

  23. hue just loves those ‘running quarterbacks’, i’m glad he picked that one !
    let’s see if he doubles down on one come april .

  24. Some guys are just made of porcelain,and RGIII is definitely one of them. Or maybe he just couldn’t stand to be away from his girlfriend during games and practices. Hope his wife takes him to the cleaners.

  25. The guy can’t seem to get himself right. I think he had the potential to be better than what has turned out, it seems like the problem is one part circumstance, one part his injury prone body and one part between his ears.

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