Aaron Donald: I made a dumb decision


Defensive tackle Aaron Donald apparently didn’t get the memo that the Rams weren’t planning to put up any fight on Monday night against the 49ers.

Donald was ejected in the fourth quarter of the 28-0 loss after making contact with an official. That came following some post-play pushing and shoving that led to a penalty for Donald when he grabbed 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton around the neck and knocked Patton’s helmet off. He then made contact with the official, earning a disqualification that he explained after the game.

“I let the emotions get the best of me,” Donald said, via the Los Angeles Daily News. “I’m going to have to pay for my actions. But any time you lose like that you’re going to be embarrassed. On that play I just saw something happened and I thought I would stand up for my guys, and it was a dumb decision to do it the way I did it.”

Donald was right to be embarrassed by the way his team played on Monday. He’s also right about the potential cost of his actions.

Physical contact with an official draws a fine of more than $30,000 while striking an opponent carries a $9,115 minimum penalty. Donald was also flagged for roughing 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert earlier in the game, which could be an $18,231 fine.

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  1. As a Seahawks fan I think he should also be suspended for 1 game… Especially since our starting right guard is out and Russell Wilson is hobbled… It probably won’t matter… We won’t have to score more than 10 to beat this version of the Rams… Sheesh!!

  2. “I thought I would stand up for my guys ”

    First off “your guy” (Ogletree) took a couple extra shots of Gabbert while he was on the ground. Gabbert didn’t like it, for obvious reasons, and got up & said something

    Then Donald acts like a complete lunatic, grabs Patton by throat & rips off his helmet!
    Then when he’s flagged, he bumps the ref, gets ejected & acts like more of a lunatic by taking off his own helmet & slamming it to the ground before the field in an expletive filled tyraid!!

    So…..you didn’t “stand up” for anything, AARON!
    You acted like an out of control bully, PERIOD

  3. morbidtaint says:
    Sep 13, 2016 6:34 AM
    Except for the penalties, he was owning the 49ers o-line. Going to ask the question we’re all thinking tho. Why does Jeff Fischer have a job?


    Did you even watch the game? the 9ers o-line dominated the vaunted Rams front 7 for almost the entirety of the game, certainly 100% of the first half.

  4. I like how Donald looked at 6’8″ 355 lbs Trent Brown first and then made a business decision to take out his aggression on a 200 lbs wide receiver instead.

  5. @paastahtroy, as a serious Seahawks fan, I’d eather beat our opponents at their best, not get a freebie.

    As a football fan, I want our division to be stronger for pride, and to better prepare us for the playoffs.

    If you’ve been with us before 2012, you know the Rams always play us tough, and have upset us, even in our own house, more times than I wish to remember.

    The worse they suck, the harder they play us, and it doesn’t get much worse than what went down Monday night.

    We don’t take them seriously and prepare like we’re facing an NFL team and division rival, we’ll be the ones everyone is mocking.

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