Jeff Fisher hasn’t decided whether Jared Goff will be No. 2 or No. 3 for home opener

The first overall pick in the draft spent his first regular-season game not wearing a uniform. Whether he spends his first regular-season home game wearing a uniform is to be determined.

“No I haven’t,” coach Jeff Fisher told reporters on Tuesday regarding the question of whether he has decided on a primary backup to starter Case Keenum. “I will. And there’s that chance, too [that Goff is the backup]. He’s pushing along; this whole experience for Jared was good — not good for our team, but good for him to see all this. We’ll decide later in the week.”

As it relates to the quarterback position generally, a very significant decision was made last week, by the players. In voting Case Keenum to be a captain for the full season, the players necessarily made their preference known between Keenum, Sean Mannion, and Goff. If the players saw Goff as a guy who would be ready to take over the offense at any point this season, Keenum probably wouldn’t have gotten the votes.

Goff eventually could become a franchise quarterback and a Super Bowl winner. He could be the starter, in theory, by the end of the month. For now, though, the inability of Goff to earn the job — or to create the sense that he inevitably will at some point this season — makes the decision to trade up from No. 15 to No. 1 even more glaring. This wasn’t the Rams earning the top pick and shrugging their shoulders and hoping for the best. This was the Rams deciding that Goff was worth making a move to the top of the draft.

If he was, he’d already be starting. At a minimum, the players would have seen enough out of him to think twice before making Keenum a captain.

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  1. I don’t think he’d be starting already, there’s some prudence to letting the guy learn for half a season or something….but the fact that Keenum was voted captain is kind of curious.

  2. Did people root against the Browns when they became the Ravens, no! Did people root against the Oilers when they became the Titans, No! Did people root against the Rams when they moved to StL, NO! Did people root against the Colts when they moved to Indy, No! Did people root against the Cards when they moved to AZ, No! Did people root against the Raiders when they moved to LA, Yes! Do people root against the Rams now that they are back in LA, Yes! Why so much disdain towards LA?

  3. How on earth does this guy keep landing NFL HC jobs? He is a horrible coach, who’s done nothing to deserve the the reputation and respect he seems to get in the media.

    The guy managed to hand HARD KNOCKS its first LOSING SEASON. That show was brutally boring for the first time in its existence.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  4. Who cares what Jeff Fisher thinks?
    If he decides it, it’s probably the opposite way to go.
    He is mediocrity personified and a slap in the face to many great coaches and even some not so great coaches who can make a mockery of him on a regular basis.

  5. @Who cares what Jeff Fisher thinks?
    If he decides it, it’s probably the opposite way to go.
    He is mediocrity personified and a slap in the face to many great coaches and even some not so great coaches who can make a mockery of him on a regular basis.

  6. I over estimated the Rams by a LOT, I don’t know why I was expecting much out of a team QBed by Case Keenum, I guess I was expecting the hard nose defense, gritty football team that won 3 of 4 vs Seattle the last two years. Certainly one that should at least beat or at the very least compete with the 9ers.

    Maybe with Jenkins, Laurenitus, and Long gone, the defense won’t be as stout, as fun to watch as it was last year.

  7. lol the rams are going to ruin the potential in goff so bad. this is a coaching staff that could have ruined aaron rodgers, tom brady and peyton manning.

    ruining goff should be easy for them.

  8. Everybody please just calm down. Goff could have a great 15 year career, and everyone’s talking about his first week. Fisher knows what he’s doing. He’s not a rookie coach still trying to figure out stuff. He’ll play Goff when it’s best for everyone involved.

  9. The Rams will play angry and desperate resulting in another hard fought game against Seattle with at least 2 trick plays ( onside kicks, latterals, fake punts) resulting in a not surprising tight game and win.

    They always play Seattle tough.

  10. He’s a coach that has 6 winning seasons out of 22. That’s it.

    6 out of 22 and top 3 in most loses for a career. Even if Goff is the right guy and has all the skills – do you expect Fisher to actually develop them? 6 out of 22…….

  11. So either he’s rubbed the veterans the wrong way or he’s having problems understanding the playbook. Either way Fisher is done if they don’t finish at .500 or better.

  12. Over 95% of NFL fans probably had a low regard for Case Keenam’s talent as a QB before the season started, but Jeff Fisher stuck with his guy, because Goff isn’t ready. After game 1, it is obvious to everyone that Case Keenam isn’t good enough.
    Jeff Fisher could have acquired a proven experienced NFL QB in the offseason like many other teams did. But he chose not to!
    I don’t have a problem with Goff not being ready yet and Fisher not wanting to throw him to the wolves. However, the lack of a proven experienced QB on the LA Ram roster was Fisher’s making. It’s going to be tough, but Jeff has to live with the consequences.
    Fire Fisher now.

  13. As a St Louisan it’s funny to see the Rams get much more national media attention. Being in flyover country the Rams ineptitude was able to fly under the radar. Now with more media exposure everybody will see it. It was a rough road with them here. I believe both LA and St Louis deserve teams, but no city deserves this as their team. 4 winning seasons in 26 years. That’s your Rams and no end appears to be in sight.

  14. Hey Rams as long as you keep Fisher as your coach, you’re always going to be 7-9 or 6-10, but don’t worry, you’ll be the best 7-9 team ever.

  15. Common media, if you are gonna bash the browns for passing on wentz for a boat load of picks, you should be bashing the rams for giving away a boat load of picks and passing on wentz.

    Btw, if you all our gonna act like wentz is a superstar after one game, Goff should get the same treatment and be labeled a bust after starting as 3rd string his first game.

    Or maybe you all should just wait a couple years before making any kind of judgement on these QBs and which team screwed up what.

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