Norman tips cap to Steelers, otherwise quiet about tough night

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Those expecting new Redskins cornerback Josh Norman to provide any postgame fireworks or deliver strong quotes about why he wasn’t shadowing Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown will be disappointed.

Norman was disappointed, too, in his team’s performance. But he took the high and quiet road regarding why Brown did much of his damage against the Redskins with players other than Norman covering him. The Redskins kept Norman at left cornerback while the Steelers, as they usually do, moved Brown all over their formations.

“No [what-ifs]. No man, none of that,” Norman said after the game, per the team’s official transcript. “I have total, 100 percent confidence in Coach Joe Barry [the Redskins defensive coordinator]. Everything he wants us to do, I’m 110 percent in.

“So if you’re looking for something from me, you aren’t getting it. I don’t have anything.”

Brown caught eight passes for 126 yards and two scores. By at least one measure (via Pro Football Focus), Brown caught seven of those passes for 113 yards against Bashaud Breeland.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns. The Steelers won, 38-16.

“They had an excellent game plan,” Norman said. “They executed it flawlessly. They took us behind the woodshed today. A good, old-fashioned butt whipping. That’s what it was. Can’t take anything anyway from that.”

25 responses to “Norman tips cap to Steelers, otherwise quiet about tough night

  1. He’s done saying “hey look at me i’m great”. He got paid already no need to grandstand anymore, he’s just happy the idiot defensive coordinator let him stand on one side of the field with his thumb up his butt while the other corner got burnt to a crisp by Brown. If this keeps up he might be fresh and healthy enough to get another big payday when this contract runs out.

  2. Ben was awesome tonight!

    AB was the best receiver in the league.

    The O-line was fearsome paving the way for DeAngelo Williams to run through the Redskins’ defense.

    Teams should be worried about how good the Steelers looked in Game 1 while they’re missing some of their best players.

  3. He is over rated he couldn’t cover Brown anyway. You put your best against the best and the skins didn’t do that . He didn’t say anything after the game because he knows he should have been on Brown.

  4. I don’t like the guy, and I think he runs his mouth way too much, but if they didn’t gameplan their best CB against the other teams best WR when they didn’t have any other top notch WRs playing, that’s not on Norman, it’s on his dumb team. He seems like an idiot, but this time it’s not his fault.

  5. Where are all the ‘skins fans who were talking about how great they are and how they have 3 HOF corners on their D?
    Norman is overrated and a fraud, they kept him away from Brown because they didn’t want him to get exposed too badly.
    Cousin’s is not he Franchise QB that everyone thinks he is, he is average at best.
    I am not a Steeler’s fan either by the way.

  6. They kind of look like last year. Defense is shaky and they can’t run the ball. If they don’t get a huge game out of Cousins they don’t have a chance.

  7. ESPN just gave us the worst coverage of a game in my many years of watching. Very slow to show down and yards; and, on four flag calls, they chose to show Coach Gruden instead of referee. Just two examples of childish effort. Their “up close and personal” shots are about 15 years out of date. Game first, please. Just hope the Steelers aren’t stuck with them again, cause I will miss the game.

  8. How do you not keep Norman on Brown every single play for the entire game? That’s coaching 101. Gruden’s a fraud.

    What’s with all the really bad coaches in the league right now? Pagano, McCoy, Caldwell, Fisher, Ryan, etc. It’s ugly stuff.

  9. How can people hate on this? Norman doesn’t call the defense, he plays in the system. When baited by the media for quotes, he stayed above the fray, was loyal to his team & coaches. He tipped his hat to the Steelers for a job well done. Seems like he was a good sport in a very painful situation to me.

  10. propjoe718 says:
    Sep 13, 2016 2:16 AM
    He is over rated he couldn’t cover Brown anyway. You put your best against the best and the skins didn’t do that . He didn’t say anything after the game because he knows he should have been on Brown.

    You do realize Norman is not responsible for the defensive game plan, right? Have you even played a single game of football?
    COACHES decide who does what, when. Players run the plays that the COACHES call. Capiche?

    AND Norman actually did a good job covering Brown on the few opportunities he had. Did you watch the game?

    Lay the blame where it belongs – with the Coaching staff. Oh, and Captain Kirk looked like great, NOT.

  11. This guy looked average at best as the 2nd and 3rd receivers were burning him all night long. Wait until Dez comes to town. After watching that horrid performance last night my Boys coming in next week will win 31-7 easily.


  12. Let’s hope Norman keeps this attitude up. Early in the game there was a skirmish at the bench with two Redskins players and it looked like Josh was one of them. I said uh-oh.

  13. All talk and he doesn’t even follow the best WR. take a note from jackrabbit jenkins who blanked dez last week. Shut up and do your job

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