Rex Ryan joined his brother in having lap band removed


In a profile of the Ryan brothers in May, Rex and Rob Ryan told Jenny Vrentas of that they had both gained weight since Rob joined his brother on the Bills coaching staff.

Rob Ryan also revealed that he had the lap band that restricted his food consumption surgically removed after a bad experience with it. That appears to be the reason for Rex Ryan’s weight gain as well.

The Bills head coach told Mark Cannizaro of the New York Post that he had his band removed in a show of solidarity with his brother while also mentioning that his record was better in his heftier days.

“I told him, we’ll figure this out together,” Ryan said. “Plus, I won more games without it than did with it in.”

Ryan said he learned eating habits that he’s been able to maintain since having the surgery and, even with the weight gain that followed his brother’s arrival in Buffalo, he looks trimmer than he did in the heaviest days of his past. He’ll try to get the record moving back in the right direction against the Jets, who employed Ryan as their head coach when he initially had the band put in place.

24 responses to “Rex Ryan joined his brother in having lap band removed

  1. Jeez – this guy may be the stupidest head coach we’ve seen.

    2 and done in Buffalo and a defensive assistant next year

  2. It’s not just portion control. Its sugar control.
    Sugar is a drug. But a rich and powerful one that has hidden its damage from the public for a long time in pursuit of profit.

    When you see obese people, most of them are simply addicted to sugar. They are drug addicts just like a stoner, drunk, or crackhead.

  3. The Ryan’s will both be leaving Buffalo by the end of the year so they can waddle off into the sunset…

  4. People who are intelligent and self-disciplined enough to maintain close to an ideal weight throughout their lives should be disgusted and outraged over the amount of money in increased insurance premiums, drug costs, etc that we have so spend to cover stupid, weak-minded, undisciplined fatties.

  5. No Rex, you won more when you had the team Mangini built. The losing started once you put your own stamp on it.

  6. “When you see obese people, most of them are simply addicted to sugar. They are drug addicts just like a stoner, drunk, or crackhead.”


    and the cause of all three issues (including causing the vast majority or sports injuries) is actually affliction of trace mineral deficiencies. Which doesn’t mean what you’d think. This means minerals like thallium, thorium, zirconium, rhenium, lanthanum, holmium, arsenic, lead, gold, silver, etc, etc. There is 90 of them. A deficiency of any one nutrient can lead the body to be incapable of various chemical reactions and functions. For example a calcium deficiency can lead to deterioration of the cranial nerve system which can lead to everything from tinnitus or deafness to massive migraine issues. Or another example could be a deficiency of chromium and vanadium leading to the inability to control food cravings which eventually leads to obesity and then usually diabetes

    Health is in our own hands people. Drug addicts (aka the obese) can easily be treated. you just have to realize the root cause is what i wrote above. and then treat it that way (which means nutritional supplements. and not the garbage you get from centrum or even most of GNC’s supplement supplies).

  7. Attention all Buffalo Wings and Beef on Weck Sandwiches in upstate New York:

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    @carrots & celery: You guys should be A-OK.

    Signed –

    Rex & Rob Ryan

  8. Any coincidence that Woody Johnson, owner of the Jets, owns Johnson & Johnson maker of the Lap Band. Now Rex is gone, I wonder if Woody has a little button he can push to cause Rob and Rex to have negative responses to the lap band. Kind of like his own surgically installed voodoo doll. The Ryan’s are removing the lap bands quicker than Rex’s wife had her Mark Sanchez tattoo removed.

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