Spiller surprised by release, says he still can play

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Running back C.J. Spiller, released Tuesday by the Saints, told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that he was surprised by the move but leaves “on good terms” with the Saints.

Spiller played in 13 games last year after signing a four-year, $16 million deal with the Saints — and actually made $9 million for those 13 games.

He was released two days after being a healthy scratch for the season opener.

“This organization really believed in me during free agency,” Spiller told Anderson. “They gave me another opportunity when my contract was up in Buffalo. I have nothing but good relationships that I have built here. It’s a first class organization that gives the players everything they need to be successful. So, I definitely don’t have any hard feelings.

“Now, I’m just going to wait for the next right opportunity. I still have a lot of football left in me. I’m pretty sure in the ext day or so, me and my agent will start getting in to it.”

Spiller is a vested veteran so he became a free agent Tuesday and is not subject to the NFL’s waiver system.

21 responses to “Spiller surprised by release, says he still can play

  1. Ok Tannenbaum – pick up the phone & give CJ a call…probably not as much a running threat – but he CAN catch the ball…unlike a couple of your other players!

  2. RBs with decent hands are a hot commodity in the league right now but until a team loses their guy to injury, I’m not sure who might need him. SF maybe, but Draughn is probably similar enough and cheaper. Spiller’s going to have to be willing to work for a token salary this season if he wants to resurrect his career.

  3. Something sure seems off about the whole thing. They cut somebody else who might be on some other roster by now to keep Spiller only to release him after Week 1 without him even playing a single down? Talk about wasting a roster spot.

  4. Obviously nobody here has watched him play the last few years….mainly because he’s been hurt. The guy is one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

    Being a Bills fan, let me second Miami fans wishes….YES…BY ALL MEANS….PLEASE SIGN HIM DOLPHINS!!! PLEASE!!!!

    Ask any Saints fan if they’re sad to see him go…go ahead…ask.

  5. Cap casualty? He made the final cut. There are no cap casualties after the season starts.

    And have you seen Drew’s contract?

    You haven’t…

  6. brady2gronktd says:
    Sep 13, 2016 10:47 PM

    Bill if the price is right he could be money
    There is no way the Bills will even consider resigning him. He didn’t contribute a lot while he was in Buffalo and the Bills have enough RB’s right now.

  7. Cap casualty, no doubt. And why might that be?

    He should demand an explanation from Drew BRees.

    Cap casualty? Do you know how any of this works? They did not get any cap relief by cutting him. They simply added to the the list of guys they are now paying a combined $38M dollars to not play for them this year. That’s on top of the $34M they ate last year. Brees is not the problem, he did not write any of those contracts. Mickey Loomis is the problem.

  8. Spiller is surprised. But Saints fans shouldn’t be. Just another botched signing by the worst GM in the NFL.

  9. I don’t know how Loomis keeps his job.

    Oh right I do. He gets by because he has a coach and quarterback that bail him out by covering up for his inability to provide quality talent and depth while at the same time throwing stacks of cash in the dumpster with all of the garbage players that he overpays and then cuts.

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