Which personal messages will the NFL approve for Week 13 cleats?


The move has been months in the making, dating back to last season’s scuffles with Steelers running back DeAngelo Williamsdefensive lineman Cameron Hayward, and cornerback William Gay. With the league allowing pink and camouflage to infiltrate the uniforms in the months of October and November, respectively, the wheels have been moving toward allowing players to deviate from the standard outfit for their own causes.

But with the report that the deviation will happen in Week 13, whether in cleats or other gear, comes the caveat that the league must give advance approval to the promoted causes.

So which causes will be approved or not approved? Surely, messages relating to all forms of cancer and other health conditions and diseases will be allowed. The situation will be trickier for social or religious causes that could subject the NFL to criticism — either by approving or by rejecting the requests.

Regardless of how or where the league draws the line, players whose requests are denied won’t be happy. They’ll be inclined to question why some causes are approved and others aren’t. Which means that this well-intentioned effort ultimately could backfire on the NFL, legitimizing decisions by players to use their platform to promote causes they deem important and motivating them to point out the perception/reality of unfair treatment when it comes to the messages they hope to send in Week 13, a coincidental numerical choice reflecting the quality of the luck the NFL ultimately may have with this one.

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  1. The ones they approve will fit a predictable criteria, does it fit the agenda, can they make a buck off of it by co-opting it down the road…you know…$uitable. I would be far more interested to know what causes do not measure up to the league’s (ahem)‘$tandard$’ and why…’cause integrity!

  2. since the players are so hell bent on telling us what they think (of which I couldn’t care less) and the league is so hell bent of keeping preseason games (also of which I couldn’t care less) maybe next year they should allow the players to wear whatever they want for whatever cause they want next year during the preseason.

    This will accomplish several things-

    increased viewership (initially at least) because of the spectacle.

    players more willing to play preseason (because they just love the attention)

    And -for better or worse – a deeper understanding by the fans of their favorite players

  3. Can of worms. Opened.

    People rip the NFL for how Napoleanic they are, but it goes a long way towards protecting their brand.

  4. jag1959 says:
    Sep 13, 2016 1:30 PM
    The ones they approve will fit a predictable criteria, does it fit the agenda, can they make a buck off of it …
    That’s the key > $$$$$$, you can’t even watch a 10 second hi light on NFl.com without watching a 15 second ad over and over.

  5. Ì’m fairly certain that the message ‘Ideal Gas Law Is Real’, with profits from the auction of the cleats going to the AAÀS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), will be rejected.

  6. Once again the League office making stuff up as they go along. Roger will go down as the worst Commish in possibly all of professional sports. By doing this he opens the League up to so many attacks by rejecting certain causes or allowing certain causes.

    Play the game on the field and allow players to get involved with basically whatever they want off the field. Allow the players to use their personal social media to promote the things they believe in, just keep it off the field as it causes too many problems on a game day.

  7. The weak NFL has allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to self promote there grievance for what ever reason they like on the football side line. That crap should be stop asap, and that prayer circle should be band also. Tell these player to do there protest on there time and not on the NFL clock, or on the paying fans time. PERIOD. Bill

  8. November 18th of this year will be the 24th anniversary of an epic event. Who will wear this epic event on their cleats? Ryan Fitzpatrick perhaps? Will the NFL allow it? Or will they consider it gambling or even politically incorrect? Will Roger Goodell put his foot down once again and proclaim himself the master of his domain?

    That’s right, November 18th is the 24th anniversary of ‘The Contest’.

  9. Browns and Titans have a week 13 bye. Wonder how that is fair to them?!

    I mean, not that anyone cares about those 2 teams (I’m sure they will fight for #1 & #2 in the 2017 draft), but if you’re gonna do this NFL then let all 32 teams participate!

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