Cam Newton: I’m not worried about my health, I’m worried about winning


Cam Newton has heard enough about the hits to his head.

Asked by reporters today about the NFL’s investigation into whether he should have been pulled from the game after he was hit in the head multiple times by the Broncos, Newton repeatedly scoffed at the idea that he would be worried about anything other than this week’s game against the 49ers.

“Worry about what?” Newton said. “I worry about winning. That’s it. Winning. Winning football games. That’s why I’m here. I’m not here to worry about retirement plans. I’m not here to worry about pensions. I’m not here to worry about worker’s comp. I’m here to win football games, simple and plain. And this is a contact sport, this is a physical sport, and I play the games for the right reasons, for whatever coach asks me to do I’m going to do it. I’m here to win football games.”

Newton said he never felt any concussion symptoms despite taking several hard hits, including two that have resulted in Broncos players getting fined.

“I took a couple hits to the head but I don’t think I showed any signs of being concussed. There was no wooziness. I’ve seen hits in the past where guys stumbled, and I’ve seen hits where it affects their play afterward. . . . That comes with football, it being a contact sport,” Newton said.

As reporters continued pressing Newton about hits to the head, he tried to cut the discussion off.

“We’re dwelling on something that I don’t want to dwell on,” Newton said. “My focus is the San Francisco’ 49ers’ defense, the team that shut out the Los Angeles Rams. I gain nothing from talking about the past. The NFL is going to do their investigation and I know wholeheartedly that [the Panthers’ medical] staff did an exceptional job of protecting me, along with other players. My focus right now is trying to win football games.”

The NFL has vowed to investigate the medical treatment Newton got on Thursday, but as far as Newton is concerned, it’s time to move on.

40 responses to “Cam Newton: I’m not worried about my health, I’m worried about winning

  1. Precisely the reason that the NFL Team Doctors, Referees, and players alike, should be honest and forthcoming regarding serious hits, possible injuries, etc…..

    because Godell and CO. do not care about the player’s health. Otherwise, headhunting would result ejections, just like in college ball.

    My team carried a player by the name of Bradon Merriweather, needless to say, Merriweather was far more often than not, called for unnecessary roughness and fined for hits all of the time.

    All my team could do, was to cut Merriweather and move onto a player that wouldn’t be as inclined to head hunt.

    Unless players start getting ejected, they will continue to be less aware of their helmet to helmet hits. Small fines, are small fines, and players are FINE with that.

  2. I love having this guy as my team’s QB.

    Now I will sit back and watch as all the 6-year-olds spin this post into proof that Cam is the most evil human being to ever walk the Earth, like they do with every other post/article with his name in it……..

  3. Eagles fan here….LOVE Cam. From his hilarious commercials to his hard core play. This guy balls out on the field. I almost bought a jersey….almost.

  4. I got to give it to Cam. He may not have dove on the fumble in the SuperBowl and that will probably haunt him for years, but I think he’s matured and realized that everything is looked at his fault on the field being a QB. He’s taking responsibility for his job and trying to not talk about what should’ve happened or what happened in the past. He’s moving forward and learning from his mistakes (if you view his actions are mistakes). I’m not the biggest fan of his at all but he’s definitely grown up a lot since joining the league. He still has a lot more to go though.

    Seahawks fan

  5. The NFL passed along a couple of slap on the wrist fines and now they’ll look to try to pass the blame. Just watch. They’ll try to claim that the Panthers didn’t follow league concussion protocol.

  6. Of course players don’t want to dwell on thoughts of their brain cells getting killed off. How could they play the game the way they do if they were always worried about piddling little things like their brains?

    He might want to consider taking what yards he can get and sliding instead of getting hammered.

    Jus’ sayin’

  7. Cam Newton has the heart of a Champion. Anyone that disrespects this man is just jealous of his/her own inadequacies.


  8. The moment Cammy lowers his shoulder to get that first down on 2nd and 2, then stands by/over defender and does a 1st down celebration…..he should be unprotected the rest of the game.

  9. Heart of a champion???? Hahaha, yea that’s why he went after that fumble in the SB. I respect his athleticism, beyond that he is an idiot and shows it regularly

  10. Ok – here’s the plan – If you think a cheap shot will win you the game as NO and Den have shown, from now on if you take the cheap shot, upon the other teams next possession, there will be a time out at which point that team will get a free shot on the QB of the offending team.
    the qb will be able to wear a helmet, but will stand motionless at the 50 yard line.
    A chosen member of the other team will be given a 10 yard start to take a free hit on the QB of the offending team.

    Now if you continue to want to play dirty – tell it to your QB.

  11. losangelesbillsofbuffalo says:
    Sep 14, 2016 2:37 PM

    Cam Newton has the heart of a Champion. Anyone that disrespects this man is just jealous of his/her own inadequacies.


    Heart of a champion is different then being a champion. Champions dive for a fumble in the biggest game of them all and also don’t pout when they lose. And sorry to say but I’m in no way jealous of a grown man who “Dabs”.

  12. This is the same attitude everyone who has ever suited up has taken…and that includes the guys suing the league now. They are adults and know full well that the next play could be their last. The protocol and fines are all well-and-good, but they do nothing to fix you once you’re hit and that hit could be life-altering. There are plenty of guys who’ve done the math and figured out that they will make more using their brains post-retirement than they would likely make continuing to risk it. But, that’s the math…plan and simple. He makes $20M/yr to pay him for that risk and likely has big insurance policies…play every down like it is your last, Cam.

    That said, if the NFL can figure out a way to rid the league of hits which unnecessarily increase that risk, then they should. Someone leaving their feet and hitting another player in the head should be ejected and fined. There is plenty of surface area available to make tackles. I’m beginning to believe the answer is removing facemasks and designing helmets with just enough plastic to prevent fractures. Rugby players tackle as hard as anyone…but they don’t have all the concussion issues.

  13. “The moment Cammy lowers his shoulder to get that first down on 2nd and 2, then stands by/over defender and does a 1st down celebration…..he should be unprotected the rest of the game.”

    No, he should get a taunting penalty. I don’t like Cam but just because he taunts the other team doesn’t mean open season.

  14. morbidtaint says:
    Sep 14, 2016 2:36 PM
    Cam haters still mad and he’s giving them nothing. Great guy, great QB, great heart. Glad he’s on my team.
    No. It’s not Cam hate. On these pft boards it’s Black Man hate. These wingers living in fear even with Cam straddling the fence on Colin’s play. Face it Cam…with these people your damned if you do…damned if you don’t. So might as well get onboard.

  15. Every player should be concerned about their health, because nobody else is. Just look at those that played before you, most have broken bodies. If you’re lucky you’ll live many years after football do you want to use a cane, walker or wheelchair?

  16. We sports fans have ridiculous expectations of athletes, leading to them making nonsensical statements such as Cam’s. Of course, he cares about his health; but, he understands that he will be fiercely and unjustly criticized for saying so.

  17. Cam’s a good QB and fun to watch, but he set’s himself up to be mocked. When you dab, tell people that if they don’t like it they should stop it, then throw a fit when they do…..what did you think would happen.

    Many of us just prefer a Barry Sanders handing the ball to the ref like they’ve been there before and know they will get there again.

    Or AJ Green this week, showing Darrel Revis nothing but respect after beating him repeatedly in a game.

    The greats much like Jerry Rice never feel the need to shout they are the best, it’s plain for the rest of us to see. It’s the wannabe greats that mouth off about how great they are and beg for attention.

  18. Cam Newton: I’m not worried about my health, I’m worried about winning and getting hurt recovering fumbles

  19. Ejackedupboonie says:
    Sep 14, 2016 3:20 PM
    Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton have similar personalities….unless they are your quarterback, they easily get under your skin. So is that Black Man Hate?
    It damn sure wasn’t “discount doublecheck” hate!

  20. I have never seen someone get blasted so much for one play….I like Cam’s demeanor and attitude it is old school and I wish more players had his demeanor

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