Panthers guard Trai Turner fined 9k for obviously dangerous taunting

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Hopping up in the air to mercilessly tease an opponent isn’t as nearly as bad as using your helmet to hit an opponent in his helmet and potentially cause a brain injury.

It’s only half as bad.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Panthers guard Trai Turner was fined $9,115 for unsportsmanlike conduct, for his celebration in the area of a Broncos player in the opener.

While that may seem out of whack, considering Broncos safety Darian Stewart was fined $18,231 for ear-holing Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, you should really stop and think. Someone’s feelings could have been seriously hurt by such an intimidating act.

Turner’s little dance was also the first incident of a penalty which could have resulted in an ejection if it was repeated, per the league’s new rule designed to promote sportsmanship. Perhaps someday they’ll take concussions as seriously.

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  1. Lineman should celebrate more, I am not sure what was funnier. Turner jumping up and down or Anthony Castonzo’s dance after he caught a TD vs NE last year. I’d prob say Castonzo but Turner’s was funny, not really worth the fine since they lost.

  2. Taunting 1.7 times as bad as not wearing your socks at the proper height.

    On the flip side, taunting is more likely to result in retaliation or a fight.

  3. And God forbid they use a football as a prop in TD celebrations! No fun, more brain injuries please!

  4. The fat clown should consider himself lucky. Fine is half of what it would be for twisting Derek Wolfe’s neck in the pile and putting him out of the game. Or less, since it was a deliberate attempt to injure which succeeded.

  5. I saw so many ridiculous taunting penalties called this week. It’s a complete joke. Just because these guys are supposed to be role models to six year olds does not mean we have to treat them like they are literally six year olds. Maybe we should put flags on them too and guarantee playing time to every member of the roster so they don’t get their feelings hurt. No fun league. Buncha sissies.

  6. Good. Stomp down on these and avoid the bigger fights that emerge if you let these things go. It was a good way to let everyone know that they are going to enforce these new rules.

  7. Turner is a dirty player, a scumbag. But of course nobody cares about dirty hits to a defensive lineman unless they are playing against the Broncos offensive line.

  8. The video of this travesty should be played over and over to prevent a repeat of even the possibility of hurt bronco feelings.

    He literally jumped up and down when we scored and it happened to be in front of the man he was blocking. No contact.

    Ridiculous penalty in a ridiculously officiated game.

    The fact that the NFL can watch that replay and fine the man is Twilight Zone stuff.

  9. I wonder if the hat Brian Urlacher wore during the 2007 SB Media day, the one with the Vitamin Water logo that resulted in a $100,000 fine, was feared to possibly cause a concussion?

  10. Goodell: I felt his life might be in danger.
    Rivera: Grave danger?
    Goodell: Is there another kind?

  11. What a joke… The guy was hoping up & down in celebration of a TD “NEAR” a defender & gets a taunting flag??!!
    I guess he should of just sat down & yelled hurrah??!!
    Celebrating a good play is NOT TAUNTING!!! These guys bust their butts to play a GAME & should be able to enjoy a great play….he did NOTHING in anyone’s face… He just jumped up & down where he was when the TD happened….

  12. Wait, so TWO of those excessive celebration penalties can result in an ejection but not TWO headhunting helmet to helmet penalties???

    As far as I can tell, Turner WAS most certainly taunting. Instead of joining his teammates to celebrate in the end zone, Turner stopped at the goalie to give a jumping dance party to the backside of the bronco defender.

  13. Officiating in that game was a joke. Head hunting was deemed permissible, then Derek Wolfe is going to call the Panthers o lineman for being dirty and targeting, get some more tribal tattoos meathead. “A thief thinks everyone steals.” Kalil, Turner, and Norwell all got flagged, but Broncos complain about our lineman targeting and Hands to the face on fourth down, give me a break. Two Broncos got fined, only one Panther, that’s all you need to know. It’s the officials fault for deciding this game and taking it away from the players on the field.

  14. It didn’t look like taunting to me. It looked like that little “dance” my niece did when she was in the school play trying to hold in her pee on stage. “You were so brave,” said my stepmother. The rest of us just busted a gut laughing.

  15. Welcome to today’s NFL….the potential for serious lifetime brain injury is only 9K worse than taunting. But we will devote $1million dollars to the appearance of caring about brain injury…..while we change kickoff rules to result in more kickoff returns, which result in more brain injuries. What?

  16. Why wasn’t the Bronco player flagged for taking his helmet off while on the field. Isn’t that a personal foul ?
    Refs should be suspended for not calling numerous ” hands to the helmet of Cam.

    Rule 12 – Player Conduct

    Note 1: When in doubt about a roughness call or potentially dangerous tactic against the quarterback, the Referee should always call roughing the passer.

  17. Things like this penalty and the fact that we are seriously considering Donald Trump, as president, proves unequivocally, the world is going crazy.

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