Andrew Luck knows Broncos are physical, but doesn’t think they’re dirty


The hit from a pair of Broncos players that ended Andrew Luck’s 2015 season was a clean one.

And even though all the punishment the Broncos doled out last week was not, Luck said he didn’t view them as a dirty team.

“I wouldn’t use that word,” Luck said, via Mike Wells of “I’d say they play hard and like any good defense, any good offense, like any good football team, you want to toe that line of aggression. They are certainly a tough, physical defense.

“Sometimes you get hit in the head, a flag comes out or it doesn’t come out. I don’t worry too much about it. It’s the ref’s job in a sense. By and large I think they do a great job of that.”

Even if Cam Newton won’t say so, plenty of other people might dispute that last notion, after the Panthers quarterback took four shots to the head in the second half of last week’s opener.

When Luck ended up with a lacerated kidney last year, the tackle from Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan (now in Chicago) and Vance Walker (now on IR) was hard, but not in a malicious way. But coach Chuck Pagano said his team knows it has to protect Luck, after seeing what happened last year and last week.

“If we pick things up, we communicate, get a hat on a hat, we do our job and obviously we can limit those things,” Pagano said. “It’s physical, physical football. We know that. We have to do our job and everybody else has to do their job.”

That everybody else would include the officials, whose failure to make the calls on the field last week made it a dangerous situation for Newton.

8 responses to “Andrew Luck knows Broncos are physical, but doesn’t think they’re dirty

  1. Lacerated internal organs, grotesquely broken bones, brain trauma. Yet we continue to have people complain about safety initiatives being the “wussification” of football.

    Some people’s blood lust will never be satisfied.

  2. My goodness. Please stop all the whining about the refs. They missed exactly one illegal helmet-to-helmet call in the Broncos-Panthers game, yet somehow people keep pretending that it was more.

  3. .
    Indianapolis has three tough games left on their schedule. They have at Denver this week and the they’re at Green Bay and home to the Steelers later in the season. Other than that, it’s a steady diet of Jacksonville, Houston and Tennessee.

  4. Cam took 4 hits to the head, yes, but only two of them were flag worthy. The other 2 were both, BOTH as much due to the way Cam was moving as they were any Broncos aggression. Especially the one involving Miller..Cam picked his head up, was moving forward as Von was coming in. It was not intentional.

    This is getting very old. The press is going after the Broncos for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only. The first is because they are not living down the forced narrative of the off season. They are not going away like good little medium market, fly over city teams “should”.

    And they beat up the media Darling, who they are so desperate to sell as a freak of nature and need him to have an advantage to make that work. Denver showing that he is just another great player who can be had is messing with that.

    Denver is not Dirty, but the media sure is.

  5. Andrew Luck is smart enough to not provide bulletin board material for this week’s opponent, particularly in light of the cheap shots that that team took last week.

  6. Of course he’s gonna say they’re not dirty. What purpose does it serve, but to give them added motivation?

    Besides, he’s guaranteed to get the calls that Cam Newton did not, probably every questionable call, as well.

    Every QB moving forward, will get the benefit of doubt that Cam didn’t. That crew should have been suspended.

  7. Apparently the NFL doesn’t agree with Andrew. Has one team ever had that many players fined in the first game of the season for dirty hits? #DENVERDIRTIESTTEAMINNFL we will see how many Donkey fans are crying about week 6 or 7 when 2 of their starters are out for the season after having their knees taken out in retaliation for the constant cheap shots Denver seems to have to make on every series.

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