Carson Wentz jersey sales take off

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Carson Wentz passed the eyeball test, which has prompted Eagles fans to bust open their piggy banks.

Via the Philadelphia Inquirer, Wentz’s jersey became the biggest online seller for the NFL in the aftermath of the Week One win over Cleveland. Fans also have been gobbling up the No. 11 jersey at sporting goods stores in and around the Philly area.

It’s not a surprise. Given the investment the team has made in acquiring him and his ability to compete at the highest level of the sport despite never playing at the highest level of college football, Wentz will likely be around for a while — which means that his jersey won’t soon be shoved into the back of the closet with those reflecting names like Donovan McNabb, Mike Vick, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, and Sam Bradford.

Meanwhile, any Rams fans who purchased authentic Jared Goff jerseys can boast of something Goff can’t: They’ve actually worn the jersey during a game that counts.

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  1. Yea, McNabb only played 10 seasons in Philly, led them to 5 NFCCG’s, a Superbowl and is on the ballot for the HOF. He was a real flash in the pan /sarcasm.

  2. Wow I’ve looked up the first career games of several HOF QBs, and they didn’t do very well at all. Based on NFL history, Wentz should get much better than he was week #1. Good news for Philly fans who bought those jerseys.

  3. It’s an insult to include McNabb with the rest of those names. A white QB would never be so disrespected. Another example of white privilege. Florio has shown his true colors.

  4. Eagles fan here. No, I’m not putting Carson in the Hall of Fame yet. I’m expecting a Playoff run this year either. What I and most true fans are impressed about last week was how poised and calm he was during the game. Frankly, I don’t care about his stats this early in his career. All reports are that he had immense physical tools. That part, I’m not really worried about. I just want to see how he handles himself. Does he stay calm? How will he react when bad things happen? Will he try to force the issue, or stick with the game plan. Stats should be secondary at this point.

    So far, I’m impressed with how he has carried himself.

  5. Philly’s a huge, most passionate fanbase that has had no really jersey-worthy players since Shady left two years ago.

    It makes total sense that this kid would come in here and sell jerseys right away after looking like the real deal in one game.

    This fan base is starved!

  6. Considering the high turnover rate of players over the past few years (Thanks Chip!), Eagle fans have been cautious in investing in a jersey. Now they may actually have a guy who shows promise and there is little fear of him being dumped.

  7. Arpy911 has the right idea here. I am a die hard Eagles fan and we have seen enough bad football over the last few years to know that 1 win against a Browns team that probably would lose to the top 5 collage programs doesn’t make Wentz Joe Montana. The Bears are a real NFL team so let’s see what happens Monday night. The Stretch of games after that starting with the Steelers up through Seattle there are some tough games in there the Vikings D is for real and Bradford may have some extra motivation to prove something that game. Not that I am affraid of Bradford they have divisional games in that stretch that are always hard fought games, the Seahawks are another really good team. Let’s see what their record is after the Seattle game and see if he makes mistakes that cost them a few games in there before we start getting too excited. The kid looks good I like what we saw from him but it was a really bad team they beat.

  8. I ordered my Wentz jersey from NFL pro shop on the 8th and still waiting… I got the Nike elite and they were backed up before his first game so glad I got my order in when I did. Supposed to be here by the 19th so it’ll look like I’m jumping on the bandwagon after he plays Chicago lol.

  9. 2 seasons ago, Nick Foles throws 27 TD’s vs 2 interceptions in a season! And wins the ProBowl MVP.

    Read those numbers again just to emphasize it.

    Yet, his jersey isn’t the best selling that yr, or even close to it. Eagles fans had every reason to be excited over that, yet, we saw what everybody saw, he was a product of Chip Kelly’s fast paced Offense, that Defenses couldn’t keep up with.

    With Wentz, the biggest excuse is, Oh, it was the Browns. But that’s beside the point. He has presense, and his demeanor was perfect, and he’s accurate. (that first pass was off of JMats hands, not Wentz’s issue at all.

    Thing is, he wasn’t perfect. he failed to adjust to the size of his own running back. he sent rockets into hands of guys 5yrds in front of him.

    And as Eagles fans we see that. But we also know, that can be fixed. What he has, that Bradford didn’t, and Foles didn’t, or Kolb, or Feeley, maybe even Vick, was the team leader commanding presence in the huddle and the pocket. You can’t teach that. THAT is why his jerseys are coming off the shelf fast. We haven’t had that since the 03/04 season with McNabb. And this kid is a lot quicker than McNabb..

  10. The loyalty of Philly fans changes from game to game. The first bad game Wentz has they’ll start booing him. I suspect it’s their frustration and embarrassment of never winning a single Super Bowl.

  11. Just a clarification… the fact that Carson Wentz jerseys are the best selling jersey in the NFL is NOT localized to Philadelphia.

    Per the NFL, Its the best selling NFL jersey in the Nation.

  12. I’m a Browns fan. For at least the first 3 quarters of that game, our defense looked like it could not stop a good high school offense. HIGH SCHOOL. I’m not even close to exaggerating. There’s very bad- and then there’s the Browns.

    You might want to wait until he beats some actual NFL teams before you get too giddy.

    Eagles fans could very well end up feeling as dumb as all those Browns fans who bought Manziel jerseys.

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