Eagles coach says Chase Daniel was Carson Wentz’s “backbone” last week


Chase Daniel might not have been thrilled with being leapfrogged by rookie quarterback Carson Wentz in Philadelphia.

But Eagles coach Doug Pederson said that having the veteran backup was the key to the No. 2 overall pick looking so good last week in his first start against the Browns.

Asked specifically about Wentz’s ability to handle blitzes, Pederson said it was a combination of time spent in preparation and having someone to prepare with.

“It comes back to him being here at 5:30 in the morning on Wednesday and Thursday last week, and starting to dive into the film, and preparing himself that way,” Pederson said, via Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice.com. “And I think that two, I look at Chase Daniel and what he did with Alex Smith and how he was sort of that backbone for Alex, which he is for Carson. They’re studying together, and I think that’s important because I’ve been in Chase’s role before as a backup quarterback, and I know what it means to be able to dive into the tape and then have answers for the guy that’s playing.

“They prepared themselves last week for it, and again, credit too to the offensive line and backs for picking up these blitzes. It’s something that we work every day, so exposing your guys to it also helps.”

Pederson was once the Chase Daniel to Donovan McNabb — though he got nine sacrificial starts before he returned to the bench and McNabb took over for the long term. The Eagles showed they valued Daniel with the contract they gave him when he thought he was going to be Sam Bradford’s backup, and he’s apparently giving them their money’s worth.

14 responses to “Eagles coach says Chase Daniel was Carson Wentz’s “backbone” last week

  1. It’s good that Chase Daniel is willing to help out that way. A lot of guys wouldn’t do it. Maybe he’s on his way to being a QB coach someday.

  2. let’s see …hmmm…$7 million per for 3 yrs to give tutorials.
    it don’t get any better than that.

  3. if 7 mil is the going rate for a hands on QB coach….what if a few other teams tried the 1 mil per for a team of 7 coaches to follow their QB around everywhere. I bet this is the next step in the Do or Die success of NFL teams. All starts with the QB…..then in New Orleans case, you next have to make sure your front office has a pulse.

  4. A career back-up QB just won the Super Bowl as a head coach.

    People might find out you can’t play and then what? Just hang back as the #2 forever and rake it in.

    Best job ever. You don’t ever get hit wearing that red shirt in practice.

  5. To all the geniuses out there Daniell’s deal is a two year deal and 12 million of it guaranteed and it is unlikely he will never see the final year. The people who thought the Eagles had a crazy QB situation are eating there comments now. The Birds have a rookie deal for 5 years a backup so not much money is tied up since the Bradford trade. And they did get a 1st and a 3rd for him.

  6. He signed a 3-yr $21M contract. $12M is guaranteed, w/ a $3M signing bonus. After the signing bonus he has $9M left on basically a 2-yr contract – $4M this yr, $5M next yr. Slightly elevated numbers for a veteran backup QB, but its still accurate. Sanchez was making $4M/yr too.

    Either way you slice it, Doug wanted a guy similar to how he was with McNabb years ago, except this time he could make sure the guy was compensated better for being a backup QB/QB coach.

  7. Overlooked in all of this is the fact that Daniel is a competent QB.

    Major upgrade from Sanchez, Vince Young, the final season Vick, and current season Foles.

    He knew he was the #2 QB with Bradford, and was ticked off when the deal to move up and get Wentz was made. Was ticked off again when Bradford was traded and Wentz became the #1.

    But instead of sulking, he is working with the kid. Classy, professional move that earns respect from everyone. Said his piece, then got back to work. Burned no bridges, so he can come in without baggage if Wentz struggles.

    Worth every penny, even if he never takes the field.

  8. For all the people out there who always talk about how being the backup for big money is the best job in the world, it may be to you, but for them it most likely isn’t.

    Of course its great to be financially set, nobody is debating that. But you are talking about guys who have spent their entire life working to make it to the most elite level of FB in the world. Most of them want to play.

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