Jeff Fisher won’t discuss rumors that he already has a contract extension

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher doesn’t have a contract extension. Unless he does.

In recent days, rumors have emerged in some circles that Fisher quietly has signed an extension that has not yet been announced. On Thursday, reporters asked Fisher about those whispers.

“I never talk about my personal stuff or my extensions or non-extensions or anything,” Fisher said. “That’s between me and the organization.”

Discretion would make sense, given the reaction by plenty of fans in the offseason to news that an extension for Fisher was looming. “Why?” has the most common refrain, and news of a new deal for Fisher in the wake of a 28-0 loss to the 49ers in Week One would not have been the best way to cement the bond with a potentially fickle L.A. fan base.

If Fisher does indeed have a deal in place, look for it to be announced after the team scores a significant victory this year. If/when a significant victory happens.

Meanwhile, count on discretion to continue. After all, Fisher’s agent won’t blab; his agent is Marvin Demoff, the father of Rams COO Kevin Demoff.

29 responses to “Jeff Fisher won’t discuss rumors that he already has a contract extension

  1. Now we know the connection and reason why one of the worst coaches in history still has a job after being total suck city everywhere he’s ever been.
    Thanks titans for helping us own the afc south with peyton all those years by having this turd as your coach forever
    -colts fans

  2. As a Cardinals fan, this would be we welcome news. One less divisional opponent to worry about. That said, if this Kroenke did extend him, he’s wealthy enough that he could fire him after the year regardless.

  3. “If/when a significant victory happens.”

    Did you watch any of that game against SF? ANY victory for that team will be significant.

  4. Man I feel bad for Rams fans if this is true. I mean really what has Fisher done there to warrant an extension? He probably should have been fired last season.

  5. Saw this guy for four years in St Louis. Good defense (though penalty prone), terrible offense and TERRIBLE talent evaluator.
    I feel bad for LA fans but this is what you get with a Kroenke team, just look at his other franchises. Maybe you would have been better off waiting for another option.

  6. While you’re at it Enos Stanley, you might as well extend Fisher’s sidekick, Les Sneed, too. You can have more picks like Brian Quick (when Alshon Jeffrey was available) and Greg Robinson (when Sammy Watkins and Jake Matthews were available). But why would you care at all. The Rams are now worth $2.9 billion, according to Forbes and could be worth $4 billion once the new stadium is built.

  7. And doesn’t this tell Lambs players that you just hire Marvin Demoff as your agent and you’ll get the nepotism special, sweetheart contract deal. They know what a loser their coach is. What should they think when they see an incompetent like him get a contract extension?

  8. Looking at the Rams schedule I can’t see them going 8-7 the rest of the way, so his goal of 8-8 probably won’t be attainable this season. Even that “7-9 BS right there” probably won’t happen either.

  9. Jeff Fisher’s greatest talent appears to be repeatedly convincing/conning billionaire owners that he’s doing a great job. Every NFL Head Coach must admire and respect Jeff’s talent in this field. Nobody knows how he does it but to still be employed as an NFL Coach with a record of 6 winning seasons in 22 years is truly incredible.
    Maybe the NFL can get him into the Hall of Fame based on this incredible achievement, but that’s a long way off because Jeff could still be coaching in another 22 years.

  10. WHY?
    Seriously, how does this guy continue to be employed as an NFL Head Coach, he’s a mediocre at best guy.
    Out of 21.5 years as a head coach (let’s be honest, that train wreck of a team isn’t doing a thing this year) this chump has won a a playoff game in just 3 of them, hell he’s only made the playoffs 6 times.
    It’s even worse than that too because he’s seemingly getting worse, from04 onwards he’s had just 2 winning years and zero playoff wins.
    What about his career screams extension and longevity? The whole “Who does he have picture of?” thing is an overused joke but in this case…

  11. 6 winning seasons out of 21 or 22 years… no winning seasons since 08. Fisher was finally kicked to the curb by Bud Adams who might have been an out of touch, too forgiving owner for too long but apparently was not as clueless as Stan Kroenke’s turning out to be.

  12. People are missing why he was hired ,why he is still there and why he will get extended. He was hired for one reason……….. to help the team move to LA. The Rams have been planning this since they hired him. The Rams and the NFL knew that they were leaving STL for the last four years. The King of California hired Fisher to help them transition from STL to LA , just like he did for Houston to Tennessee . They don’t care about winning. They drove down fan interest in STL by drafting lineman and players that would not cause any fan excitement , had a bad team ,lower attendance , making a case that STL did not support their franchise. Move to LA ………….. Trade for the number one pick, draft a QB , get fans excited . Make a splash. Fisher and the other members of the organization are being rewarded for getting the King to LA. That’s all this is. Its not hard to put the puzzle together. Would be a great 30 for 30 .

  13. I believe this 100%. They had help from the NFL on what to do and what to say. Does anyone think Fisher and Demoff can run a successful franchise ? Really ? Do you think the King is worried about winning ? His record with other sports franchises would say no. He counts his wins with $$$$$$$$$$

  14. What has fishhead done as a coach for the Rams?

    This guy is clueless and should be out of football?

    You mean to tell me he is taking a place that a race-quota black coach couldn’t take and do the same?

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