Report: Some in Cleveland think Hue was too focused on RG3


Losing your starting quarterback to a Week One injury is never a good thing. Except in Cleveland, where some in the Browns organization think it could be.

That’s the word from Adam Schefter of ESPN, who reports that some in the Browns building think Robert Griffin III’s injury could turn out to be a good thing for the franchise because coach Hue Jackson was too focused on fixing Griffin. Those (unnamed) people think that with Griffin hurt, Jackson will move on to building for the future, and Griffin is not part of that future.

If that’s the case, it suggests that Jackson isn’t on the same page as the analytics gurus in the front office, which has been reported before. It sounds like Jackson believed that Griffin could be the Browns’ long-term franchise quarterback, but the front office saw him as a stopgap until a long-term franchise quarterback can be identified.

Could that long-term franchise quarterback be third-round rookie Cody Kessler? The report says that Kessler “is not close to being ready to play,” which means that it would be a while before the Browns would consider benching Josh McCown to give Kessler some playing time.

So for the foreseeable future, the one quarterback who definitely is not the long-term starter — McCown — will be starting, while Kessler watches from the sideline and Griffin recovers from his injury. Eventually the Browns need to identify a franchise quarterback, hopefully one that everyone in the building can agree on.

64 responses to “Report: Some in Cleveland think Hue was too focused on RG3

  1. Sure seemed that way. He was sure pumping him up. I feel bad for the Cleveland fanbase. RG always finds a way of providing hope and then letting everyone down… just ask his ex wife and baby.

  2. OMG- a head coach focusing too much on A PLAYER! Get out of here! The single most important position on the field and the head coach is overly involved with that players acquisitions, adjustments and overall general awareness!!!

    So it aint so.

  3. So let me get this right…some higher ups in the Browns’ organization want the team to tank from day one in order to get a high draft pick????

    What leadership…and a slap in the face to Brown’s fans.

  4. So the front office brings him in for $7 mil or whatever it was and you are posting an article trying to portray Hue as not being on the same page as the front office because he was working with the guy they signed.

    You are better at offering non-opinions on SJW-type topics.

  5. I understand the Browns passing on Wentz. Sort of. Browns do have a very good OL.

    I think Hue Jackson is an amazing OC. Hopefully (for Browns fans) he will be a great HC. I don’t think the brain trust will work, though.

    You NEED a QB. Analyze all you want but Kessler over Prescott or Cook? I’m not a big Cook fan but Kessler? Not Monday morning guessing either. This was a huge topic the next day. The Prescott DUI sure changed the the landscape.

    So they have a million draft picks. What did the Rams do with theirs?

  6. Gotta feel bad for RG3. His career has been totally derailed since his great rookie season, and now he’s on the Browns, and it’s to the point where getting hurt is considered a good thing for the franchise. Ouch.

  7. I just hope the Browns keep Jackson as the HC. He is by far a better candidate than any of the schmucks they’ve had in the past decade. Let him take the wheel a few seasons and see how it plays out. Seattle took a few years to turn it around. Carolina was once the joke of the league. Jaguars are turning it around. It takes time and not a total house cleaning every single season.

  8. Looks like RG3 was getting ready to kiss Hue in that pic which accompanies a report Hue was too focused on RG3. Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…

  9. Ok, so if Kessler is no where near being ready to play, and yo have old man McCown is one hard hit away from being sidelined. Shouldn’t they be signing another capable veteran Qb as a plan B???

  10. Yet Jimmy Haslam said that everyone is on the same page now for the first time since he’s owned the team. Or is that the case now that RG3 is on IR?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how McCown plays with upgraded receivers.

  11. Well…Robert is on IR now, so Hue can focus on something else. Like maybe trying to win a game.

  12. If he was fixated on RGIII it would be because he still has a lot of potential. McCown was good a few years ago with the Bears but the Browns don’t have the rest of the team to go around him. It would be better to start the 3rd stringer. He’s more likely to survive the pounding than the 37 year old McCown.

  13. Every coach sees that long ball and the maneuverability and says I can fix the inaccuracies short and the bad decision making.

    Problem is RG3 cannot seem to alter his instincts once the game starts.

  14. The person I am most bummed for is Joe Thomas, I wish the Browns would have turned the corner, but it hasn’t happened.

    With players from the same draft class like Megatron, retiring and Peterson’s career winding down, I can’t think but the same for Mr. Thomas.

    Do the guy a solid and trade him to a competitor.

  15. As a longtime USC fan, I can tell you Hue Jackson always has been, and always will be a hack. He now just has better dental work (veneers) to smile through.

    Bottom line: Sorry, Cleveland, your head coach is a bum.

  16. Wow Clevenland is already happy to be getting rid of Superbob! dude’s gonna be on a reality show here pretty soon

  17. Could have had Wentz! From all of us here in Philadelphia, we thank you! Our future at qb is now secure. Yours is….not.

  18. So let me get this straight, a coach tries his best to get his qb fixed so he can lead his team to greatness……..and you guys are saying that’s a bad thing?

    Also, haslam, Shashi, and hue have been on record stating they are all seeing things eye to eye. Hue was allowed to pick his qb, which he did….

    I guess I will never understand why so many of you media types make stuff up just to bash the browns, it just gets pathetic after awhile.

  19. This is Hue Jackson displaying hubris like he’s always done. He’s the same guy who gave up a 1 rd pick for Palmer in OAK.

    Now, Palmer is a good QB, and I believe RGIII is too, but without pure talent surrounding them, it won’t work. Just look how Palmer has done in Arizona. Light years ahead of when he was in OAK when they had zero talent.

    Draft picks are great as long as you do well with them, and I think they would have been best served taking Wentz at 2.

  20. They could’ve just had Pryor play QB and probably do atleast as well as RGIII did on Sunday.

    It’s really a shame what has happened to Griffin bc there’s no denying the talent he showed coming out of Baylor.

  21. “Clueless Hue Jackson” wanted griffin when nobody else did. Clueless Hue Jackson wanted Kessler and now Kessler is not ready. Clueless Hue Jackson did some poor playcalling and the Browns got trounced.

  22. This was all about race – had the Great Gimmick not been black, Hue would have treated him like the other white QB’s and not put much effort into it. Hue mortgaged his integrity by trying to do the brotha thing with the brotha – coming to his rescue because of the false narrative that the white men in Washington had done the brotha in. Well, we saw exactly the same messed up, untalented, selfish jerk playing in the Dog Pile uniform as he did in the Redskins one.

    It could be the best thing for the Dog Piles that the Great Gimmick won’t enter into the equation this year – he sucks up all the oxygen in the room. Without him other people will get to rise up and show that they have the moxie to make this thing work without the baggage of can’t read a defense, can’t run a two minute drill, can’t slide, and can’t get out of bounds.

  23. All speculation. Let’s all take a step back and see what happens. When was the last time Adam Schefter had anything good to say about the Browns? When Banner was here? RGIII was a stop gap, just like McCown. They threw a draft pick at a qb, and they might give him a few years to develop, or they might cut him next year. Who knows? It is all speculation at this point. It wasn’t like the Browns were a playoff team gambling on RGIII taking us to the super bowl. We will be LUCKY to win one or two games. (the only way they have a chance is to be able to run the ball and keep the other teams offense off the field because that d is not going to stop a lady in a wheelchair.

  24. …”Eventually the Browns need to identify a franchise quarterback, hopefully one that everyone in the building can agree on.”…..
    i think they have already identified him > carson wentz .

  25. The problem is that they keep trying to find a franchise quarterback. If your team is good enough you only need a good quarterback, not a great one. The Browns have never been just a quarterback away. They’ve always been much worse and yet the focus is always on quarterback. Until that changes, that will continue to be their problem. Build a great team around a good QB and you’ll be fine.

  26. Cleveland has a bad situation if someone in the front office says that the franchise QB going down is a good thing.

    Doesn’t look like a unified organization.

  27. No. No. No. No. Hue might have been playing dumb, but he’s not dumb. He knows that if you get a new QB your first year, you might only get 2-3 years before you get canned. But if you pretend like you can fix RG3, and then give up after a couple years, then draft a young QB, you might get three years from then. That’s five years total. By then you’re financially set up for life. Apparently not everyone was clued in.

  28. A rookies season debut does not make nor break a career, so while Wentz was good (against those Browns) Cleveland had so many holes to address, the best way to do that was getting at it right away. It takes a long time to clean up previous messes added issues like poor drafting with Manziel, and others.

    You can give Cleveland grief, for not taking Wentz, but give the GM credit for trying to get the Browns into a the express lane as far as attempting to build a complete roster.

  29. When commenters on this site called the Cleveland Browns, “The Factory of Sadness” it used to really irk me.
    But you know what…it is really true. What a sad state of affairs the Browns Organization is when they come to the conclusion that Carson Wentz was not a good fit for the Browns, but RGIII was.
    I hate to say was a brother giving another brother one last chance to make it in the NFL despite hurting the Cleveland Browns. That is what Hue Jackson has done by not drafting Carson Wentz. How, how SAD.

    31 other teams didn’t think RGIII was a good fit or they would have jumped at the chance to get him when he was available…especially the Denver Broncos.

  30. Didn’t someone predict 0-16 season for Cleveland and had to backtrack after a backlash? Maybe he was on to something.

  31. Rg3 injury was the best thing for him Jackson and the Browns. They have so many fires to put out. At least the vet QB who doesn’t need training wheels is starting so the coach can focus on all the other things he needs to do.

  32. The Cleveland Browns = the most incompetent, delusional franchise

    Cleveland Browns Fans= dumbest, most delusional, myopic fanbase in professional sports.

    Juat becuase there is a new group chucking coal into the Factory doesnt mean they are competent and know what they are doing. How u can be positive after getting your azzes kicked by a scrub Division 1-AA QB who played 1 pre season game and torched u is beyond my comprehension

  33. Trying to rebuild RGIII was worth a shot. Drafting a young QB on a team with very little talent to put around a QB is a recipe for failure. So signing RGIII and compiling draft picks was wise. If they could have got the 2012 RGIII it would have looked smart. It didn’t work out.

  34. It’s a violent game where people get hurt every week. And the Browns didn’t have the best of OL’s to protect RG3…it happens!

  35. ummmm. RG3 was brought in to be the starter. Hue was CORRECT in emphasizing the work towards him.

    You can’t second guess it, after the guy gets hurt. Hue did what the coach was supposed to do.

  36. Obviously the Browns are counting on Hue to find them a franchise QB, and that’s why they stockpiled picks for next year. So he can trade them all for Carson Palmer, just like he did with the Raiders.

  37. skawh says:
    Sep 15, 2016 6:55 PM
    It’s a violent game where people get hurt every week. And the Browns didn’t have the best of OL’s to protect RG3…it happens!

    Supposedly the Cowboys do and they still couldn’t protect Tony Romo.

  38. What really makes me think Hue might not turn out to be the head coach for the Browns is, that he stressed all off season that there is going to be a open competition for the starting QB job, and no matter what, the best player is going to play. That didn’t happen at all, Hue handed the starting QB job to RGlll by giving him all the first team reps in practice, while all the other QB’s got none. That’s not not a open competition, that’s showing that Hue talks out of both sides of his mouth. You better get your ducks lined up Hue, or every Cleveland fan is going to see what you’re really about, and turn on you faster than all the past head coaches. At least Pettine played the best player that he had in Josh, even though Johnny the great was on the team. As a head coach, you play the PLAYERS THAT GIVE YOU THE BEST CHANCE OF WINNING. PERIOD.

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