NFL’s first Twitter stream gets good reviews


The NFL and Twitter have agreed to stream every Thursday Night Football game this season, and the reviews the morning after the first game are good.

The quality of the stream was good, with a crystal clear picture on phones, computers and set-top boxes. Glitches common to online streams were few and far between. The ease of use was also impressive, as it would play immediately and didn’t even require having a Twitter account.

What Twitter’s presentation lacked was much of anything that makes watching a game on Twitter better than watching on TV. Twitter did offer the option of seeing a feed of tweets alongside the video, although that feed was not your own feed — it was just the tweets from random fans that Twitter chose to show. That feed was curated to eliminate the slurs, insults and general idiocy that are such a large part of Twitter, but that didn’t mean the tweets were particularly insightful.

Overall, Twitter seems like a good partner for the NFL to have, from the fans’ perspective, particularly for fans who aren’t at home while the games are on and want to watch on their phones. The biggest question facing the NFL may be whether it can find digital partners willing to pay anything close to the amount of money that the TV networks pay. Twitter is reportedly paying the NFL just $10 million this season to stream Thursday games, a paltry sum compared to the billions of dollars a year in TV revenue the NFL receives.

Eventually, the NFL will need to figure out a way to generate revenue from online streams that’s comparable to the revenue generated from TV broadcasts. Because online streams are the future.

11 responses to “NFL’s first Twitter stream gets good reviews

  1. “Eventually, the NFL will need to figure out a way to generate revenue from online streams that’s comparable to the revenue generated from TV broadcasts. Because online streams are the future.”

    Why would TV broadcasters pay billions if the NFL isnt giving them exclusive content? Why would advertisers pay big money for commercials if those broadcasts arent exclusive.

    This is how the NFL shoots themselves in the foot, trying to get streaming revenue which will decrease TV revenue.

  2. I watched on TV and used twitter on my phone like always – with my own feed of people i chose to follow. watching on twitter is insane if you have access to a TV.

  3. I don’t pay for cable and was able to stream this easily from the Twitter app on my Apple TV. It was much better than the NFL’s app, which is buggy and tends to cut out or not start at all until you log out and log back in.

    Having a high-quality stream of the game available for free was a pleasant surprise for me.

  4. I dont pay for cable, so streaming games is the only way I get to watch outside of sports bars and illegal restreams. Honestly, if the NFL just sells ads for their online streams they will do just fine. All games should be done the way they were last night

  5. The future is now. I cut the cord nearly two years ago. What finally did it for me was how much I was paying for DirecTV and Sunday Ticket and watching most of my Dolphins games in MA on DVR at the end of Sunday.

    With NFL mobile I just watch the games on Sunday night or Monday.

    So, to have the Twitter stream was really nice. I cast the stream from my phone to my TV. And, I totally agree. The stream was nearly flawless and the quality fantastic, for a stream…

  6. Oh. OH.

    So, a year ago I upgraded to Windows 10. When setting it up, I turned off notifications from almost all apps, including twitter. I remember this because I have an account and I started getting notices from twitter even though I did not sign in through the Win10 app, which I thought was odd. So I turned it off.

    Last night for the first time since then I started getting Win10 notifications from twitter again. I hadn’t touched those settings in a year. That’s more than a little suspicious.

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