Rex Ryan concedes his defense stunk


Last night’s Bills-Jets game ended in a 37-31 win for New York, an outcome that carries with it a sense that the Bills weren’t blown off the field. Truth be told, they were.

But for a pair of fluky long touchdown passes and a right-place, right-time fumble recovery that became another score, the Bills would have lost by 20 or more points. Even with the one-score final score, Rex Ryan’s defense played like anything but a Rex Ryan defense. And Rex Ryan knows it.

“I mean, we thought we could cover them,” Ryan told reporters after the game. “For one, we thought we’d have a chance. We knew obviously they have a great group of receivers; [Eric] Decker and Brandon Marshall obviously. But the other guys — I thought [Quincy Enunwa] played his butt off against us, [Robby Anderson], whoever, [Jalin Marshall], everybody showed up. And so you got to give them credit because they certainly did a great job and we couldn’t do anything to disrupt them rhythm-wise. I was afraid to pressure because we weren’t holding up in man coverage, which we played the whole game in. We tried to stuff [Brandon Marshall], we tried quarters, we tried deuce; we did everything. But you know what? To their credit, it never mattered what we played because they were the better team today outcome, the idea.”

The Jets were the far better team. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had 374 yards passing. Decker and Marshall had triple digits in receiving, and Quincy Enunwa had 92. Matt Forte added 100 yards rushing. Rex and Rob Ryan surely are expected to do better than that.

“We have to get a lot better. I mean I thought we played well defensively the first game. We played, I mean, horribly today. And I think it’s the same thing — we played poor on offense the first week, we played pretty good today, so it’s like we got to be consistent but I think the big thing — I give the opponent credit. They’re the ones who deserve it. They made plays, they were throwing jump balls and then went out and caught them.”

It gets no easier for the 0-2 Bills next week or the next, with the Cardinals and Patriots on the docket. And if it gets no better, the question won’t be whether Rex Ryan gets fired after the season. It will be whether he gets fired during it.

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  1. “Rex Ryan’s defense played like anything but a Rex Ryan defense.”

    It did play like a Rob Ryan defense though and you can verify that with any Saints fan

  2. Rex Ryan concedes his defense stunk. Does he also then concede that his brother stinks?

    For the love of all that is holy Rex, you better fire that turd or you will both be gone soon.

  3. the goodwin td wasnt a fluke. he straight out beat revis, and the ball was placed perfectly. one thing taylor does really well is the deep ball. yes the salas td was a fluky td, and yes their offense as usual was predictable and vanilla.

  4. Isn’t the coach of the defense Wrecks’ brother Rob? Boy, the DEFENSIVE coach is really OFFENSIVE, once again.

    The Saints fans must be thankful for this move.

  5. Rex Ryan is not a head coach, and was a horrible hire from the start. Him bringing in his useless brother just made things worse.

    The Bills used to be a solid defensive team with no offense. Now they don’t have a defense or an offense. At least they’re getting to the losing right off the bat instead of getting our hopes up with a hot streak at the beginning of the season like they usually do.

  6. Maybe Rob Ryan should be an Offensive Coordinator. His schemes seem to work better for offenses than defenses. Either that or make him the team Deflator.

  7. Rex simply isn’t a good head coach. He may be a decent defensive coach, but he’s clearly not able to handle the whole show. His teams are undisciplined and his personnel decisions are highly questionable. From the Jets to the Bills, his teams regress each and every year. Now he hired his brother. Remind me how the Saints and Cowboys defenses ranked with him in charge.

    It begins with the owner. The new Bills owner showed, by hiring Ryan, that they were more concerned with filling seats the first year than he was about winning. I’m sure that will change soon.

  8. I originally believe that Bills fans would be calling for Rex’s firing by Thanksgiving. Now I believe it will be sooner….. Bills fans deserve better.

  9. Rex & Whaley need to go. Tyrod can only occasionally connect deep, can’t hit anything over the middle. Running game is terrible-obviously McCoy has seen better days & play calling is atrocious. & I didn’t even mention the D. What an embarrassment. Made Fitz look like Brady. No pressure, CB’s were constantly burned. Need to walk away from overrated Gilmore after the season too. Do not pay this stiff what he wants. I’ve never been so discouraged as a Bills fan after only 2 games!

  10. Year after year, season after season with the same results. The great fans in Buffalo are surely fools to keep paying to watch a really bad organization continue to lie to its fans. Why are things that are fairly obvious to many seem lost to the Bills? Until they break it down, starting with everything, why tune in? It’s not football. It isn’t funny or cute, never was. Tradition of futility, nothing more with fans footing the bill. Disgusted…

  11. I think we all saw this coming when the Bills went from a top 5 defense in 2014 to a bottom-10 defense in 2015. I got nothing personal against the Ryan brothers, but their defense has stunk for years now. Their offense is better than what Marrone was running, at least.

  12. “Rex Ryan’s defense played like anything but a Rex Ryan defense.”

    Weren’t the Rex Ryan Bills defense ranked 25th last season? What was supposed to magically change that?

  13. I have a strong feeling that a lot of teams are going to end up stinking against the Jets. Fitzpatrick looks like a solid QB, and this Jets team is just all around nasty. Their defensive line rivals the greatest of all time.

  14. .
    At what point do you give your cornerbacks a little over the top help? The non existent pass rush was allowing Decker and Marshall to get free 30 yards downfield with the smaller CBs in fruitless hot pursuit. I was feeling bad for them to be torched like that on national television.

  15. As someone who once rationalized the hire, and thought “it will be different this time”, I’ve got to say now to fire this dude on the spot. His schemes have been figured out by the league for the past 5 years, and his antics only make things worse for the team. Time to clean house.

  16. He is too busy thinking ahead to the Patriots, his annual save my job game. Should have just kissed the rings from the start.

  17. Why did they ever allow him to bring Rob over? What a complete debacle. This is a Rob Ryan coached defense through and through. All-out blitzing with zero adjustments with a secondary getting burned play after play.

  18. Looks oddly like Rex’s time with the Jets: taking injured players in the draft, injuries and suspensions during camp, undisciplined play on both sides of the line of scrimmage, and Rex standing their making excuses for it all.

    Well the buck has to stop somewhere Rex, and they ain’t firing the owner that kept the team in that city…..

  19. I am a Bills fan. It is so hard. It is not for the weak rooting for these guys. Except for a 7 or 8 year stretch in which they went to four straight super bowls and lost every one of them, they have been bad my entire life. From say about 1984, when I was ten and started watching football til present day, there was the glory run through the 90’s and that is it. There is literally nothing else to cheer about in 30+ years of watching football. My wife and I have been together for 10 years and she has never seen the Bills in the playoffs. She has seen them with a winning record once and as soon as that season was over the coach bolted to be the offensive line coach in Jacksonville.

  20. Here’s the thing about Rex. He’s loyal to his guys to the point of a fault. He leaves the Jets, goes to the Bills, and brings in as many of his old guys as he can. Same old personnel on and off the field. Same problems as he had as the Jets HC. He loves his players and his coaches, but he can’t recognize that some of his guys just can’t get the job done.

  21. Wrecks just can’t get it done and neither can Tyrod.

    Some things never change, time to start thinking about next year.

  22. “I was afraid to pressure because we weren’t holding up in man coverage, which we played the whole game in.”

    If part of the game plan isn’t holding up, most coaches make things call in-game adjustments. Insanity = trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  23. Whew! Thank God the Ryan boys are back together again. They are going to wreak havoc on the NFL this year…..NOT. As a previous poster said, this will be a repeat of Wrecks Ryan’s career. Start out OK, get the team pumped up so they are so full of themselves and then slowly self destruct.

    Ladies and Gentleman, we have ALL seen this movie before…

  24. Coaches known for famous quotes:
    Hank Stram – “That’s the way to matriculate the ball down the field.”

    Lombardi – “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

    Chuck Noll – ‘Whatever it takes.”

    Rex Ryan – “Let’s go get a G.D. snack!”

  25. charliecharger says:
    Sep 16, 2016 10:06 AM
    I have a strong feeling that a lot of teams are going to end up stinking against the Jets. Fitzpatrick looks like a solid QB, and this Jets team is just all around nasty. Their defensive line rivals the greatest of all time.
    “…rivals the greatest of all time”? You do know they were playing the Bills, right? So letting up 31 points to a bad Bills offense (OK, say 24 since one TD was on a turnover) constitutes an all time defense? Well, I guess that’s loyalty to your team; it’s misguided and unrealistic, but whatever makes you happy, I suppose.

  26. Ironically, the Bills defense was very good before they hired the “Defensive Genius” Rex as head coach – been goin downhill since, so add his brother coming off 3 less than stellar seasons himself & the results are predictable.

  27. Look…I bleed green so I’m happy with the outcome, but as I’ve said – even the bills fans don’t deserve this guy.

    Rex is a nice, albeit extremely flawed guy. He’s no head coach. It took him two years to destroy the team mangini built for him.

    He is a defensive coach, no more and no less and he should be assisting or running a defense somewhere.

    Looks like he will pretty soon

  28. Last year going into the season, the Bills had one of the top D lines in the game. Turned out they fell apart and were mediocre at best.

    This year, they supposedly have one of the top secondaries. Fitz torched them all game. Repeat that, Fitz who never played well against a Ryan defense torched them. And the once great D line was a non-factor.

    What will happen when they go up against legitimate top ten starting QBs?

    Rex has no concept of what a good player is, or how to properly use them. He constantly tries to put guys in there that do not fit in.

    I fear another long season for Bills fans. and hopefully for them, a new coach and GM next season…

  29. Some advice for Bills fans, don’t come to the home games. Send a message to the owner that Rex and his goofball brother have to go. You deserve better than those two clowns.

  30. And this is why one should never mix work and family.

    Bills will be 0-4 and Wrex will have no choice but to fire his brother in hopes of keeping his job. This will get really ugly.

  31. @ nhpats says:
    Sep 16, 2016 10:00 AM
    I originally believe that Bills fans would be calling for Rex’s firing by Thanksgiving. Now I believe it will be sooner….. Bills fans deserve better. ———————————————————————————————————————-
    Missed Labor Day – so by Columbus Day!
    Certainly long before Halloween

  32. Let’s see? Confusion on assignments? check. Multiple penalties for 12 men on the field? check. Allowing a mid level offense/QB (not taking away from Fitz, who played lights out–but Tom Brady, he aint) to look All-Pro? check. Getting torched for long passes and gashed for long runs? check. Yep, all the hallmarks of a Rob Ryan special, who typically saves his best/worst (depending on your perspective) for national games.

  33. This organization is inept. I won’t go into my problems at the last game I went to but they were ridiculous.

    Next, hiring Rex was a colossal blunder. He is incapable of developing anything new and innovative the way his Father did. This is all recycled and can be schemed against.

    It’s time to dump the entire place, from top to bottom.

    I watch football to be entertained. In the 36 years I have been an active Bills fan, a total of 29 of them have been enjoyable. The rest is pathetic. I’m going to look for a new team to pull for and give my money to them as this organization clearly doesn’t care about the product it puts out on the field.

  34. Whoever wanted to hire Rex needs to go. I don’t know if it was Whaley or Russ Brandon or who it was (I just hope it wasn’t all on Pegula, cause he ain’t going nowhere). Why would you take a team that was a top 4 defense running a 4-3 and hire a guy that’s going to come in and run a 3-4 and force a whole bunch of unnecessary changes on defense?
    Hue Jackson would have been the perfect hire. It was rumored he was the favorite before Rex’s interview. Hue would have kept Jim Schwartz, let him do his thing and focused on the offense. Ah what could have been…

    I am actually starting to hope the Bills win 1/2/3 games this year to just force a change in coaching and the GM. Maybe we’d actually get to draft a decent QB too.
    I’m so sick of being a Bills fan. I’m not wasting any more of my time defending this team.

  35. Should have hired schwartz after marrone left. His d was all they had.
    also, this is why mccoy didnt want to go to buffalo, his career has been ruined there.

  36. Of all the comments and suggestions here, the ones I find most amusing are those calling for Greg Roman to be fired.

    How many OC’s, GM’s and other assistants does Rex get to go through before you realize he might be the problem.

  37. FIRE REX FIRE WHALEY. This team is a dumpster fire. The scheme is horrible on both sides of the ball. The clock management and play calling is an absolute joke. The offensive line was abused by the Jets front four all night. No one should be fooled by the score it wasn’t that close. I sat right behind the Bills sideline last night directly behind where the o- line and skill players were they didn’t seem to care at all.

    All I can hope is that the Pegulas fire Whaley get a competent GM and start a coaching search ASAP.
    The only person sadder than Bills fans today has to be Stephon Gilmore and his agent. They must be thinking they passed up a contract that may be more than he’ll ever get offered again. He was by far the worst player on the field and that’s saying a lot.

  38. This is clearly the Ryan brothers “farewell to the NFL tour”.

    But he and his brother are going to sorely missed by the fans….. of the teams that played against the ones they coached

  39. Some are saying Rex is a great defensive coordinator. I say he is not. Oh sure, occasionally he has come up with a decent surprise or two. But he got his rep in Baltimore, when they had Ngata, Lewis, and Reed. A hall of famer at every level. Anyone could have coached that defense. What has he done since picking his own players? Nothing. He is just a loud mouthed buffoon. Everyone can see that!

  40. “Weren’t the Rex Ryan Bills defense ranked 25th last season? What was supposed to magically change that?”
    Maybe if they fire him, it will magically go back to being top 5 like it was before he got there

  41. Rex should have kept Jim Schwartz and his scheme when he came in just as Harbaugh kept Rex year one. If you have the number one defense you don’t scrap your scheme!

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