Arians wants players to do more homework

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians hasn’t been bashful about calling out players in the aftermath of a Week One loss to the Patriots. He’s now putting the onus on them to avoid losing in Week Two.

“Where I think we failed a little bit last week was from Friday afternoon to Sunday night before the game of mentally preparing more for a game,” Arians said Friday, via Bob McManaman of “We’re focusing on hopefully doing more mental preparation between now and game time than we did last week.”

So what will Arians do to get the players more mentally prepared?

“That’s their job, not mine,” Arians said. “I’ve already prepared them. That’s their job. It’s how you do your homework.”

It’s important that they do their homework; if they don’t, the Cardinals will start with back-to-back losses at home.

“[A]ny good team never wants to lose,” Arians said. “Especially if you have character, you never lose two in a row. That’s always about the character in your locker room. We’ve talked about it since I’ve been here. It hasn’t happened very often, and there should be a heightened sense of urgency, especially among the veteran players for making sure everybody’s ready to play.”

If the Cardinals aren’t ready to play on Sunday, their next challenge could be to figure out how to dig their way out of an 0-2 hole.

21 responses to “Arians wants players to do more homework

  1. Take the Bucs. 0-2 on their way to 8-8. If they had drafted Carr they could rebuild behind a new & better QB. Instead it’s back to years of irrelevance

  2. Arians, are you blind!? Your team defense are poor at tackling!!! And the drive of giving up 1st downs of 3rd and 15, 3rd 15, 3rd and 10 killed your chances of winning that game. I’ve never seen a team that was more flat for a home opener national broadcast. Scarlet RED letter winner of the week.

  3. “That’s their job, not mine”? Really? That’s the exact opposite of “The buck stops here.” I like Arians in general, but that quote does not paint a good picture.

  4. Bucs on their way to 2-0. All the pressure is on the Cards. The Bucs are here in phoenix. Light looose and focused. Eye of the tiger. Right here in their hotel seeing it first hand. They want to win tomorrow as badly as the home team. Brawl in the desert.

  5. When AZ wins, it’s because of the coaching but when they lose, its the players fault….

    …Way to lead there Bruce….he’s a tool’s tool.

  6. It really looks for all the world like this guy basked in the glow after his first two seasons and started to believe his own hype.

    He’s been insufferable ever since.

  7. Well if they lose tomorrow it’s on coach…

    It’s the night before the next game of the season and he’s still focused on the loss to the Patriots…

    As a matter of fact the whole organization has been lamenting all week on it..

    It’s the opposite of ”We are on to Cincinnati”..

    If the Bucs have a bulletin board it should be full…

  8. Even though Arizona will probably win tomorrow doesn’t Arians ever say that he needs to do more homework? He just seems like a big whiner who turns on people when things go south.

  9. Their main problem last week wasn’t lack of study it was extreme overconfidence – to the extent that Palmer even made mildly trolling comments about deflategate (which only became bulletin board material). Think about it – the Pats weren’t only without Brady, they came without Gronk, Dion and Nink, and with a patched up o-line. Yet BB still came to play hardball whilst Arians was already having wet dreams about postseason…

  10. So now he is calling out the players before the game. I guess he is getting the excuse ready in case they lose again.

    This guy has no idea what leading a team really means.

  11. Time to admit the Cards are overrated.The end of last season proved that by barely beating a depleted Green Bay,then getting hammered by Carolina.Yes they have some talent on both sides of the ball,BUT an aging QB on the decline and a weak coaching staff will surface at the wrong time and cost them games.

  12. Been saying it for two years, but the Cards bandwagon just kept getting bigger and bigger. Now you all see the light. The Fraudinals are the most overrated and over-hyped team in the league. No way in hell Arians deserved coach of the year either time he won it. Overrated coach and an overrated team. The media crowned him and now that the spotlight is on him, you guys are seeing his true colors. But I’ve been here calling him a fraud the whole time. Bout time you guys got here too…welcome, pull up a chair and make yourselves at home.

  13. “therealtrenches says:
    Sep 17, 2016 7:08 PM
    It really looks for all the world like this guy basked in the glow after his first two seasons and started to believe his own hype.

    He’s been insufferable ever since.”

    3 seasons, taking a sub-.500 team to 10, then 11, then 13 wins. 4 seasons if you count the season before with Indy, when he won his other Coach of the Year award. Oh, and those Super Bowl rings too, but I guess he wasn’t head coach for those so they don’t count.

  14. Arians isn’t acting like a championship caliber coach. I’m feeling better and better about this season. I have a feeling the Hawks will be back where they belong on top of the NFC West. The cardinals are looking like more like the bills than the Hawks. From a far Arians reminds me of Rex Ryan .

  15. No questions about it, the team has to prepare their version of the national anthem demonstration.

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