NFL fines Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham for TD dance

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Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz scored a touchdown for the first time in two years on Sunday against the Cowboys, giving his team a lead late in the fourth quarter. Understandably, he felt like celebrating.

But the NFL has ruled that his celebration went too far.

The league confirmed both Cruz and Giants receiver Odell Beckham $12,154 for unsportsmanlike conduct for the way they celebrated that touchdown.

The NFL generally allows players to engage in a short celebration after a touchdown, but if two players engage in an orchestrated celebration, they’re fined and flagged.

Cruz and Beckham probably won’t be too bothered, given just how big a play it was they were celebrating.

27 responses to “NFL fines Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham for TD dance

  1. Teams and players in the NFL Inc. are a commodity which requires a uniform and consistent product. Similar to that all cookies or hamburgers from a Mrs. Fields or McDonalds chain must look and taste the same as the next one. No outliers are allowed. The NFL should change their marketing slogan from ‘We Are Family’ to ‘Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.’

  2. This fining business is getting out of hand.
    Especially when the player is also penalized for it.
    That is like shooting a dead man just to rub it in.
    What’s next?
    Fining the winning team after winning the SB when they celebrate and go nuts with the champagne?
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  3. Frequently I don’t like the fines the NFL hands out but in the case of OBJ and Victor Cruz I’m fine with it.
    Victor Cruz should focus on staying healthy for the first time in 3 years rather than his dopey salsa dance.

  4. It all about who end zone you are celebrating in, if you are playing in Jerry’s world please don’t celebrate you will be fined. Jerry Jones is part of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell they are best of friends.

  5. Would love to see the players conspire to treat scores as 1 yd runs. No hi 5’s, no head butts, nuthin’. If the players showed no joy, it would make the product seem meaningless and irrelevant, which is where Goodell seems to be steering this ship.

  6. Old conservative white men don’t like young players whooping it up and celebrating a TD or a sack. One only has to read many of the comments on PFT whining that players should just hand the ball off to the ref and walk quietly to the sidelines

  7. If it really bothered the league, couldn’t they insist that the networks don’t show the celebrations? I don’t have any idea what legal agreements there are between the two regarding something like this, just wondering. I do know that stupid human tricks like streakers aren’t televised. Not sure whose choice that is.

  8. abninf says:
    Sep 17, 2016 2:33 PM
    Good. I don’t watch football so I can see men dance for a mostly male audience.

    Not to worry Dallas won’t have all that much to dance about this year

  9. Two players that every one of you wish played for your team
    Victor did nothing to get a fine for Odell maybe just maybe
    Every fan of the Giants was dancing when #80 scored after 700+ days out of the game

  10. mysterytonite says:
    Sep 17, 2016 8:08 PM
    Two idiots that need to do this to make themselves feel relevant. Man I miss the days of celebrating with your teammates.

    Obviously you didn’t watch the game, Last I checked they are teammates and the whole offensive line was there with Cruz. The only people not happy for Cruz after fighting his way back from a gruesome injury were Cowboy fans.

  11. @pittsburghdamned

    Ha-ha-ha, Cruz doing his Mexican Hat Dance, lol.


    Ha-ha-ha, Cruz hasn’t done it in over two years, so I don’t know why that’s funny, lol. Man, the 12-year olds are out tonight, sheesh.

  12. What they need to do is stop all the silly celebrations on EVERY single play.
    A receiver makes a first down catch and runs ahead with a first down sign.

    A defender makes a tackle, acts like he just won the super bowl.

    You are supposed to make those plays, act like you’ve done it before.

  13. I can’t wait to see what fine is levied on Brown for his twerking….lol…I thought it was hilarious 🙂
    @ sluggoseam

    As a fanatic ‘Boys fan, I hated Cruz made the t/d against us; however, I was happy that he overcame his injuries and returned to the game. You post is quite incorrect!!!!!!!

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