Eben Britton: I played some of my best games while stoned

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Former NFL player Eben Britton says he was smoking pot while in the NFL, sometimes before games, and often played better while high.

“NFL games I played stoned were some of the best games I ever played. Cannabis cements your surroundings,” Britton told the New York Post. “A lot of people say they’re useless when they smoke weed. But hell, I played NFL games [while stoned], dude. My performances were solid and I felt really good after.”

Although the NFL does test players for marijuana, most players are tested only once a year and know approximately when in the year they’ll be tested. So many players use marijuana during most of the year and stop only long enough to get it out of their systems to pass their annual tests. (Tests for performance-enhancing drugs are much more frequent and harder to predict.)

Britton said the majority of NFL players smoke pot, estimating “it’s over 50 percent and it could be as high as 75 percent.”

A second-round draft pick of the Jaguars in 2009, Britton played four years in Jacksonville and two in Chicago. He was suspended by the NFL in the 2015 offseason and has been out of the league since.

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  1. Pot is the best possible “drug” to relax after a game. As soon as the gov’t wakes up to the idea that cannabis isn’t a big deal and better than any pharma drug then we’ll keep having this ridiculous conversation.

  2. Always thought this was a dirty little secret. I discovered 15 years ago when I went from just working out to being a trainer – a couple of puffs before working out and my workouts would go from 60 minutes to 2, 2 1/2 hours. You simply just get into it and keep going.
    Nobody ever got cancer from pot, or liver problems. Moderation in all things including moderation.
    Thought I’d share.

  3. The effects of marijuana doesn’t last for hours, especially if you smoke a lot. If he smoked before he got to the stadium he would be down long before he got on the field. Unless he took edibles, than it can last longer but I being someone who dabbles in that, I doubt it.

  4. My first thought was, did you really need to tell us this? and my second was, if the testing is only once a yr and you know when that is, how does anyone get caught smoking weed? do you mean players can’t stop smoking for two months before the test? and my 3rd was if you are allowed to smoke for 10 months without issue, what are the players complaining about, pot is essentially legal in the NFL

  5. It’s just pot people… I don’t smoke anymore but good lord…. It’s a natural product that causes no harm & has enormous medical benefits & even those are just finally being understood & embraced…
    I personally think it should be recognized & legalized by the federal government….alcohol is BY FAR a much more dangerous drug yet is embraced by most…it’s time for the public persona about MJ gets a makeover & more knowledgable powers that be make it legal!!

  6. Please excuse me if I get off the beaten NFL Track. My dad at 69 had Lung and Bone Cancer. He was sent him home to pass away, 7 insane months. They had him on Morphine, as well as 3 other drugs that could not touch his pain….After the 3rd month, one night he was screaming out like a baby crying and begging me to please knock him out or kill him, I hit him with 3 shots of morphine all within 1 hour, and nothing. My wife called her brother over who was an avid pot user, they talked to my dad and he agreed to try it, and I can tell you that after the 3rd joint he finally started to get comfort, he cried and begged my forgiveness! I held him all night! My brother in law came over the next day with a large amount of joints. My dad lasted another 3 and a half months, but the severe pain was gone, once a day he was hungry and ate, and most of the time he slept comfortable until he passed away….. Until you see what pot can do, please refrain from excluding out the possibilities. Should an NFL player use while playing the game? All I can tell you is my opinion will never be the same again. God Bless You All!

  7. He’s exhibiting one of the worst, and quite frankly amusing, qualities of the pot smoker: Denial and delusion.

    Pot smokers also say they’re better drivers when they’re stoned because they’re focused and a lil paranoid. Driving under any substance is not a better substitute for driving straight.

    I’d like him to say which games, and let’s watch the tape.

    Here’s the denial and delusion part: He played only 6 years and wasn’t anything special… yet thinks he was great and even at his best.

    I’m glad he came out like this.

  8. “So many players use marijuana during most of the year and stop only long enough to get it out of their systems to pass their annual tests.”

    That’s a damning statement for a lawyer who doesn’t provide any evidence.

  9. lingsun54 says:
    Sep 18, 2016 11:22 AM
    Drugs are for losers.
    You include alcohol and tobacco products in that statement also? Because I rather deal with weed than either of those.

  10. The thing all you critics seem to forget is that he played for SIX years at the highest level you can get if you want to play Football for a living. How many who didn’t smoke pot can say that? I remember thinking the same thing about Ricky Williams and all the nonsense thrown at him. No wonder he wanted out. As far as I am concerned I DON’T want players stoned while they are playing but it is none of my business and it shouldn’t be any of the NFL’s business what they do after the game at home.

  11. Pot is pretty much like alcohol. For well adjusted people it’s like a glass of wine or beer after work. Still, there are going to be pot heads just like there are alcoholics. Irresponsible users should fall under the same rules as irresponsible drinkers (DUI, Intoxicated in Public). Roids and the next new “Performance Enhancing” drugs should be the NFL’s focus.

  12. He was suspended by the NFL in the 2015 offseason and has been out of the league since.

    Pretty much says it all.

  13. Just a short list of well known athletes that use cannabis: Tim Lincecum, Michael Phelps, Lebron James, Randy Moss, Jerome Simpson, Josh Howard, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ricky Williams, Michael Vick, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They know it safer and less toxic and guess what, the Center for Disease Control agrees!

    Figures directly from the CDC on numbers of deaths per year in the US:
    * Prescription Drugs: 237,485 + 5,000 traffic fatalities
    * Tobacco: 390,323
    * Alcohol: 88,013 + 16,000 traffic fatalities
    * Cocaine: 4,906
    * Heroin: 7,200
    * Aspirin: 466
    * Acetaminophen (Tylenol): 179
    * Marijuana: 0, none, not a single fatal overdose in all medical history and almost no traffic problems.

    So, which is safer????

  14. Except that research shows BENEFITS to the lungs of pot smokers. Google it!

    “Cements your surroundings” is a great way to put it.

    I remember when my mom found out lots of world-class, high-performing* athletes use pot. She said… Imagine how good they would be if the DIDN’T…. I was like, SMH…

    *see what I did there? 🙂

  15. abninf says:
    Sep 18, 2016 10:08 AM
    Putting smoke inside of your lungs is a genius idea. Great example for the kids.
    Apparently you’ve never heard the many stories about football players back in the day smoking cigarettes at halftime or right before the game started. Some of them Hall Of Famers. Don’t be so dumb and naive.

  16. Eben Britton?? A former lineman of the Bears? He played best while “stoned”? I’m a Bears fan and the idea that he EVER played “best” is hilarious.

    MAYBE if he wasn’t so stoned, he would have worked on his game more and been a better player instead of the waste of space he was as a NFL player.

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