Locker room grumbling begins regarding Kirk Cousins

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Washington has fallen to 0-2, losing two games at home and sparking the first wave of grumbling among players.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple offensive players have begun to complain about quarterback Kirk Cousins, pointing to a lack of decisiveness, erratic play, and confusion.

“We’ve got the New York Giants as soon as we leave here, so he can watch the tape, find out what’s going on if he’s not sure what the indecision might be, why he’s missing some throws, but you know, it’s a tough game. He’s got people around his feet,” coach Jay Gruden told reporters after the game. “He’s got to make some tough throws and usually ones he would normally hit but he missed a few today. We’ll coach him up.”

Regardless of the reason(s) for the regression (he’s getting $19.95 million this year, but he’s playing for a long-term deal), the whispers will get louder if the struggles continue.

I asked the source whether the players who are griping would prefer Colt McCoy. Said the source, “At least he’d play with poise.”

Washington won the NFC East a year ago. They’ll own the basement after Week Two, behind the 2-0 Giants, the 1-1 Cowboys, and the 1-0 Eagles.

81 responses to “Locker room grumbling begins regarding Kirk Cousins

  1. They should be upset, this kid is making over a million a week and he looks like a rookie…..If I’m skin fan he’s got one more game to play like he’s trying to win or time to call for his back up… thing little Danny did was not give this guy a long term deal….

  2. Probably Desean Jackson, but publicly and anonymously grumbling about a teammate should be handled a different way.

  3. I thought having an entire offseason as the #1 QB would have helped him. Any how the coaches need to be held accountable as well. The lack of adjustments during the game is alarming. Very easy to coach when everything is blamed on the execution and not on the ability to put your players in the position to make a play. I would fire J Barry tomorrow. Impossible to get any worse.

  4. I don’t blame Kirk, I think any rational thinking football mind can see that he is not a franchise/starter in this league–the fact that Washington made him that, is either woeful blindness or pure ignorance on their part.

  5. Just week 2 right? Wow this team never fails to deliver on the drama and BS.

    But Kirk does look like a lost puppy. He’s confused and sloppy.

  6. Anyone who has paid attention to football over the past several years knows that Colt McCoy is not going to be any better than Kirk Cousins. Stay the course, no matter how rough it may be. You paid for him – you might as well use him.

  7. He is going to get 19.95 MILLION dollars , You talk about pulling a HEIST and didn’t even need a Mask or a gun.

    He is truly the epitome of FOOLS GOLD.The only difference is that the POORLY run franchises falls for this crap.

  8. Same story with RG3. The guys in the lockerrom turned on him and ran the guy out of time. Seeing the same with Cousins. These guys don’t get behind a guy. They are fairweather teammates. They love you when you make plays and when adversity hits they blame you. That seems to be a team wide problem.

  9. Fire Joe Barry. He’s awful …. Worse coordinator in football. Perry Fewell will do a better job.

  10. Cousins isn’t as good as last years numbers, smart fans would know this.
    With that said, he’s not bad either. It’s laughable to suggest playing McCoy. In a QB starved league, you can do worse than him under center, but temper the expectations from when he feasted on poor teams last season.

  11. @theebadguy.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Garcon. The guy seems to have a big mouth. You see it on the field with the trash he always talks and when he doesn’t get the ball he complains. Just look at his personal foul history. The guy thinks he some elite receiver. Please you’re just a third option.

  12. They’ll be trading three #1 picks to move up from 6th to 1st again this year, pick another quarterback, and the cycle will continue. Then they’ll look for a new coach, but that coach won’t have drafted the quarterback and will want his own guy, and so on, and so on.

  13. The rest of the redskins aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire. I don’t see where they should be calling out Cousins after 2 games.

  14. Washington should have easily won today. Missing WIDE OPEN guys streaking down the field.

    Desean Jackson should be complaining. He would have had 275 yards today.

  15. Apparently they do not ‘like that’ enough that after just 2 games there are locker grumblings against their starting QB for the second year in a row.
    The Skins need more than a regime change. They need a culture change.

  16. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Helen Keller, saw this coming, he is below average.

    Last year, was a mirage…no wins vs playoff teams, no wins vs teams with a winning record.

    Gruden has been his biggest supporter, week 8, he will throw him under the bus, in an effort to save his job.

  17. He missed Desean Jackson for sure TDs twice. He missed Crowder for a sure TD once. He underthrew a pass to Doctson that was sure TD. Then he threw a pick in the End Zone after the Doctson play. He’s not the only reason the Skins lost, the refs were spotty, but if he hits just one of the deep passes. The Redskins win the game.

  18. Looks like WAS finally made a good call on a FA by NOT signing him.

    I don’t agree you dump the guy after 2 games.

    But he had not shown enough for long term mega contract.

    Roll with him the whole season and see what he has.

    If he really stinks you get a very high pick and can then draft the QB of the future.

    If he rebounds enough he gets the mega deal.

  19. He didn’t beat anyone last year. Best up on sisters of the poor.

    He’s highest paid guy on team, he has good receivers and been getting time to throw from what I’ve seen. No one to blame but himself.

  20. I was worried when some people called him the second coming of Mark Rypien. I remember Rypien before the body bag game. he could have ended up like the Vinny Testaverde of the NFC, but he got hot in 91, and then not much afterward. (There’s more to the story, the start of Free Agency for one, but I’ve not given up on Kirk yet, but if Kirk fails, I wonder how long Gruden stays.)

  21. Cousins may be part of the problem but Jay Gruden does some odd things on both sides of the ball that makes it a real challenge for the Skins to win. That all got glazed over last year as they won a down division but he’s done nothing to change the perception he really doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  22. If you had listened to Washington sports radio the last 6 months, you would have thought Cousins was on the cusp of being an HOFer. So many Skins fans have so little perspective.

    Anyone who watched their games last year saw a lot of unusual outcomes that could (should?) easily have gone the other way. Cousins is a backup, nothing wrong with that, but not something you can use as a franchise, either.

  23. freedomofspeechyesway says:
    Sep 18, 2016 9:59 PM
    He has missed some throws but this loss was all play calling. Does he call all the plays? No? Ok then.


    Sorry, dude, but that pick in the end zone had absolutely nothing to do with play calling.

  24. Dude got over praised for being on a 9-7 team.

    This is the reason the skins couldnt sign him to the contract he wanted cause if he is what he was for the first 3 1/2 years of his career the contract kills the team for 5 years.

  25. All because the punter’s momma burned a Terrible Towel. Redskins are in for a long year because of it.

    FAILLLL … to the REDSKINS!

  26. joeflaccoallday says:
    Sep 18, 2016 8:23 PM
    Somehow DC media will blame RGIII for this. Kirk Clownis is a terrible QB and anyone with a brain knows that.


    The problem is that he isn’t terrible. He’s actually good when he’s “on”. But he is highly erratic. He is the same QB that was at MSU. Very good but has a few plays a game where he makes the wrong decision or makes the right one late or with poor throwing form.

  27. Gruden didn’t push for Wade to be the defensive coach he went with Barry. so he would not have a NFL coach in the house looking over hi shoulder. 2 games, 2 loses. Gruden said that Alfred Morris had lost a step, but the defense couldn’t tackle him as he scored today. Gruden said Kirk Cousins gave the Skins the best chance to repeat as division champs. Gruden refuse to resign “Pot Roast”or Jason Hatcher” to come back and play NT and DE. The Skins D-Line is over whelmed and under coached. Naw, Capt Kirk didn’t loose the game with the pick in the 4th quarter, Gruden lost this team after letting productive players go because he is what he is, a Arena League Head Football coach at best. He isn’t even a good college caliber coach.

  28. How soon they forget……..

    It would be funny, as someone above said if it was McCoy that was doing the grumbling.

  29. It’s stupid to blame Cousins solely.
    1. This team did not tackle or hit during training camp.
    2.They did not scrimmage a team.
    3.They kept Cousins out of the 2nd preseason game.
    4.They “Starters” didn’t even travel the 4th preseason game


    And Gruden has the nerve to say anything about Cousins when he sends a ROOKIE out, who was out ALL off season-save 2 weeks of regular season practice, to catch 3 fade routes that they never had been good at anyways. And when asked, “We’ll do it 3 more times next week if we have to”, shows Pride goeth before a fall…
    BTW 9-7 makes him Lombardi??? Shut up & learn from YOUR mistakes!!!!! If we had 52 more Josh Normans, we’d be owning the league. At least he practices AND makes plays!!

  30. So help me with this one please . The owner stays out of the press and the locker room and just signs the checks . The President and GM handle the players/ coaches and other personnel issues. The Coaches Coach. And most importantly “WE CAN STOP BLAMING RGIII !” He’s gone ! What is the problem ? And who’s to blame now ?

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