Todd Bowles downplays Darrelle Revis’s struggles


Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, once the best cornerback in the NFL, has looked like the worst cornerback in the NFL in the first two games of the season. But coach Todd Bowles says no one should overreact.

He gave up two plays,” Bowles said of Revis, via Newsday. “I don’t think that’s an indication of the whole season. He gave up two plays and he knows he doesn’t want to give them up, we know we don’t want him to give them up. We’ve got to correct it and move on, and he’ll be better.”

Bowles seemed to be talking about the two long touchdown passes scored by A.J. Green and Marquise Goodwin with Revis in coverage, although Revis has given up a lot more plays than just those two. Green in particular was beating Revis all day, showing that Revis simply can’t shut down top receivers anymore, like he once did.

Bowles knows teams will keep throwing at Revis until he stops them.

“It’s a copycat league,” Bowles said. “Any time somebody sees someone have success at something, they’re going to until you put the fire out.”

It’s alarming that the Jets are concerned about teams continuing to pick on Revis, considering Revis counts $17 million against the Jets’ salary cap this season, by far the highest cost of any cornerback in the NFL.

17 responses to “Todd Bowles downplays Darrelle Revis’s struggles

  1. Revis has lost his speed. Without adequate speed, a CB can’t cover 1on1 no matter how strong their technique. This situation reminds me of Nnamdi Asomugha getting old overnight after his plump retirement contract

  2. Revis looks like he has gained 10 pounds (his ass is now huge and belongs on an O-lineman) and he looks noticeably slower. For many seasons he has been the elite CB in the NFL. However, now he cannot handle any opponent with genuine speed. While Todd Bowles remains “unperturbed”, every Offensive Coordinator is licking his lips to get some Island property.

  3. Revis stopped being the best cornerback in the league the day Richard Sherman was drafted. I know I sound like a homer but hear me out and keep an open mind. Who’s made more big plays? Sherman single handidly sent the Hawks to the super bowl in 2013. Get it? One handed tip. He’s got more INT since he came into the league than anyone else by far. It’s not even close. He never gets thrown on. Once in week 1 this year. The argument has always been he stays on his side. True when the Hawks have the other side covered. But go back last year and watch the steelers and cowboys games when Seattle had injuries all over the secondary. Sherman mirrored Antonio brown something Norman didn’t do last week and held him to under 40 yards. He also shut Dez completely down. Lastly, Sherman stops the run. You don’t see him running from tackles like Patrick Peterson. Watch Peterson play which I’ve done. I’ve seen running back look they they’re trying to tackle him the way he’s juking looking to run from contact. I know I’m gonna get killed for this but I’m right. People hate Sherman and the Hawks but if you can look past that you’ll see a first ballot hall of gamer that was the best at his position. Don’t miss out.

  4. What’s alarming is that the NY Jets are a missed 22 yd field goal away from being 2-0 even with Revis getting burned.

    This is the year the Jets win the AFC East.
    You heard it here first.

  5. The Jets face a tough decision at the end of the year on Revis. They can keep him for another year at $15.3 million or cut him and take a $6 million cap hit. They need to decide if they want to pay a good corner, but no longer a shut down corner, that kind of money.

  6. If you watched the game against the Bills closely, you could see that Goodwin was getting open against Revis a lot, not just on the deep ball. The problem was Taylor couldn’t get him the ball.

    Revis is toast. The Jets are in big trouble when he’s lined up against a receiver who can really run.

  7. ryann252013 says:
    Sep 18, 2016 9:05 AM
    No one wants to talk about the fact that Revis shut down his side of the field the rest of the game after the big play by Goodwin.


    Problem being he has let too many home runs go over his head already this year. Revis has lost that catch-up speed he used to have.

  8. i don’t think todd bowles is the brightest bulb in the shed

    that is not what a “copycat league”means

    it is called a “pattern”

    revis is 30

    bye bye mevis

    2009 was a long time ago

  9. “Revis stopped being the best cornerback in the league the day Richard Sherman was drafted. I know I sound like a homer…”

    You sound like quite an authority for someone who didn’t know his town had a team prior to 2012.

  10. And before you start anointing Sherman and Josh Norman the next coming of Revis, remember this that both Sherman and Norman are anchored on the left side, whilst Revis has played everywhere on the field his entire career.

  11. Hardly a Jets honk here but it’s not a Revis problem…It’s an NFL problem. They’ve “tweaked” the rules so much over the past five years that nobody can cover an Elite receiver anymore. The League wants scoring, fantasy, etc. It’s not going to change either

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