Carson Wentz first rookie QB since 1970 to win first two games without throwing interception

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Rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has been incredibly good through his first two starts for the Philadelphia Eagles.

How good exactly?

Per Randall Liu of the league office, Wentz is the first rookie quarterback since the merger in 1970 to win the first two games of the season and not throw a single interception in the process.

Wentz completed 21 of 34 passes for 190 yards and a touchdown in a 29-14 victory over the Chicago Bears on Monday night that gave the Eagles a 2-0 start to the season. Wentz’s numbers would have been even better if not for key drops on the part of Eagles’ receivers.

He’s passed for 468 yards and three touchdowns with zero interceptions in Philadelphia’s two victories. He’s completed 60.56 percent of his passes and has a passer rating of 94.1.

A career is not made in two starts. Wentz will have to perform over the long haul to truly leave a mark, but there isn’t much more you could ask for from a rookie quarterback in the first two games of his career.

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the guy. Good for him. It is just…he did it against the two worst teams in the entire league.

    Congrats though, way to make a first impression.

  2. I know every opposing fan is going to say “they played the Browns/Bears” but I don’t care who they were playing, Wentz looks excellent. And don’t good QBs usually perform well against inferior opponents? Like out scoring teams by 19 and 15 (could’ve been 22)? He’s not gonna be mistake free forever but if you think Wentz doesn’t look good you’re either not watching or you’re lying to yourself. The poise, the leadership, the physical ability… Wentz looks every bit a top-2 pick.

  3. He’s already better than McNabb ever was and has won over the fan base more than Donovan could have ever dreamed. #Wentzylvania

  4. Don’t worry too much Cleveland, if you drafted him, he’d look terrible, be 0-2, and we’d all be putting the Browns on blast for yet another failed first round pick that won’t be on the roster after the next HC is hired.

    Silver linings are everywhere.

  5. We’ve read the reports that Jeff Fisher didn’t want to trade all those draft picks to get Jared Goff. Please tell me it’s not worse even than that. Please tell me Goff wasn’t drafted over Wentz purely for immediate marketing purposes–that ownership didn’t insist on the kid from California. … Is that why Fisher got an early contract? He agreed to play along (for Goff) on that condition?

  6. We might want to wait until he has played teams other than the likes of the Browns and Bears before we give this much thought (next week’s Steelers matchup is a good start).

  7. It’s the poise and command at the line of scrimmage that is most impressive. The way Pederson scripted the first series of the game, allowing Wentz to read the defensive calls, make adjustments, and control the pace was unbelievable for a rookie that had only played 5 quarters of football at that level up to that point.

    He’s got a long career in Philly in front of him (if he starts avoiding so much contact), so let’s see if they’re able to draft/sign him some wideouts with decent hands in the coming years. That could be scary.

  8. “He played Cleveland and Chicago…two of the league’s worst teams..”

    What makes me laugh is that before MNF yesterday, people were singing the tune of “well, when he plays the Bears tonight he’ll look like a rookie.” Now the Bears are one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL, because the Eagles made them look that way. IIRC, the Bears led the Texans going into the fourth quarter on the road last week…

    “Wait. Is Dak Prescott not a rookie? And didn’t he set the new record of throwing 75 passes in his first two games without an interception?”

    You’re right. But Dallas didn’t win their first two games. Read the article title again.

  9. “Wait. Is Dak Prescott not a rookie? And didn’t he set the new record of throwing 75 passes in his first two games without an interception?”

    Prescott is having a great season and he’s getting plenty of accolades for his outstanding performance. But not only didn’t his team win both games, he has yet to throw a TD pass. Although I am sure that will come soon and he will continue is impressive rookie year.

    Sure, Wentz has yet to play any elite defenses. But he has shown the ability to command the offense, make difficult throws, make good decisions, and stand tough in the pocket when he’s about to get pummeled. He could just as easily have shown none of that and struggled mightily.

    The positive traits exhibited by Wentz so far will likely (hopefully) remain against the better teams regardless of win or loss.

    Eagles fans had no idea whether they were being dealt a 2-7 or a king-jack. So far looks like a pair of Aces. Can’t wait to see what the flop brings.

  10. I’m very impressed by Wentz, but it is true he played two bad teams. His wide receivers have dropped at least three well placed down field passes while open and this is going to cause him problems once the competition picks up. He’s not going to look so good against the Steelers. Not that Wentz isn’t going to be great, it looks like that very well could happen, but the Steelers are talented enough to take away these safe passes he’s been primarily throwing and I just don’t see the drop squad of Aghular and Matthews performing when opportunities downfield open up.

  11. thetroofishere says:
    Sep 20, 2016 5:54 AM

    Wait. Is Dak Prescott not a rookie? And didn’t he set the new record of throwing 75 passes in his first two games without an interception?

    Did Prescott win both of his first two games?

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