Hail Mary ref returns for Lions-Packers rematch

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The last time the Packers and Lions played, a controversial facemask penalty game Green Bay one last chance to steal a victory. And they did, thanks to a rafters-kissing moonshot from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers that ended in a touchdown to tight end Richard Rodgers.

This year, for the first of two installments between the two teams, the same referee who handled the last meeting will be handling this one.

Via Michael Rothstein of ESPN.com, Carl Cheffers has drawn the Lions-Packers assignment again, for Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field.

Before the season, Cheffers made at appearance at Lions camp, where he faced pointed questions from the media regarding what appeared to be a phantom facemask call.

“It’s just control,” Cheffers said. “So if you get fingers in there and you control the mask, there’s really no element of time or anything like that in that. It’s just controlling the mask, so turning the thing sideways or anything like that is enough control to have a face mask penalty.”

Members of the Detroit media asked Cheffers to watch the play again. He responded by saying, “Dude, I’m not going to watch that again. It’s 2016, dude.

Yes it is. And Detroit media and Lions fans will be paying close attention to every call Cheffers makes — and doesn’t make.

14 responses to “Hail Mary ref returns for Lions-Packers rematch

  1. after what Bradford did, Rodgers and co better have it figured out because Stafford might throw all over that defensive secondary.

    what if green bay loses to detroit?

    will mccarthy finally be on the hot seat after 5 embarrassing postseason losses and his offense still not working with jordy back?? good job ‘fixing’ lacy by the way.

    maybe they just need to practice more juggling.

  2. That’s one time when Li’l Aaron’s small stature really came in handy. His body turned so violently when he was tapped on the shoulder that it appeared that his face mask must have been grabbed.

  3. That looked blatant in real time and I completely understand why it was called. The player called for it didn’t even argue and neither did Caldwell. It wasn’t a bad call. Give the ref a break and stop looking for and stirring up controversies where there are none. Eagles fan here btw…

  4. I’m not dumb enough as a fan to be a total Homer and claim that the game is rigged against the Lions but I think the NFL should have more common sense then this and not stir up controversy by putting the same terrible officiating crew on the next game played between the two teams agian.

  5. I bet Lil Erin Munn has been practicing his “wah wah they pulled my face mask move” like he did in last year’s game. Bad actor.

  6. It’s sad.. The Lions lost three games last year due to poor officiating and consequently, most likely would have made the playoffs without those errors.

    The packers would have missed the playoffs if their game against the Lions would have been officiated properly.

  7. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Sep 21, 2016 12:24 AM
    That unearned win over Detroit is the difference between 6-8 and 5-9 in Green Bay’s last 14 games.

    And yet, somehow, they still advanced further in the postseason than the Vikings while the Vikings added to their NFL record-holding all-time one-and-done postseason appearances.

    How can that be?

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