Jay Cutler “concerned” about thumb injury, more tests today


Bears quarterback Jay Cutler left last night’s game wearing a cast over his injured right (throwing) thumb, so it’s reasonable to be worried about it.

And he is.

Via Jeff Dickerson of ESPN.com, Cutler said he was having more tests done today to determine the severity of the injury.

“I’m concerned,” he said. “As a quarterback, you need your right thumb.”

Cutler said the injury affected his ability to grip the ball, which is why he came out in the third quarter and didn’t return. It may have also contributed to an interception which ended up being his final play, before Brian Hoyer came in to finish the loss to the Eagles.

“I couldn’t get as much on it as I wanted to, to put it over the top of that ‘backer,” Cutler said. “It was unfortunate, hurt the team. I knew I was putting the team, especially the offense, in jeopardy at that point. . . . I knew my day was done.”

Cutler was 12-of-17 passing for 157 yards and that interception. He also fumbled.

The veteran quarterback broke his thumb in November 2011 while trying to make a tackle, and it ended his season. He’s missed 15 games because of injury since 2010.

12 responses to “Jay Cutler “concerned” about thumb injury, more tests today

  1. One thing Bears overlooked this year is that Cutler is 34. They’ve brought no one in to train him under Cutler.
    And Cutler looks finished so far after two games.

  2. Another year, another injury. Same old Cutler, same old Bears.

    Time to start tanking for a new QB in the 2017 draft!

  3. The Bears can walk away from Cutler next yr with only 2 mil in dead money. Garappolo is from Arlington Heights and went to EIllinois. Would you trade the 10-12th pick in the draft for him? Watch out.

  4. iowahbr says:
    Sep 20, 2016 8:37 AM

    If you are injured pull yourself out of the game prior to and not after the int.

    When he came back in the series before that, they ran like 6 or 7 straight times, then he threw a ball in the dirt way in front of his target, then they punted. So he knew then he couldn’t throw. Then he had all the time the defense was on the field to practice throw!

    I’m really pissed about this. I’ve tried to stick up for the guy but… I’m done with you J.

    Sooner you’re gone the better.

  5. tedmurph says:
    Sep 20, 2016 9:55 AM
    The Bears can walk away from Cutler next yr with only 2 mil in dead money. Garappolo is from Arlington Heights and went to EIllinois. Would you trade the 10-12th pick in the draft for him? Watch out.

    Any so did Bears GM Ryan Pace, so I could begrudgingly see this happening with the EIU connection, but Belichick would never unless Jimmy G is not as good as advertised and/or Brissett shows that he is better than Jimmy G. That said, I am pretty sure that Pace is on the hot seat already after this 0-2 start. He has done nothing since coming to Chicago that tells me that he knows how to identify need or draft anything other than the best player available. If we are already at the point where we are talking about him trading away top picks for 3rd-4th year QBs… .that is exactly the type of mess that Jerry Angelo put the Bears in when sent the farm to Denver for Cutler and look how that have turned out.

    The Bears have a “teaching” staff of coaches. Fox / Fangio / Donatell are excellent at teaching the pro game. Notice how none of those men coach Offense? Once again the Bears Offense has another OC (revolving door), and that is on Pace for not identifying and rectifying. I certainly hope that Ted Philips and McCaskey are aware of this and have Pace on a shorter leash than what is presumed he is given.

  6. Belichick almost has to trade Garappolo, no matter what he thinks of him. Brady’s money is guaranteed the next couple of yrs. They couldn’t trade Brady even if they wanted to because of the dead money, They can’t keep both, whether they franchise Garoppolo or extend him. It’d be too much of a cap hit on 1 position(~40 mil). They can’t let JG just walk for nothing after next year. The Bears need to get away from Cutler, and I think this just makes too much sense. The Bears may not pick high enough to get one of the top 2 QBs, especially with the 49ers and Browns needing one. Garoppolo is only 24 and ready to play.

  7. I am picking up what you are putting down @tedmurph, but for all we know at this point Garappolo could be Jay Cutler with a smiling face for the camera. Maybe Jimmy G would be the answer long term for the Pats if he stays there after Brady, or for another NFL team if he does not, but to trade away ANY high round draft picks when you are as bad a dumpster fire as the Bears have found themselves to be, I’ll take my chances hoping the GM that I hired to do the job finds a QB in the draft. I totally understand what you mean by Belichick having to trade Garapollo. I have to think that any GM worth their salt would pass on that deal unless they have a ton of picks and no QB (the Browns come to mind). Not only should the Bears be a little farther down the dance partner list for NE, but if Pace takes that bait and makes that trade, he will be yet another Bears GM that fails via either no enough picks in the draft or bad picks in the draft.

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