Monday night ratings down, again

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The NFL continues to be America’s pastime, but fewer people are passing the time watching NFL games.

According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Daily, Monday night’s Eagles-Bears snooze-fest generated an overnight rating of 8.3. That’s an 11-percent drop from last year’s Week Two Monday night matchup between the Jets and the Colts, and it’s also the lowest Week Two Monday Night Football rating “since at least ’09, and likely further back.”

The league has now seen an apple-to-apples ratings drop in each of the seven prime-time games this year. Next week, it may not get any better, with the Texans facing a Tom Brady-free Patriots team, Brian Hoyer and the Bears facing Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, and a Falcons-Saints Monday night contest that goes up against the first presidential debate.

Typically, ratings expectations have been linked to the size of a fan base. With the numbers sagging in 2016, some have argued that the games lack star players, specifically at the quarterback position.

If that’s the case, the NFL has no one to blame but itself for: (1) suspending Brady four games for an equipment violation; and (2) scheduling two Patriots games in prime time during the first four weeks of the season.

Meanwhile, some have asked why PFT keeps pointing out that the ratings are down, given that PFT has a vested interest in the ongoing success of the NFL. Apart from being committed to always telling the truth even when the truth hurts, it’s important to spot troubling trends early and address them quickly in lieu of sitting back and making excuses for a dip in the metrics that determine the success of any business. Whatever the reason(s) for the decline in viewership, the NFL needs to be worried about it — and it needs to be taking action to turn it around instead of waiting for evidence that will suggest it’s not an aberration.

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  1. Since Akbarnick introduced Retro 60s Race Politics to the NFL to complement his new Afro, fan interest has dropped 11 points, and Donald Trump has gained 11 points in the polls.

    He’s having an impact.

  2. Good shows were on other channels this week. I am a serious NFL fan but I was switching channels and then the Bears got killed in second half.

  3. Don’t discount the effect of people “pulling the plug” on their cable subscriptions, in favor of internet/app based streaming tv. If you don’t get ESPN, you can’t tune in.

  4. Its not surprising cobsidering how many horrible teams are in the NFL. 80% of the league is unwatchable.

    Horrible QB play is 1 reason. Goodell is 1A. 2.H orrible matchups, see 80% of the league is u watchable comment.
    3. Constant conmercials and penalties. 3A Goodell

    4. The Best players are prevented from playing due to corrupt League Office & Goodell

  5. For sure it means the NFL will have to give back money to the advertisers and they will not have as much next season to work with so they will have to (try) and charge the carriers more money to make up for it and that aint gonna fly.

  6. They could start by making the games more accessible. They want to show their advertisers lots of viewers, don’t they? I’ll NEVER go back to subscribing to cable television. They want us to PAY to watch their commercials – yea right!

    What does the NFL gain by abiding cable providers and allowing them to require a subscription to view NFL games? It makes no sense. Until hey figure it out. I won’t be watching Monday night. And unless my team is being shown locally on Sunday, I’ve got better things to do.

  7. Whatever the reason(s) for the decline in viewership, the NFL needs to be worried about it — and it needs to be taking action to turn it around instead of waiting for evidence that will suggest it’s not an aberration.


    in other words, Goodell should rescind Brady’s suspension TODAY

  8. Fantasy Football is what is killing football. People used to watch games, now they watch players and if their players aren’t on TV they won’t watch.

  9. Primary problems:

    1. Saturation

    2. National Anthem protests are really offensive fan base

    3. Player celebrations after every single catch, tackle, TD

    4. Tattoo covered bodies and chronic criminal behavior presenting players as nobody parents want their kids to grow up looking or acting like.

    5. Dramatic decline of youth football/high school participation due to injuries and culture game promotes.

    Hate to say it, but all this stuff is starting to catch up to this great sport.

  10. I kinda don’t like Sean McDonough.
    Gruden had to bite his tongue when McD said he didn’t know what ‘protecting the duke’ meant. C’mon man…

    Gruden was great, dump McD

  11. Goodell (v.) — To flub a sure thing in a comical and self-inflicted manner. “She’d had a crush on him for years, but he really goodelled it up when he reversed through her garage and into an adjacent fireworks factory.”

  12. ESPN continues to lose subscribers as the cable exodus continues. There are increasingly more options to use your television without accessing the big networks directly. Viewership is down across the board.

  13. Plenty of better things to do than to support a morally corrupt and despicable commissioner.

    To paraphrase Roger from the draft … “bring it on”. Careful what you wish for Rog.

  14. I am not tuning in to watch protests by those who
    have no clue to their blessings, who don’t understand history, their good fortune, the Luxury of living under this constitution, nor the real
    Contributions made by so many. Yea I have tuned out

  15. The commercials are making it just plain unwatchable. Every time I turned away from the Ram game Sunday, the Bronco game was at a commercial as well. It’s a couple plays per 3-4 minute break. Players now just lay on the field after 3 consecutive plays just to fake a muscle pull to get a breather. Ask your doctor about viagra single packs!

  16. The decline in the ratings, imo, have nothing to do with Brady. The upcoming debate will most likely affect the ratings, but that is understandable. The majority of the loss of ratings can be blamed on the fact that the majority of people (after reading the comments) are not pleased that some players are disrespecting the men & women who died for our freedom. As I am sure you know, it has become a major talking point. Nobody wants to take away their right to take a stand, but do disagree as to how they are doing it. Let them do it on their own time, and not at their workplace. Football is an escape for a lot of people, and they do not want to deal with politics and personal agendas. This affects PFT and the NFL, so the NFL better get their act together and take a firm stance!

  17. Well… yeah. It was an awful game, especially in the 2nd half. And Gruden is just insufferable anymore.

  18. MNF was the #1 show on TV for years before ESPN got their hands on it. Now to top it off the network gets rid of Jackson, Ditka, Keyshaun & Bermann (for most of the program) and has now rendered what was a good pre game show totally unwatchable with the likes of Dilfer, Ponder, and the rest of that faceless, boring group that has been shoved down our throats. My guess is ESPN went to Rex Ryan and asked him how to fix things…..

  19. I think ratings are down across the board because people are cutting the cord, switching off high priced cable and satellite providers and going with streaming services. NFL needs to make sure they have a play for streaming customers.

  20. That’s what happens when you have the most corrupt commissioner in modern American sports history who continually lies and fabricates “scandals” with nothing but lies to back him up.

    I used to watch every single game I could all season long. So far this year have watched only the 2 Pats games and made a point of not even stopping to watch a few seconds of any other game and go right by the channels they’re on.

    Goodell and his cronies are vile and must go!

  21. I know my watching of the NFL is down due to all of the flags and commercials. It’s just not the same…I’m just not that into it anymore and it is, specifically, because of those 2 reasons.

    The players/flag situation, the announcers, the players off-the-field behavior…those things don’t bother or impact me at all. All of those flags and commercials make me tune out though. Just can’t watch anymore. I’d say I simply follow football on Monday mornings nowadays…just to see who won and lost. I can’t stand the actual frustration of watching the games anymore though.

  22. Network Execs: “But if you uphold Brady’s suspension, we’ll see a huge drop in ratings for our prime time games.”
    Goodell: “Our research has shown that the entire female demographic think JimmyG is smokin’ hot.”
    Network Execs: “Well, alrighty, then.”

  23. People are dropping cable TV and using their devices more than ever to entertain themselves. It also doesn’t help when 95% of all media coverage is based on brain injuries, assault, protests and a consensus that all football players are multi-millionaires. You just want to enjoy a game and enjoy yourself.

    It is also a time when people use their DVR’s more than ever. On top of that an election is coming. That means sitting through 3 plus hours of live TV full of political ads that turn people off.

  24. This trend is about the death of cable, not the death of football. Hopefully the NFL will allow individual games to be pay-per-view in the coming years.
    You may think that would cost you more, but by the time it happens you will no longer have a $180 cable bill, one way or the other.

  25. Football used to be rough and violent and unpredictable.

    Now it’s packaged up in a decorative box (too many rules to protect players well being) with fancy ribbons (too many commercials and in depth analysis).

    It’s the difference between watching a street fight and 2 lightweights smacking each other with big soft gloves on to see who scores more points on the judge’s scorecard.

    They have cleaned up the sport to make players safer but at the same time have made it too safe to be thrilling anymore. It’s frustrating to the old school crowd.

    Cuban was right!

  26. The protests happen before kickoff. What about the 3+ hours that matter? Someone kneeling or whatever affects you that much that you would rather watch The Bachelor cause its so upstanding?

  27. Monday night football was the king, until Sunday night football came along. Now SNF almost always has the better game.

    MNF requires cable, SNF doesn’t. TNF requires cable. Many, many people have cut cable.

    Prior to 24/7 internet news, player’s flaws were much more hidden. Now they are out in the open, and there are not too many that I want my kid to grow up emulating.

  28. The NFL has lost touch with the fans in so many ways that there is no one answer to the drop in interest. I personally think Fantasy Football has been one of the worst things to happen to the sport. Fans are more concerned with checking stats on players than on how their favorite team does.
    In addition, the bad calls and officiating wreak of league involvement in attempting to sway the outcomes of games. Most fans root for teams that really don’t have any chance of making it to the playoffs to begin with, and if by some miracle they do, the league will put every effort forth to make sure that at least one (the would hope for two) of their darling teams make it t the Super Bowl.

  29. It’s not the protests. It’s that people are losing interest in a game of flag-filled two hand touch over legislated, over-reviewed, gobblety-gook rules garbage fests between teams with crummy quarterbacks.

    Put on a replay of Giants-Eagles from 1989 with LT and Reggie White slamming folk and it would outperform any of these pansy games

  30. Two things jump out to me

    1) Oversaturation. There is no “offseason” anymore. The draft itself is a three day event, then you get updates from every pass in OTAs, free agent trackers, minicamps, etc…

    2) Protesting our nation is one thing, but disrespecting the flag and anthem is off limits.

    To compare it to something else, if the xmas season was all year round when the day finally came you got a lump of coal, you’d stop caring about that too.

  31. Agree totally with Throw deep PLEEEZ. I cut the pay TV cord in favor of Netflix and Amazon. So what if i miss Monday night – no big loss compared to the $ I save each month.

  32. NFL’s streaming package is too damn expensive. I don’t want to pay for a bunch of games I’ll never watch. Why don’t they offer pay-per-view per game?

  33. National Anthem issue has absolutely tarnished the NFL whether these idiots want to admit it or not……it has been highly damaging to the league…….I did not watch any games and focused on College only.

  34. You can bet the house next SNF with Dallas will be most watched primetime game of the season so far and no ratings drop compared to last year, even against the Bears

  35. National Anthem issue has absolutely tarnished the NFL whether these idiots want to admit it or not……it has been highly damaging to the league…….I did not watch any games and focused on College only

    Kap has his choice to sit or stand…….and my choice is not to pay any money to watch his antics……put that in your pipe and smoke it

  36. Greed is catching up with the NFL. They need to lose the Thursday night games especially if they are concerned at all about player safety. Too many prime times games and it seems that MNF gets the worst matchups. I agree the schedule is a joke. Who wants to see Cutler twice in one week or once for that matter?

  37. I stopped doing anything ESPN related a long time ago. They are just awful. Can’t even correct mistakes about PSI, lies, leaks, muzzling writers, the list goes on and on. TMZ has more journalistic standards.
    The NFL allowing our national anthem to be used to promote a political agenda. Time and Place.
    Goodell. Period, I can’t stop watching a team I’ve rooted for for over forty years, I just can’t, but I buy no merchandise, watch no other games, and support no advertisers. I even gave up my Cialis and Viagra, Bud, Pizza, and changed my insurance from Nation Wide.

  38. I’d like to know just how many real football fans are not watching football solely because a few bozos aren’t standing up during the National Anthem.

    I’ll bet it is a lot lower than all of the anti-Americans like to claim it is.

  39. The simple answer now is the same as it was in the 70’s– Give ’em the Cowboys and the ratings go up.

  40. I`m glad the ratings are going down.The only thing that will get the owners attention is hitting them in the wallet.Goodell is such a fraud.He has done more to damage “the shield” than any player. I`ve refused to spend another dime on a NFL product until he`s gone.
    He has hurt the product on the field and off but since the owners are raking in money they let him go.Once they lose enough fans they will finally let him go.The corruption in the NFL offices is sickening and made feel bad for supporting them.Once they clean up that mess my interest might come back but i have no interest in putting more money in Goodell`s pocket.

  41. While comparing ratings year over year is important, the more important comparison is the ratings v. what else is on TV. If other shows are down more which is likely than while disconcerting not as troubling.

  42. The NFL is embracing making the games a platform for individual political agendas -Football was once a place for safe retreat from those issues. Probably another Goodell initiative. We all saw the sheer arrogance of the NFL in Goodell’s conduct at the draft and with the NFL disregard of due process. An organization that refused its employees due process now trumpets civil liberties and due process while ignoring the murder of police.

    In addition to the above for total drop in viewership, I suspect the audience has leveled off so each avenue you give people to watch outside television will eat into your television viewership.

  43. There are too (2) many teams; not enough quality players to go around. Jacksonville should be liquidated; the other team is a tough choice between Tennessee, Buffalo, San Diego. The concussion issue driving athletes away will make it worse.

  44. No Cowboys on Monday night football until December 26th and you wonder why? cowboys games are always the highest ranked games on TV, love them or hate them.

  45. The people who aren’t watching the games because of 3 minutes at the beginning of the telecast are fools and idiots. If you really love football, how do you let that dissuade you from watching your favorite team?

  46. I dump cable 2 years ago, use a regular antenna and streaming. So now when a game is on : as stated above commercial and play stoppage is un watchable. They also have a very bad schedule this year.

  47. What do you expect when we have players acting like they’re at a Black Panther rally and the league turns a blind eye?

  48. That’s what happens when you have the most corrupt commissioner in modern American sports history who continually lies and fabricates “scandals” with nothing but lies to back him up.

    I used to watch every single game I could all season long. So far this year have watched only the 2 Pats games and made a point of not even stopping to watch a few seconds of any other game and go right by the channels they’re on.

    Goodell and his cronies are vile and must go!

  49. I like all the folks saying they are protesting the NFL because of some players and the anthem.

    If you are protesting the NFL, what the hell are you doing on an NFL rumor site???

  50. It is a convergence of multiple things going on. The sad attempt to “get people talking,” the jealousy of fans (mired in college debt) over people making more than they make in decades in one season who barely speak english intelligbly. Throw on top of that complicated rules and endless commercials followed with a replay system that college has a great handle on yet the nfl bungles. The outgrageous cost of attending games, buying jerseys made for $2 in Chiner, off field issues, no harmony between owners and the union, etc e To quote Shooter McGavin, “It would be the perfect storm”

  51. You people getting bent about who stands for the National Anthem have got your priorities completely wrong. But please, do boycott away! If you’re boycotting, what are you doing here?

  52. At some point the NFL bubble will burst. Probably after baby boomers start moving on and the NFL attempts pay for view. the public is going to get smarter about being fleeced for new stadiums and this move toward global games.

  53. 1. Protests & politics
    2. Too many preseason games
    3. Need individual pay-per-view
    4. Fewer Flags
    5. Fewer Commercials
    6. Back to 3 hour games
    7. Less storyline nonsense, this shouldn’t be my little pony.!

  54. I’m not watching anything other than Pats games because of the NFL’s handling of this offseason and these ridiculous millionaire-protests.

    I used to watch any game that was on, now I purposely avoid watching them.

  55. There were many excellent points here. It is true that TV and cable ratings are down. The counting of online viewing is still inaccurate. The NFL needs the casual fans in order to grow or keep pace. The match ups need to be exciting with big stars. Many of the current QBs are unknown and boring. There are too many commercials and the silly celebrations after even minor plays are ridiculous. Cable subscriptions are declining which hits MNF hard. SNF is now the big event. I have switched to watching college football. The Big Ten is great right now.

  56. “Typically, ratings expectations have been linked to the size of a fan base”

    this is an old-school way of thinking.

    Nowadays, fantasy football has become as big of a driver for ratings as fan bases are.

    That’s why I think NO-ATL will generate better ratings — there’s a lot of fantasy players on each team.

    Unless people want to watch the debate over football…

  57. U want ratings just put the cowboys on every week and in every slot reruns of them would destroy games like eagles/bears love em or hate em everybody watches em stop putting on irrelevant teams problem solved

  58. I’m thinking it’s due to the horrible commentators. As if John Gruden wasn’t full of himself enough, you throw the world’s most boring commentator in with him. Sean McDonough and John Gruden are two of the worst commentators by far in this sport. Those two need to be doing some bowling matches. People want to watch football, and not have to mute it every time one of the two dummies wants to talk.

  59. The reality is the nfl continues to dip as a product. I dont give a damn about the teams. Im only concern with individual players for fantasy. Who cares???

  60. I am boycotting the NFL. Meanwhile, during the anthem, Joe Patriot is sitting in his lazy boy, clicking it back a few more notches and flipping the remote over to Jeopardy (hosted by a Canadian) instead.


  61. People stream games I don’t believe those count in the ratings. I rather stream the game and watch something else or do something else on my tv.

    Also the match ups are boring, the people boycotting over the political issue are mostly casual fans that don’t know much about the game.

  62. I can only give my personal feelings and I’ve noticed this year by Sunday night I’m spent. Between watching the games, that because of all the replays are basically doubled in total eyeball viewing time, and at the same time watching redzone and at the same time scanning pft, espn etc on my phone by the time Football night in America is over I’m done. Sunday night at 9:30 I was laying in bed watching a Cheers rerun. And combine all that with ESPN’s new team just being utterly unwatchable this year I had no interest at all in watching last night.

  63. So obvious this was going to happen. Keep calling penalties on almost every play, always stoppage for one reason or another, keep taking the physically out of the game, and this is what you get, plain and simple. Who wants to see the league self distruct? You can’t hit a player high, you can’t hit him low, defensive players have their hands tied or handcuffed, and your not supposed to get this kind fan reaction?The fans love the game of football, but the owners don’t want physical contac for fear of lawsuits. The more you try to fix what ain’t broke, the more you break it. They, ‘The Owners and Goddell.’ They are now beginning to reap what they have sown.

  64. Yep, cable cutters are going to put downward pressure on viewership until ESPN comes up with a better way for people without cable to watch TV. I followed the game cast while watching something else, but I would have watched the game had I been able to get it.

  65. There are several reasons:

    1. Quality of the product – the quality of the game is diluted. Between poor tackling, constant rule changes (Does anyone know what a catch is these days?), below average QB play, rules slanted towards offense, and oh yeah, BAD teams. Is the game as enjoyable as say, even 10 years ago?

    2. Over-saturation – I think the NFL has reached their saturation point, in games and coverage.

    3. Protests – Those who don’t think this is having at least a slight impact probably also believe that terrorists can be dealt with peaceably.

    4. Sub-plots – It’s almost like the games have become secondary to court cases, player arrests, etc.

    5. Cable shift – As others mentioned, the continued fragmentation of TV.

    Personally, I think the NFL needs to focus on #1 if they want to remain #1, in the years to come.

  66. Remember that tv ratings are based on limited people having boxes in their houses. So 20,000 dictate what the ratings are.
    Now saying that, for me I watch way less football than I used to because of the way the game is played. People want a violent game to be safe. In doing that, you kill the spirit of the game. And the media drives for this change. The fans aren’t calling for a “safer” game.

  67. Yep, Reasons 3-5 not noted but brought up by most

    3) Anti-American protests
    4) Stereotyping a group of people (Police)
    5) Celebrating Racist Black Panther Party

    Nice Work NFL! Can’t wait for the flag burning protest!

  68. If there was ever a case where a broadcast severely misses an ex-broadcaster, it’s MNF. Sean McDonough seems like a real nice guy but he’s a snoozefest. His monotone voice and G-rated commentary just deaden the whole broadcast.

    People love or hate Gruden but at least he has a pulse. MNF is supposed to be exciting and it’s up to the talent in the booth to liven things up if the game itself isn’t so great.

    I also feel that you can’t overlook the fact that people are cutting the cord with cable more and more too.

  69. The disconnect between billionaires and Joe 6 pack is what’s ruining the game. The every day working stiff IS your customer, and the billionaires have no clue as to what we want. The have opinion groups, and studies and surveys et al, that are all useless. When they really drop the ball, ala Ray Rice, then the are over reactionary.Just do the right thing, oh that’s right, you need someone to tell you what that is.

  70. fatguystrangler seems to understand the spectrum of reasons but I’ll add more:

    Banal broadcasters droning on and on, some of whom appear to be watching a different game than is being broadcast, dropping the same names over and over again, trying to make some tenuous connection to the video feed.

    I’m sure there are a fair number of helicopter parents who cringe whenever that “realistic” parabolic mike happens to be pointed at the coach while he blisters the entire line that just blew a play. Lately it’s been multiple times in the same game. Isn’t there some delay feature they could use?

    Oh yeah… the sappy overreactions to routine plays. OK, guy. You got him. He’s down. Give it a rest. I’m ok with celebrating big plays, but when you’re ahead by 47 points and the opposing QB has been sacked for the 7th time it’s not special.

    Someone else mentioned saturation. Yep. That’ll do it too. “Yawn. FOOTBALL! JEEEEZUZ! Again! What happened to TV?” Want to see ratings plummet? Make every day football day.

    Then there’s the music. Not the stadium music. Not the bands for the college games. It’s the network’s “indefatigable-inspirational” theme song that batters the eardrums every thirty seconds. We’ve heard it. We’re sick of it. Turn it off.

    And lastly, finish the friggin’ game on time, stop jumping to the next out of market game just because it happens to be still running. Set your schedules up so those who want to watch a show AFTER the game don’t have to determine that the show begins at 10:23 instead of 9:30.

    Ergo 10% drop.

  71. I couldn’t care less about protests. The problems are 1)number of commercials
    2)every play is replayed and reviewed to see if it needs to be reviewed
    3)every play is then reviewed
    4) players ridiculous demonstrations after every play, whether it be a TD or a 1 yard gain
    5)crap teams
    7)”we are reviewing the call on the field”
    8)kickoff(commercial,commercial,commercial)first play(injury or review-commercial,commercial,commercial) punt(commercial,commercial,commercial) and commercial read by announcer while coming back from commercial. Lather,rinse, repeat.
    I don’t watch football anymore…

  72. The people who think it’s not the protest don’t get it. People are patriotic, they have family, friends, loved ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice for what that flag represents. Also, the people who made that sacrifice didn’t do it for money, but for the love of their country. Thats the problem, they’re going about it the wrong way. They said its bigger than football rite? If that’s the case then strike, don’t play until you feel you’ve been heard. Players strike for money all the time. So if this is bigger than football, bigger than money, than make that sacrifice for your cause. I’d have nothing but respect because now you’re taking a real stand, putting your money where your mouth is. Let’s be honest, do you really think what they’re doing now is really gonna make a difference. It’s only dividing people more. I understand this country isn’t perfect, there’s lots of problems, but until we all unite as Americans things will never change. My ignorance got the best of me on a few posts, & I apologize if I offended anyone….. I honestly love all people. Sports were one thing everyone had in common. Race, religion, creed, nothing mattered, it’s when we are all just people playing/watching a game for enjoyment. We all need to come together & enjoy life, because it’s way too short for hate.

  73. ^ Thank you for overexplained reasons 43,212 through 43,216

    The real reasons are 1-4. No hitting, flags, vague rules, stoppages. Stadium music and out of market games?

  74. Everyone here is blabbing why they aren’t watching as much…but this has been evident for years.

    Look at the average age of the NFL viewer, it has been steadily increasing, it is now into the 40s.

    It is clear the NFL is not reaching younger generations the same it needs too. Baseball is seeing the same increasing age.

    Incidentally NBA and MLS are seeing viewership increase and average viewer ages in the 20s.

    This is just a tipping point of years of an increasing fan base, they’re now dying faster than more are coming. If the NFL doesn’t find away to get young people into it again, it won’t be the most popular sport in 20 years.

  75. Eagles guaranteed the ratings would be down the minute they announced they were going to “protest”.

    Keep biting the hand that feeds you and see how that works out…..

  76. Thursday games spelled the end of MNF. After three days of football possibly four if you watch college or go to a high school game on Fridays people are footballed out. It’s why the MNF matchups now are weakest of each week.

  77. I really do think the protests are hurting. I keep hearing people say they’re boycotting and I didn’t believe them but perhaps it’s really happening.
    And as for McDonough, anything is better than Tirico.

  78. Protests are cutting into ratings; along with a lot of other reasons stated above. I like football but I am boycotting the games over the players protesting. Add up all the reasons that dissatisfied fans are giving in above posts and the nfl cannot hope to keep fans from watching less football.

  79. “If that’s the case, the NFL has no one to blame but itself for: (1) suspending Brady four games for an equipment violation; and (2) scheduling two Patriots games in prime time during the first four weeks of the season.”

    If believing that helps you sleep at night, then go right on believing it. The truth is that the NFL, through its “star” players, has delivered a massive middle finger to the United States of America and the people who love her. And they are dropping the NFL like the steaming turd it is.

  80. The political correctness crapola is what will lead the the end of football. People use sports as an escape from the world. The nonstop leftist politics coming from the league (AND ESPN!) are annoying and directly opposite of what most sports fans want to hear.

    Also, Commissioner Goodell needs to go, and the role of commissioner should be much less high-profile. Certainly, they shouldn’t have undertaken that witch-hunt against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Stupid and obviously not a punishment intended to attone for any crime, other than the Patriots being too good!

  81. I’m proud to declare that I am one of those contributing to the ratings decline. Haven’t watched a game all season because of the disrespect demonstrated by these overpaid, semi-literate ingrates. And won’t. I’ve discovered I don’t miss it one whit.

    And Goodell’s PC cowardice along with the NFL’s (and his) coddling of violent felons and the efforts to besmirch Dr. Omalu for his temerity in bringing attention to the lies the league sought to foist on the public and the players at the expense of those players, have caused me to find other joyful things to do with my Sundays — and Mondays — and Thursdays.

    So take all the knees you want.

  82. Simple solution. The League must require that the teams remain in the locker room until after the National Anthem.

  83. Don’t worry, as soon as TRUMP is elected president and shows up MFN or any other TV broadcast the network ratings will explode. Every TV in America will be watching.
    Trump throwing out the first ball of baseball will elevate the broadcast and MLB viewership by miles.
    Trump is the mega viewer magnet..

  84. When the players earning millions of $$$ stop their silly “protest” the viewers might come back. Me – not likely. The commissioner did not let one team honor police but now of course he is letting the so called protesters reign free. Time to end the free gravy.


  86. People watch football for an escape. Now they get political crap in their face when they just want to watch a good game. Not to hard to figure out.

  87. With the Far Left Media attacking NFL football, the racist black players making millions while playing the victim card, and new rules that say a player can’t get hit too hard, it’s Game Over. Hello Premier League.

  88. Until Goodell is fired, I will be skipping all NFL telecasts except my home team…and even then, I will TEVO that game and skip thru the 100+ commercials to view the 11 minutes of real action. It’s liberating.
    When Goodell is gone, I will consider altering my stance against the NFL Corporation and the duplicitous Face of the NFL…..Herr Goodell

  89. College Football is simply more entertaining. Every nfl team runs the exact same offense one that only 3 QBs on earth can run and make look entertaining. 25 teams have hopeless futures because they don’t have one of these QBs. The games are just not as fun as college. College has more explosive plays and drama. Rivalry and history. The nfl has the jaguars.

  90. Problem’s NFL is facing

    1. goodell
    2. goodell
    3. goodell
    4. bringing politics in
    5. goodell approving the protests
    6. goodell
    7. goodell

  91. The NFL has been turned into a platform for every left wing goofball cause that comes down the pike. If I see any more pink i think I’ll puke!

  92. It is amazing to me by the comments I read, that there are so many totally oblivious people whose only purpose seems to be to watch football games and ignore the rest of reality. Football seems to be like a drug addiction.

  93. Watching Antonio Brown was discusting. Millionaires protesting the country and supporting groups that want cops killed are pathetic. I know several people who have stopped watching. Far to many games on TV. You don’t need Thursday or Sunday Night.

  94. Take a look athe “Likes” on these comments and you will find the numbers are vastly against the way that idiots like Kaepernick are tarnishing the brand. Just peruse the thread and you will see it.

    I have turned off the NFL, and Women’s Soccer. IF they want to blame me for all the Black on Black Violence, 40 million Black kids dead from Abortions, and poor outcomes liberal policy have had on them, I can find other pursuits for my time.

    Rugby looks better every day…

  95. I refuse to watch or allow my children to watch any organization that promotes lawlessness hate and racism as these phony anti-American , racist football players are doing in every game. We all already knew Godell was an idiot, but this is it…no more football…NASCAR is in the chase portion of the year, good American values and genuine love of our Country and our Freedoms on display for our TEAM…TEAM AMERICA…FOOTBALL HATES OUR TEAM, LETS HATE EM BACK…NO TICKETS, NO MEMORABILIA, NOTHING…SHUT DOWN FANTASY GAMES.

  96. Complain to any and all NFL related sponsors. I cancelled DIRECTV … DVD’s are a lot cheaper and more interesting than NFL politics.

  97. Oh yes, Police…refuse to work the football games, make the NFL hire security to protect and serve.


  98. NFL players protesting during games cause me to turn off the TV. I have better things to do. When all the players become sport entertainers and not political hacks I’ll start watching again. The players can protest all they want when not on duty with the NFL.

  99. A single game of NFL football is becoming unwatchable. 3.5 to 4 hrs of Programing to televise a 60 minute game that has 20 minutes of action. Unless you have more than one game going at one time in a bar or money on the game it’s becoming to easy,to tune out if the game isn’t great.

  100. Until the NFL dumps its association with the social justice warriors, reinforces pro-American activity (like the veteran and LEO celebrations) and gets back to being about football, the numbers will keep dropping. I’m gone and folks I know are gone for THESE reason alone. We don’t care about the announcers when we’re watching reruns on another channel.

  101. The people posting here about the internet, boring teams and other problems are deluded. The main problem is that the NFL have allowed their players to take a knee while at work during the National Anthem. I am a big time sports fan and so is my husband, a Vietnam Vet, and my nephew, an Iraq War vet, but we all began boycotting the NFL as soon as they failed to control their employees.

    This also means I am considering a switch from Verizon, an NFL sponsor, after we have been their customers since 1989, and changed my mind about the Ford SUV I was considering when I found out they were NFL sponsors. This is serious and the NFL thumbs their noses at their fans who are also patriotic every time they allow their players to be filmed on their knees when they should be on their feet with their hands over their hearts.

  102. I’ve been a NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber since it started. Not anymore. I also served 20 years in the military. I’m sick of these spoiled brats bad-mouthing my country. So, I’m keeping my own money.

  103. Haven’t watched the NFL for decades. I like my Sundays’, Monday Nights, lots of time to do many other things and the TV off saves the electric bill as well. With NFL players becoming anti-American, no need to start supporting their massive salaries. Let em all go starve.

  104. I cannot believe the billionaire owners of these teams, that made their money in the United States, allows this to happen, and allows the puppet Commish say what he said. This is very very sad. PC has hit the NFL. Unbelievable.

  105. It’s just like college football: ratings are way down because fewer people are getting cable or satellite. Have you seen the prices of those after the introductory rate expires???? It’s a nightmare. I promise you, someday the Super Bowl will be on ESPN and won’t be nationally televised. All the college football and most of the college basketball playoff games and championship games are on cable and satellite.

  106. Seriously don’t recognize the power of boycott or loss of interest in watching athletes disrepect America is a reason for low ratings??? I am an Eagles fan and decided against watching the game because of their announcement.

  107. I used to cheer on a big play. Now, I first look for a flag. Then I wonder if there’s going to be a review. Cheering (really relief) is delayed for 2-3 minutes. The NFL is unwatchable. Throw in Goodell and the moronic protests and I’m done.

  108. I’m from St. Louis. The NFL systematically colluded with Rams owner Stanley Kroenke to smear our city and lie to our faces for a decade. Mr Goodell and Mr. Kroenke are despicable human beings. They have by-laws that were ignored and manipulated to grease the way for Mr. Kroenke to embarrass our fine city. They moved the goal post every time one of their demands was met. For 2 years people devoted their every waking moment to secure a great deal for the Rams to stay and the whole time they had no intention of letting that happen. Honesty and integrity are no longer a part of the NFL, just greed. The product is getting worse and the cost is unaffordable to the average person. The NFL is no longer allowed in my home! Mr. Goodell and Mr. Kroenke can both go to hell!

  109. Between the bad announcing and the demonstrations (if I want social commentary, there are much better sources than ESPN and Pro Football), a lot of my friends say they just check the scores and don’t watch the games much anymore. Besides, for awhile there was Rugby…and that is a much faster and entertaining gave (they have fewer serious injuries, yet don’t use the protection that the NFL employs).

  110. I have been a football fanataic for several decades now. But what I am seeing is a Politically Correct group of whiney millionaires, disrespecting our country, by their own words and their actions during the national anthem.

    I have not watched ONE GAME since Kaper has started his politically correct BS activity, that has been taken up by mental lightweights that tend to populate the NFL.

    At this point, I don’t care a bit if I see even one game this year. As long as this Leftist BS continues, I’ve got many other things to do with my life that I didn’t realize I liked as well as, if not better than, NFL football.

  111. The ratings are down because there are two sucky teams playing and everybody knows it. There’s other things to watch/do than watch a train wreck of a game.

    These next two weeks are premiere weeks on the networks so if the teams are sucky, the wife might get her way and watch the new shows coming on.

  112. Please, NFL, PLEASE lose the social-justice crap and get back to playing the game. Get it through your incredibly thick skulls that the fans don’t watch football to be preached to. You guys are doing what screwed up the movies – take a hint, for heavens’ sake.

  113. I find it hard to believe that a little bit of protest is keeping a good number of red-blooded Americans from watching America’s Game.
    It’s probably a bit of everything. Cord-cutting, lack of marquee QBs, daily fantasy getting stifled, the product, injuries, changing viewing habits/platforms.

  114. These players live off of the white man’s money and I’m not gonna give it to them. Maybe their next act can be burning the flag on the field and beating a Pinata of Trump. I won’t be there to see it.

  115. Roger Goodell/Beyonce’s Black Panther Tribute, the Owners, and these BLM tributes, have destroyed the NFL experience. I cancelled the NFL package and will no longer watch as these people spit on the fans, and our flag.

  116. I used to watch the NBA of Larry Bird and John Havlicek… not interested in the gangsta NBA. The NFL has been heading that way for a while, and the whole BLM stupidity is pushing me over the edge.

  117. The nfl needs to “Man Up” again and get the crybabies out. All it is anymore is hype and an ad revenue every time you turn around. BTW If what he does does not matter then why did it matter when Tim Tebow took a knee when scoring? Or is it showing your bigotry to one faith and the open arms for another? Get some Honor back.

  118. All I want to do is watch my favorite team from where I grew up, but unless they are playing a team from this market or I pay through the nose, all I can do is listen to talking heads run the tape. As for the protests, I fought and bled and am disabled because of what that flag represents. So, when you protest that flag and the anthem that goes with it, you are giving a giant middle finger to the nation and its system of governance that enabled you to even get played to play the game. Your ignorant protests should be about the people who go outside the system to adversely impact the live of people of all colors.

  119. I’m a Redskins fan, so watching is mostly a waste of time.

    I dont think the league will let them win (that’s right, I said it and I believe it) regularly until they change their name from Redskins to something like Tomato Skins.

    The league has gone politically correct and so afraid to hurt a player, its losing its appeal. At some point I expect it to resemble flag football…pink, cancer awareness flags…as if ANYONE is not aware of cancer. We watch football to escape life’s realities…not wallow in them…Kaepernick!

    My new rule is “I only watch the Redskins when they win” (And I dont watch any other team unless what they do affects the Skins).

    That’s right, the primary reason I still get Dish is the DVR. I hardly ever watch a game live…only when other people are around because for some reason people cant wrap their heads around a DVR’d game…as if watching it live actually matters in life. It doesn’t even affect betting and idiotic fantasy football usually, unless you are betting on the fly as the game proceeds. I dont gamble; learned that lesson as a child.

    Fact is, most sports dont matter in life once out of little league, except for the rare few who can make a living at the Pro level. Life doesn’t change when your team wins for a fan, except bragging rights, and bragging is in poor character.

    The Romans created stadium/Colosseum sports to keep the simple people from fighting among themselves and causing mischief. Gives them something to do rather than focus on life.

    I’m never bored. I always have something else tangible to do.

  120. This has less to do with poor games and a lack of superstars. Sure Brady is out, but the only real superstar missing this season is Peyton manning.

    This has everything to do with players disrespecting the flag, the anthem, and the country, while others are giving the Black Power salute.

    Football fans want to see football, not political statements. Until this nonsense stops, people like me will continue to boycott the NFL.

  121. I’ve been watching the NFL since the early 1970’s and have loved every second of it.
    I’ve watched ZERO NFL football this year and will NOT watch one second all season.
    Everybody has issues in this country that we don’t like or want to change. Blacks are not the only people with grievances and cops killing Blacks is not even close to their biggest crisis.
    We’ve all got issues with things in the country but when the national anthem is played, we STAND together.
    This protest is a mindless bunch of garbage that should never be permitted by employees. Imagine if retail employees were wearing their protest in front of you in stores? Uh, would NEVER happen. Goodell is a huge buffoon. I encourage everyone to find something more productive to do when NFL games are on!

  122. I’m transitioning off a lifetime of watching the NFL. I might stick around as a Cowboy’s fan because Jerry Jones is a patriot. I quit completely and forever on my 49ers.
    Sundays are becoming free year round for me now.

  123. Goodell is pleased with the anti-American protests, kneeling during anthem, hiring Beyonce to put on an anti-cop halftime show, raised black power salute during anthem. Wonder how he likes the NFL boycott? If you support your team, you support Kaepernick.

  124. I gave up on the NFL for good a year ago, and while I miss watching my favorite teams play, it’s not likely I’ll ever return to watching football. The final straw for me was the whole Ritchie Icognito “bullying” fiasco.

    The game seems to have been infected and infested by the hand wringing social nannies. When is the last time you saw a fight on the field? When I was a kid you saw fights routinely, but now if two players start mixing it up, the camera immediately goes to the crowd, the coaches, or the commentators.

    Football is a game of violence, there is no place for pink shoes, pink jerseys or safe spaces.

  125. In this article not one mention of the REAL reason fans aren’t tuning in: the NFL has become the mouthpiece for the Black Lives Matter hate group and continues to endorse players insulting our flag, police officers and military personnel. Its almost funny watching the media pretend this isn’t the reason for sagging ratings. Apparently the NFL and PFT don’t realize most NFL fans do not sympathize with that ideology and actually find it offensive. The leftist media and Roger Goodell may be cheering on Kaepernick and the few idiots who have bothered to follow suit but nobody else is. I will continue my BOYCOTT of the NFL and will not watch any games for the foreseeable future.

  126. The players have a constitutional right to boycott the National Anthem. The NFL however is a corporation and the teams can fine or suspend players who choose to sit during the anthem.

    when I read that players were taking a knee on 9/11 of all days, I took my constitutional right to boycott the NFL. I will not watch it or support it in any way. My decision means almost nothing to the bottom line of the NFL, but I am not alone.

    Most of us in this country realize our government is corrupt, that racism unfortunately exists on both sides along with a huge list of other problems we have. We all tune in to the NFL to get a break from it all. I choose not to be subjected to players giving the Black Panthers salute or kneeling behind a soldier holding a flag knowing how uncomfortable that must be for that poor kid knowing he chose to risk his life to protect us. I’m not spending a dime or a minute in support of that

  127. #BoycottTheNFL #BoycottNFL #BoycottESPN Americans are sick and tired of the leftist degeneracy pushed at ESPN and are no longer entertained by watching a bunch of criminals give each other concussions on Sunday. If you watch NFL – you are a CUCK.

  128. The bears were absolutely terrible last year, its not like we thought they would be better than 5-11 this year!! Who in their right mind is making these night game schedules. What on earth made you look at the nfl schedule and decide Bears v Eagles might be a nice intriguing match-up this upcoming season. Whether you are against players kneeling or not there is NO reason to watch these games. You would think the NFL knows how to schedule a decent match-up for a night game. This isn’t the first year they screw have screwed up night game scheduling.

  129. Brady cheated on the field! I applaud Goodell for saying the league won’t put up with that. I’m so sick of these apologists who want to believe a mediocre QB who landed on a great team that never misses a beat when he’s gone is somehow untouchable. Richard Nixon is turning over in his grave. All he had to do was burn those tapes obviously.

  130. If you think the new rule about placing the ball at the 25 yard line for an end zone kick-off was /is for player safety,think again. Its got Goodell’s greedy fingerprints all over it. the commish and the owners figured that 95% would not be returned and they can shoot right to,you guessed it,another thirty second commercial. Thankfully,some coaches (belichick) don’t feel like giving their opponanants 25 free yards and kicking the ball short. i hope this pi$$es the nfl off to no end

  131. crappygovernment says:
    Sep 20, 2016 6:36 PM

    Self-respecting Christian viewers left when Tebow was railroaded out for his proselytizing Christianity!

    Folks were fine when other players thanked God when interviewed after games. What was different about Tebow? Aside from being honest, devout, hard working, having no criminal record or multiple out of wedlock kids by multiple baby mamas and of course, white.

    Yeah, glad that cancer is gone.

  132. nflfolly says:
    Sep 20, 2016 1:15 PM
    Ratings are down because of the players disrespecting our country. Boycott the NFL.

    4732 264
    Report comment
    Boycott the game just to look for comments they can agree with..
    “Racism disguised as Patriotism”

  133. “when I read that players were taking a knee on 9/11 of all days, I took my constitutional right to boycott…”
    Blah, blah, blah…..9/11 was an inside job. If you want to get mad at somebody get mad at the administration that allowed it… I mean oops, get mad at yourself for voting for it. If you voted for George W. Bush…then YOU voted for 9/11.

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