Report: Bears “preparing for a lengthy absence” for Jay Cutler

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler admitted he was worried last night, and the Bears are as well.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Bears are “preparing for a lengthy absence” for their starting quarterback after last night’s right thumb injury.

They’re apparently debating the method of treatment now, whether he needs surgery to fix the injured thumb. He left last night in a cast, and said he couldn’t grip the ball properly, which contributed to an interception.

Brian Hoyer came on in relief last night. He’s the only other quarterback on their 53-man roster, though they have Matt Barkley on their practice squad so they have two healthy arms to get them through practice while they decide on a direction.

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  1. Brett Favre may have been able to throw it to the upper section of the stands in practice but Brian Hoyer almost made it to the stands during an actual game!

  2. IDK but have to assume there’s a spark of optimism in Chicago when they read, “Bears preparing for a lengthy absence from Jay Cutler”.

  3. That game was so enjoyable. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving Chicago fan base of meatball mouths and crowbar-swinging tough guys who talk tough and then fall hard. Love it.

  4. Gee, NFL, all those recent years’ rule changes to protect the QB have had a big impact – literally – on the slew of injured QBs over that time.

  5. On a personal level I feel bad for him.

    As a fan I have to say good riddance! The Bears will be better off without him. They’re going to struggle this year anyway so perhaps this will be the impetus to go out and get a real QB in the draft.

    Regarding the thumb causing him to throw the interception, what was the excuse for the bazilion he threw before in his career?

  6. vusnu said:

    “Wow. Eagles have knocked out starting QB’s in both of their games this year with significant injuries.”


    Ben Roethlisberger better be aware of that for Sunday’s game, since his list of injuries is nearly as long as Jay Cutler’s.

  7. The Bears ignored the QB position for years and tried using a bunch of band-aid backups instead of developing/grooming a QB to take Cutler’s spot. David Fales? Josh McCown? Brian Hoyer? What a joke of an organization. There is no long term situation for this team. A team like Philly gets a new coach and bring in 3 QB’s to “compete” for the starting spot and look they find a future/current star in Wentz and trade Bradford for a 1st rounder. The Bears have never brought in anyone to even compete with Cuter. What a joke. Terrible organization….

    -Bears fan who has given up all hope.

  8. Where did all of the expert commenters go that were telling us that Cutler was faking his inury? They must be writing their retractions. I thought it was cool that football “fans” thought they could actually make a diagnosis from TV or the internet.

  9. She-gles fans are giddy! They have managed to defeat the two worst teams in the NFL and now believe their QB is all set for a 12 win season and playoff run. Stop me if you have heard this one before folks…….

  10. Translation: Bears career over.

    “With the 3rd pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select Deshone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame.”

  11. Jay Cutler is this era’s version of Jeff George, a guy with all the tools to be one of the best QB’s ever, but never will come close for one reason or another.

  12. Bears going nowhere this season.
    Tank the rest of the season and draft a QB.
    Cutler is a lost cause and won’t get the Bears anywhere. Take any offer you can get for him asap.

  13. I hope so, he deserves better than always being stuck behind a crap o-line and a team with zero defense.

    Fox pre-game.

    We are going to get off the bus running and lean on our defence.

    1’st half ends

    we have rushed the ball 4 times while the eagles with a rookie qb go on 13 play 8 minute drives. With literally all day to throw the ball.
    Cutler could be a top 5 QB if he could play against the bear no pressure cover zero defence.

    I am no Cutler lover but he is far from the biggest problem with this team which he proved last year. And the Fox/Pace did nothing to make any other part of this team better.

  14. People are idiots. Hoyer better than Cutler? Please! He came in vs a prevent defense that knew they had the game in the bag. Everyone who doesnt understand football blames Cutler. How about the fact both tackles are getting beat every play! What QB is going to excel when 1 or both end rushers are coming right at them ever time he drops back? Excluding 5 games from J McCown what QB has even been able to pick up a 1st down for the Bears when Cutler has been out? Anyone remember the days of Rex Grossman, Kordell Stewart, Moses Moreno, Craig Krenzel, Jason Campbell, Jimmy Clausen, Henry Burris? I do and it was horrifying! Cutler has been the best QB the Bears have had since Sid Luckman. The problem is he’s barely had an O-line and WRs at the same time. When he has he has produced, but then we didn’t have a defense. Cutler isn’t Brady or Rodgers but when protected is in that 10-12th best QB range which is something the Bears have rarely ever experienced. Get a clue people and becareful what you wish for!

  15. chicagosportsfan11 says:
    Sep 20, 2016 11:06 AM
    If the Bears would of drafted a QB they could play him
    This Ryan Pace- John Fox marriage has shown nothing!

    As much as Bear fans hate to hear this phrase “you need more time” Much like a draft you need to give a coach and GM 3 seasons before you start grading them.

    They just started their second season, and still dealing with the previous regimes mess. While I feel they should have been more aggressive transitioning to players that Fox would be able to turn that defense around quicker with ( especially the 2015 draft, you still need to give them time, and if you cant do that, then don’t bother getting ridding of the previous group.

  16. If i understand it right he is only 2 million dead cap space next year if he is cut.

    I would say this will be his last year in CHI. It will be something both parties will be happy with.

  17. This one play defined Hoyer. 4th and 1. Do the Bears do a quick slant for a yard? No. Hoyer takes the snap and doesn’t see receiver open. He scrambles, runs around, avoids a sack, throws up a jump ball in the end zone off his back foot.


  18. QB Film Room says:
    Sep 20, 2016 11:07 AM

    Hoyer time. Dude its The Jim Schwartz D, he learned under Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams. Why do you think Suh did all that dirty stuff? Because of Schwartz
    Being a Lions fan, I have to agree. I had watched Schwartz’s defense in TN, and had high hopes for him as a HC. Clearly, that didn’t go so well. But he was successful in Tennessee, Buffalo, and now look at what is happening in Philly. There is no arguing that the man knows how to build and coach a truly nasty defense.

  19. Welcome to the injured starter fan club Bears fans — although it will be interesting to see how many Bears fans are actually happy over this turn of events. For all his warts, Cutler is better than Hoyer.

  20. Tough break Bears fans. I know a lot of you don’t like Cutler, but you do have to admit when he gets hot he is as good as anybody in the League. Problem is when he is Cold he is as BAD as the worst too…
    The Vikings will have a QB to trade next year, but that doesn’t help much..
    The Vikings would be the best deal; As a Fan I know how inept they are at picking QB talent, so they will keep the wrong one.
    But what the hell is going on with starting QB’s this year?
    I can smell another rule change to protect QB’s more..
    perhaps someone to hold their hand? lol

  21. richndc,

    yes eagles beat 2 bad teams. but buff and your wash redskins are worse than cleve and chic.

    wash lost 2 HOME GAMES. they are toast. cousins and DEEE shawn. what a lovely pair.

  22. In all fairness to Cutler, the Bears have one of the worst O-lines in football. Pro Football Focus rated them 30th. Cutler would probably be a lot better with a good O-line and a good running back.

  23. No QB can take the beating Cutler takes week in, weak out. Line has to protect the guy. He’s not a bad QB at all. He gets a bad rap because his teammates don’t protect him. He needs a lot of help out there. Bears not off to a good start.

  24. They should make an effort after the season to get Garoppolo and not just because he’s from Chicago. He has proven that he understands the NFL game and has been seasoned. College draft picks are risky, even those in the first round.

  25. I’ve been a bears fan my whole life. I’m not mad. I’m not sad. It’s way past that. I am totally apathetic . I hope Virginia and George are paying attention. Your husband and grandfather, respectively , is rolling in his grave. I’m beginning to think the Bears are Cursed.
    I almost seems like you couldn’t try, and be this bad.

  26. I’ve been a bears fan my whole life. I’m not mad. I’m not sad. It’s way past that. I am totally apathetic . I hope Virginia and George are paying attention. Your father and grandfather, respectively , is rolling in his grave. I’m beginning to think the Bears are Cursed.
    I almost seems like you couldn’t try, and be this bad.

  27. jjb0811 says:
    Sep 20, 2016 11:07 AM

    Lengthy as in he’s never shown up in the 3-4 years he’s been there. 1 playoff game I think. I do love his game face though, great snapshot.

    This is Cutler’s 8th season in Chicago.

  28. phkrames says:
    Sep 20, 2016 11:04 AM
    @vunsu This would be accurate except he hurt it in a game one against the Texans and the team made the boneheaded decision to let him play last night.


    Right, and Fox also alluded to the break in 2011 as a factor. But this is pretty much par for the course with the Bears. This whole organization is a disaster magnet.

  29. Most Bears fan are hoping that the absence will be at least 15 weeks. The shame is that we are still paying him 20 million per year and all we want is a tank and a really high draft choice.

    At least we are making good progress on the tank!

  30. As a Bears fan I am at a loss for words. First we trade Brandon Marshall and then we lose Bennett and Forte. We got embarrassed on national TV and then we have another National TV game Sunday night something has to give. What is John Fox and Ryan pace thinking about? Chicago is way much of a tough and Blue Collar city to have to endure this. I much rather have a coach like Mike Singletary or Bill Cowher who are going to hold the players accountable. It would not surprise me to only see the Bears win 2 games this year.

  31. Here’s the truth about this moronically managed franchise known as the Chicago Bears. Until this team is sold and the McCaskey’s are completely out of the picture, nothing will change. I wasn’t against the hiring of Pace & Fox, however, I had my reservations when the McCaskey’s didn’t launch CEO, Ted Phillips. All of the debacles, poor hiring, ineptness etc. was happening on his watch and continues to. He’s so inept, the McCaskey’s had to hire a TEMPORARY advisor to find a GM to run this team. What the heck is that??
    Ted Phillips is nothing more than the McCaskey family pet & remains here through all of this turmoil, simply because of that. If the McCaskey family were truly serious about righting this ship after so much wrong, they would’ve put their personal relationship with Ted Phillips aside and stuck to business. As long as they continue to enable Phillips to remain that “fly in the ointment”, we’ll know first hand that they’re not truly serious about turning this thing around……

  32. You need to remember that this is a business 1st for the McCaskey family and not a hobby as with so many other NFL owners. Until attendance slips it will stay the same. Can’t tell you how the bottom line is for them but certainly the Gould release was a bottom line move rather than a football one. Same with Forte.

    The Bears have become a Jets farm club.

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