With Thomas Rawls hurt, Seahawks look at multiple running backs

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The Seahawks have had a couple of key offensive injuries. Most notably, quarterback Russell Wilson has an ankle problem and running back Thomas Rawls has a leg injury.

The injury suffered by Rawls, which knocked him out of Sunday’s game against the Rams, apparently is bad enough to get the Seahawks to explore other options.

Per a league source, the Seahawks worked out running back Senorise Perry, Jhurrell Presley, and Kerwynn Williams on Tuesday.

They also worked out defensive back Demetrius McCray, defensive back Shakiel Randolph, defensive back Blidi Wren-Wilson, and linebacker Cam Johnson.

The 1-1 Seahawks host the 1-1 49ers on Sunday.

13 responses to “With Thomas Rawls hurt, Seahawks look at multiple running backs

  1. I predicted that Thomas Rawls won’t be healthy enough to play in the early part of the season. The Sea Hogs rushed him back into the lineup anyway, after forcing Beast Mold into retirement. Beast Mold in fact may have contributed to the decline of their offensive line, because he was able to gain yardage even though the Hogs have a bad O line. As a result, the Hogs felt they can let LT Russell Okung, RG JR Sweezy and C Patrick Lewis go and their running game won’t suffer.

    Pete Carroll is finding out that a bad O line is not going to allow him to win. I predicted that the Sea Hogs will miss the playoffs because there is no way they can win the division with Arizona basically the same team they were last season. The wildcard race is getting tougher because we will likely see either Green Bay or Minnesota as one of the wildcards. and therefore there will be a huge battle for the second wildcard spot.

  2. Not nearly as many lemmings falling for this as I expected…I guess Seahawks fans are smarter than the other teams’.

  3. season is over for the Seahawks. Lynchs’ early retirement sets in stone Carrols’ 1 bad, unforgivable mistake into history. Not his slant pass, but his expaining the trick call not to use Lynch, to of all people: Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer destroyed the Seahawks. fluff host defluffed great team. God help us, this was the forever mistake. not the slant pass, good idea actually.

  4. They SHOULD get RB Alex Collins more involved with the running game…..go watch his college highlight tapes.

  5. I remember Seagulls fans insisting that Rawls is better than Gurley, lol. Ya’ll have got to stop living that Rick James lifestyle!

  6. They are lucky they still have Christine Michael, right now their leading rusher. They got rid of running backs like him and Robert Turbin, in addition to Beast Mold, the same way they are getting rid of O linemen. Even though they drafted 3 running backs, they were all from the late rounds, and none of them is doing well. The front office is the problem and the GM is a puppet of Pete Caroll.

  7. Seahawks are going to get punched in the mouth on Sunday. The 49ers D line is 1,000 times better than Seattle’s O line. Armstead, Buckner, Brooks, Bowman, Blair, & Co are gonna eat!! SF finally wins in Seattle again as Wilson gets pummeled & doesn’t finish the game. Go Niners!!

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