Banged-up Bears have 14 injured players

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Monday night was a rough night for the Bears, in more ways than one. A total of 14 players appeared on Wednesday’s injury report, following a Monday night game that featured more than a few players leaving the game and not returning.

The following players did not practice, four days before the team’s prime-time game at Dallas: quarterback Jay Cutler (right thumb); linebacker Danny Trevathan (thumb), linebacker Lamarr Houston (knee), defensive lineman Eddie Goldman (ankle), running back Ka’Deem Carey (hamstring), defensive back Adrian Amos (concussion), defensive back Bryce Callahan (concussion), and defensive back Chris Prosinski (calf).

Limited in practice were receiver Alshon Jeffery (knee), defensive back Kyle Fuller (knee), defensive back Tracy Porter (knee), offensive lineman Josh Sitton (shoulder), defensive back Sherrick McManis (wrist), and offensive lineman Bobby Massie (toe).

Cutler is expected to miss 2-3 weeks with sprained ligaments in his thumb. Brian Hoyer will start at quarterback in what will be a battle of the backups in Dallas, with Dak Prescott getting his third career start as Tony Romo continues to recover from a broken bone in his back.

22 responses to “Banged-up Bears have 14 injured players

  1. Punt on this season. There’s no way this team wins more than four games. Just get that #1 draft pick, trade it for a slew of picks, come in last again, get the 2018 #1 pick, draft Jay’s replacement and make the playoffs in 2020. Sadly that’s the best the Bears can hope for. They’re a long ways away from contending.

  2. The inability to get/keep players healthy has been an issue for the Bears for the past several years now. When we had an old roster I could see why that would be but we’ve brought in all this youth and it still happening. I have no idea why this is a recurring thing with the Bears but as a fan it is frustrating as hell and I really wish it would turn around one of these seasons.

  3. Wow…

    – Brandon Marshall gone, Matt Forte gone.

    – a coach who appeared to be a good hire, but who now looks like an old, out of touch guy.

    – a QB who looks for all the world like a rain cloud follow him wherever he goes.

    – and now, a locker room resembling an infirmary

    It’s sad. Being a Bears fan must suck right now.

  4. After reviewing the depth and breadth of the injuries the Bears are experiencing this year it seems to me the issue might be with their trainers and the strength and conditioning coaches. Other than the two concussions and maybe, Cutler’s thumb the rest of the injuries could probably have been prevented with proper coaching and/or conditioning. Maybe the McCAskey’s are “on the cheap” there also.

  5. Alshon won’t re-sign next year.
    Cutler will be gone with no heir apparent.
    You paid Pernell McPhee a boatload and he is nowhere near being healthy.
    The new GM drafted Kevin White after one really good year in college and looks lost.
    New GM wanted to hire Todd Bowles and was pressured into Fox.

  6. Time to man up pace. Fix it or get the hell out. You are in over your head. Get someone to teach you how to rebuild, you DO NOT get 5 years to do a rebuild. Only 1-2 years with improvements showing year 2 and in year 3 you are competitive and in the playoffs. Enough said. Fire Fox he is past his expiration date. And kill loggains he is useless hire roman.

  7. Get rid of all the vets. Find every young practice squad guy you can steal. Throw them out there to learn for a year. Get the draft picks. And get a Chicago style coach. Someone with a moustache or a fedora. And petition the NFL to legalize defense again.

  8. There is no excuse for such a giant market to have such a bad team. For all intents and purposes Chicago is the capital of the entire interior of North America. The coasts and south belong to LA, NYC, and Atlanta the center of the universe for the rest is Chicago.

  9. It’s week 3 and the Bears are at the beginning of a re-build after a one full season and two games into the next with a new GM and HC. The whole team has been reset (minus Cutler.) The Bears have gotten significantly younger and will continue to do so. Enough with the Bennett, Forte, Marshall tears, that ship has sailed to the NFL geriatric ward, in case you haven’t noticed. Yeah, they might be lighting it up right now, but they are all over 30 or right there, that’s not a good investment to win a few more games when you can clear house and start over to become relevant.

    That’s the reality of the situation, anyone anticipating a better outcome for this season is out of their mind.

    Stop whining and embrace the suck Bears fans, tomorrow is another day.

  10. Two things that appear very evident through 2 games:

    1) Dowell Loggains is WAY overmatched as an NFL playcaller. He is predictable, risk-averse, and unimaginative. Some of that is Fox’s conservative approach, but he is way out of his league against NFL defenses. Greg Roman would be a decent consultant, and could take over if things do not improve.

    2) The talent on defense is not enough to make a difference. The revamped front 7 is not getting it done against the run or the pass. McPhee’s only impact is railing against Cutler (completely out of line for a guy who can’t even get cleared to practice for another 4 weeks), and the injury list is getting longer every day.

    This team is headed into a spiral, with little chance of pulling out. Fox shouldn’t survive, but Fangio’s lack of progress is what has me really concerned. Either the talent level is that bad, or Fangio is more a product of the talent he had to work with in SF, and wasn’t the architect we thought he was.

    Either way, these next 14 games are going to be painful.

  11. If you look closely, over the next few months you are going to find out who calls the shots in Chicago…Pace or Fox. When Pace was hired, the fanbase was sold a young man with a firm grasp on the game that could be counted on to build a winner like he helped Loomis do in NOLA. I cannot possibly believe that Pace has full control over this team with Fox as the HC. Fox is an arrogant prick who always knows more than you and has been in the game too long to let a first time GM to tell him how to build a team.

    It almost feels now his buddy Ernie Acorsi was brought is as an assurance to Fox that he would have a golden parachute to use if he needed it after Denver, which he did. These are both Parcells guys, remember. Everyone takes care of their own Pace is a Loomis guy, possibly viewed of as naive. During the HC hiring process Acorsi would lead Pace to Fox. Marriage of convenience. Problem solved, right?

    If I am Pace, and this really is my team, if I have back to back blowout losses on national TV against rookie QB’s (one of which was on the board and available for the Bears at a reasonable draft position), I am firing someone. That person is Fox. Don’t care if it is week 3, I don’t care that it is only his second year in Chicago, I don’t care if he is down 14 players. He has a 1-8 record at home as Bears HC and has a below .500 HC record. If you have control of this team you take this seriously and you put Fangio or Donatell in as HC for the rest of the year, ride it out, and you hire your own damn coach. Sure Todd Bowles or Adam Gase won’t be available this time around. But at least he will get his guy, not a marriage of convenience. I promise you that the first personnel decisions that are made after Fox leaves town will be better than Bears fans are used too.

  12. billjoseph2014 says:
    Sep 21, 2016 7:01 PM
    After reviewing the depth and breadth of the injuries the Bears are experiencing this year it seems to me the issue might be with their trainers and the strength and conditioning coaches. Other than the two concussions and maybe, Cutler’s thumb the rest of the injuries could probably have been prevented with proper coaching and/or conditioning. Maybe the McCAskey’s are “on the cheap” there also.
    All started when Rusty Jones left.

  13. Bears fan since ’85 when I was 14 years old – loyal fan thru thick and thin — but so much thin – team needs a complete reboot and suck it up for 2-3 yrs – can’t be worse than we’ll see all this season

  14. @wallyspo, your commentary is dead-on. Except that there is no way the McCaskeys would ever buy out that much of Fox’s contract. Even if they wind up with the worst record in the league this season I would be shocked if Fox wasn’t around for the 2017 season yet at least.

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