Ronnie Lott among investors trying to buy Coliseum, keep Raiders in Oakland


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t ready to pull the plug on Oakland, and now of the game’s greatest stars is part of a group trying to keep the Raiders there.

According to David DeBolt of the Bay Area News Group, the group of investors offering to purchase the decrepit Coliseum includes Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott and former quarterback Rodney Peete.

The group sent a letter to local officials prior to Goodell’s declaration that “I think we can find a solution there,” amid growing interest (and money) from Las Vegas.

However, the report said city officials dismissed the letter, and are not moving forward with the offer to buy and renovate the Coliseum.

The group was offering $167.3 million for the Coliseum land (which includes the neighboring NBA’s Oracle Arena), and their plan included replacing the sewer and septic systems, one of the biggest complaints in the past, as sewage has backed up into dugouts there before.

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf said the city was focused on the team and the league creating a deal that would keep the team there.

“We did not recommend consideration of this offer at this time,” the mayor said. “We remain committed to a team-centered development. We want the Raiders and the NFL at the center of this future site.”

League officials including Eric Grubman (the point man for the Rams’ move to Los Angeles) were in Oakland to meet with local officials, and Lott was apparently part of those meetings.

33 responses to “Ronnie Lott among investors trying to buy Coliseum, keep Raiders in Oakland

  1. This story has been brewing for some time. Consider this…if the Vegas plan gets approved by the state in an election year, the NFL owners may allow the Raiders to move to Vegas but Adelson wants a piece of the Raiders (yahoo article). There is no way in hell that gets approved with Adelson as part of the deal.

    The Lott Group has a chance to make this work. Team stays in Oakland, part minority owner and the NFL remains in a much more lucrative market.

  2. The football/baseball stadium in Oakland seems to be a classic case of trying to make a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.
    Is a septic system a typical part of a stadium infrastructure, or was it a stop gap measure that was never replaced?
    It is hard to believe that either the Raiders or the A’s can get away with charging major league prices at a facility like that.
    Props to Ronnie Lott for trying to get something done.

  3. The Raiders will be better off in Las Vegas. As usual the only problem is who pays for the stadium. The NFL and billionaire owners always want to pass that cost to the citizens via tax increases.

  4. Mark Davis flat out doesn’t want to be in Oakland. He has made zero serious effort to stay here and Oakland bottom line won’t give him a dime. The league needs to force a sale to one of the many multi millionaires/billionaires living in the bay.

  5. I appreciate Lott’s efforts, but wouldn’t this be like repainting a car that is on it’s last legs?

  6. The group was offering $167.3 million for the Coliseum land (which includes the neighboring NBA’s Oracle Arena), and their plan included replacing the sewer and septic systems, one of the biggest complaints in the past, as sewage has backed up into dugouts there before.
    Sell sell sell!!! Just kidding, but that’s pretty disgusting

  7. There’s no doubt in my mind that the best interests of the Raiders would be served with at least a portion of the team being sold to an investor with sufficient funds to finance a new stadium. Floyd Kephart was a local investor who seemed to be a good option but it fell through owing to Son-of-Al’s baseless complaints.

    Unfortunately the bottom line is that Son-of-Al will never sell a portion of the Raiders and will still dream of a ‘free-ride’ stadium financed by others, while spewing his self-pity to the gullible elements of the fan-base. This is because he’s an enabled jerk who’s never worked a day in his life and refuses to lose any measure of control over the toy which he inherited.

  8. Doesn’t the land belong to the County of Alameda and the City of Oakland? Why would the government sell this prime real estate? The bigger question is what’s underneath this facility? It’s all dredged east bay fill material. It’s perfect for a football stadium or parking lot (like the Raider/Charger Carson proposal), but residential human health?

  9. The Bay area has never needed 2 teams. The city of Oakland is never going to cough up the money the Raiders want for a new stadium. It’s likely Las Vegas will. Start packing your bags.

  10. Sewage was like a one time thing in a major rain, and you hold onto that meme like a dog and a bone.

    the coliseum has seen better days, but its one of the more historic stadiums in America, and the sight lines are not bad, and you can get a club seat for $125 retail, so there are paybacks.

  11. JSpicoli says:
    Sep 21, 2016 9:58 AM
    Sewage was like a one time thing in a major rain,

    Jun 17, 2013
    Sep 18, 2013
    Sep 21, 2013
    March 29, 2014
    May 21, 2016

    More like EVERY time there is a major rain.

  12. So the choice comes down to going to a city with games OF craps, or staying in a city of games WITH crap…

    Go to Vegas and play to something less than a full house, or stay in Oakland and hope for a flush…

  13. Although I totally get buy stuff when no one wants it and sell stuff when everyone wants it. Investments 101. That said I also know buying anything as decrepit as the Coliseum means putting into it at least twice as much as you pay for it. What then? Who in the world will ever want it? Will attendance increase dramatically? No. Will concession and parking revenues skyrocket? No. Good luck Lott on this one. Good grief!

  14. bleedingfacemask says:
    Sep 21, 2016 11:28 AM

    Any contractor will tell you: it’s a waste of time and money to renovate a toilet

    You need to find a new contractor.

  15. Both sides (City/County and the Raiders/NFL) are missing a golden opportunity for a major development plan at the site. With real estate at a premium, this area is ripe for development with condos, stores, restaurants, nightlife, etc.

    Kroenke is restoring a formerly decrepit area at the Hollywood racetrack along with the stadium with PRIVATE MONEY. After what Al Davis did to the Alameda taxpayers 20 years ago, there’s no way in hell we’ll give the NFL/Raiders a single cent in taxpayer money.

    If Vegas casinos can build their $2 billion casinos with private money, so can the NFL and Raiders. Besides casinos bring in revenue daily, unlike a stadium.

  16. Vegas needs to build a casino IN the new stadium. Then the venue will have lots of traffic every day.

    Or maybe it should be build a stadium in the new casino.

  17. The ideal solution would be to knock down the Coliseum and build a football-only venue on the site. The Warriors are moving, knock down Oracle Arena while you’re at it. The A’s would finally be forced to find a place to build a new stadium. Play in Santa Clara for a year or two during the construction, that stadium could use a winner on the field for half its dates. With the value of an NFL franchise being so high these days, this should absolutely be financially viable, one would think.

  18. Oh.

    FIVE whole times?

    The pale is one of the better places to be on a good game day. Too bad so many live to be a virtue signaler

  19. Too little, too late Oakland. Mark Davis has committed $500 million to the Las Vegas stadium. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, and they will be glad they did. Mark Davis isn’t selling a portion of his team. He can keep all of his team and and get a mega palace in the desert.

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