Alshon Jeffery out of practice with knee injury

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If there’s anything the Bears need less than a hole in a head right now, it’s another injury to a key player but that’s just what they appear to have with wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.

Jeffery was listed as a limited participant in Wednesday’s practice because of a knee issue and he took a step in the wrong direction for Thursday’s practice. Jeffery was held out of practice altogether, which creates some reason to wonder if he’ll be able to play against the Cowboys on Sunday night.

Bears coach John Fox didn’t offer anything to suggest how much reason there was to think along those lines.

“Just something we’re monitoring,” Fox said, via Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

The Bears haven’t ruled out quarterback Jay Cutler at this point, but his sprained right thumb makes it unlikely that he’ll be starting. Linebackers Lamarr Houston went on injured reserve on Thursday while linebacker Danny Trevathan and defensive tackle Eddie Goldman are both expected to be out, leaving the Bears pretty shorthanded as they try to avoid a third straight loss to open the year.

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  1. To channel Foxy – We will see what the season brings, but can you really sign this guy to big money? Maybe, probably because they have no one else to spend the cap on.

  2. This is precisely why you cant give him a mega-million long-term contract. He gets hurt a lot. Yes, they’ll have a ton of cap space next season (close to 55 million) but I think unless he’s willing to come off Top 5 WR money expectations, you let him go. You also are only beholden to 2 million of Cutler’s contract in 2017, so you move on there. Draft a QB#1, find another WR in FA or draft, find a legit LT in FA or 2nd round and go from there. Rebuild is ugly, but that’s where you are.

    As was pointed out on TV Monday night, Cutler is ONLY player on roster from 2011 or before. Find another team in the NFL who has only one player on their roster they had 5 years ago.

  3. This dude is FOREVER injured.
    Always something. I expected these type of injuries to start popping up in Week 10 or 11, when no one cares anymore.

    But to see this at Week 3 is so embarrassing.
    Alshon is a joke. Wants #1 money but he’s only #1 at being injured.

  4. Is it too early to panic? The answer is no. In addition to the above-

    * OL cant move anybody. $6M guaranteed to Bobby Massie and you cant run behind him, and hes getting blown up constantly on the pass.
    *WR- Eddie Royal is their only receiver. Kevin White has bust stink all over him.
    * DLine hopes rest on Eddie Goldman coming back healthy. All the other personnel are practice squad anywhere else.
    * CB – only guy performing is vet Tracy Porter, and he’s hurt. Kyle Fuller is an injury bust.

    Draft picks are a flop. Ryan Pace has shown nothing. Fox is ruining his reputation here and leaving the distinct impression he’s not the guy.

    Honestly, Cutler is the least of our problems and may well be our QB for the maximum duration of the Bears option.

  5. This franchise is a dumpster fire this year. They will be neck-and-neck with the Browns in the race for next year’s #1 draft pick.

  6. Fox is ruining his reputation here and leaving the distinct impression he’s not the guy.
    Agreed. I’m getting the very strong impression that for whatever reason Fox is not really into this gig for anything but the nice paycheck. If Pace gets the chance to hire another HC he needs to pick a guy who doesn’t already have one foot on the fishing boat.

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