Broncos receivers want the ball more, “but we’re sitting here 2-0”

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Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas said in July that he will “for sure have a better year” than he did during the 2015 season and followed that up last month by saying that the Broncos offense will better across the board than it was on the way to a Super Bowl title.

Through the first two weeks, the Broncos’ approach to building a better offense has not been heavily slanted to the passing game. The Broncos have 60 rushes and 59 passing attempts while quarterback Trevor Siemian has been sacked three times. Siemian has also run the ball six times, some of which came on plays that were intended to be passes but not enough to approach the balance of last year’s offense.

The Broncos averaged 37 passing attempts a game last year compared to 25 rushes and the change has limited the opportunities for both Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Thomas has nine catches on 13 targets, leaving him to say he doesn’t know “why the ball is not coming my way” although he says it isn’t a big deal because the team is winning. Sanders — eight catches on 16 targets — has a similar take.

“There’s some frustration, but it’s hard to be frustrated when you’re sitting here 2-0,” Sanders said, via “I can sit up here and make it all about me and Demaryius, how we’re used to having 100-yard games, we’re used to scoring touchdowns and we’re used to doing this. But we’re sitting here 2-0 … Individually, I would like to have my highlights on ESPN, yeah, I would like to have 100-yard games, be ranked top five, but we’re sitting here 2-0 … I’m waiting for that big game, Demaryius is waiting for that big game — we know it’s going to come.”

As long as the Broncos are winning, there’s not likely to be a radical change to their offensive approach. That may keep Thomas from realizing his goal of a better year, but it won’t make it any easier to complain about an individual role in a successful group effort.

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  1. I’m not minding the approach. The offense is getting yards, but a lot of people are getting the ball. Plus Simian is learning and winning at the same time. The hope is that he’ll have a better grasp of the nfl and then start taking more risks

  2. Siemian has started a total of two NFL games, and is 2-0 in those two games. TWO! Each week he has improved, will continue to improve, and as he improves the receiving corps will get more balls. Keep in mind that ALL young QB’s use the check down allot early in their careers, or they don’t last very long, and as they become more comfortable with reading defenses they will get the ball downfield more to their top receivers. This too will happen in Denver. Last week Siemian had almost 100 yards more passing then he did in week one, so it’s obvious that not only is he making deeper throws, but that Kubiak has more confidence in him, and is calling more of those deep ball plays.

  3. Kubiak’s offense was always intended to be more balanced than Manning’s. Thus the investment in a fullback.

    And with basically a rookie QB, they couldn’t really run last year’s offense anyway. Manning’s arm may have been shot, but he could still make changes at the line better than anyone. Semian needs a good running game to make his passing game viable.

  4. Leave it to receivers to complain when they don’t feel they get the ball enough, even when they are winning. I guess they’d rather have 15 catches a game and lose. Speaking of that, wait until they lose. Then these complaints will be even louder. Kubiak should just tell them to quit whining and act like men.

  5. This is surprising. Andre Johnson put up great numbers in Kubiak’s system in Houston. Not comparing Sanders or even Demaryius to Andre Johnson but I think Kubiak is still holding Siemian back until he is more comfortable in the offense.

  6. Last year the QBs struggled to throw like a top 10 QB and you got a ring. Now you have a ring and want personal accolades.

    If that happens the defense will be pissed because the offense is on the field too much and they don’t have as many defensive stats.

    Take the wins … Ask Cleveland what their complaints are for reality.

  7. Kubiak is going to run the same offense he had under Shanny. Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey had plenty good numbers. Kubiak will continue to open the play book more and more as Siemian continues to grow. The running game is getting established with the fullback. Teams will have to focus on that which will open play action more. Expect this week to see Kubiak add in the play action bootleg. Things will start clicking more then.

  8. Can’t wait to here the troll chump’s when we are 3&0,don’t trip, 10 day’s until we eat those crab’s Winston stole, were hungry—10 day’s 4&0,I am broncos country worldwide…. Demolish, devoure anyone we face this year,get use to it

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