Vikings’ Sharrif Floyd has knee surgery

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Another Viking is recovering from a knee injury.

Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd had his left knee operated on today, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said today.

Floyd was a first-round pick of the Vikings in 2013 who has been a starter the last two years but hasn’t played much this year, getting just 25 snaps in Week One and hurting his knee in the process.

Although Zimmer indicated that Floyd’s surgery was just a cartilage cleanup, it has to be a concern, especially given that Floyd has a history of knee problems.

Bad knees are a recurring issue in Minnesota this year, with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater out for the season, running back Adrian Peterson out at least a few months, and tight end MyCole Pruitt and cornerback Xavier Rhodes both missing last week’s game, all because of knee injuries.

27 responses to “Vikings’ Sharrif Floyd has knee surgery

  1. As a close friend of the organization it would seem that somewhere, Howie Roseman is smiling.
    Too bad for the organization however, I thought NFC final 4 would easily be GB ARZ MINN CAR

  2. So how much more time before Floyd comes back?

    I hate to say this, but all these knee injuries make me wonder about that turf at the new stadium.

  3. Xavier’s happened during pregame warm ups in Nashville.

    Teddy’s happened in Edein Prairie at the practice facility.

    Adrian’s happened with weird contact from a defender.

    Floyd has been nursing his knee since the dawn of time.

    Pruit’s is the only one that could potentially be blamed on the stadium.

    Chill out, fellow Norsemen.

  4. Wow, this aged team is in worse shape than I thought. It’s a good thing they caught Green Bay early and while they are still in their funk.

  5. The turf at the new stadium has nothing to do with these knee injuries. Floyd hurt his knee at Tennessee. Rhodes hurt his knee while stretching before the game at Tennessee. Teddy hurt his knee at practice.

    Look at the PFT stories the last few days. Half of them are about guys with knee injuries, and almost none of them played at US Bank Stadium.

  6. Floyd has been injured so much, Zimmer recently said he was used to Shariff being gone. He had limited play against the Titans and didn’t play at all against the Cheesers and had problems in the off season. My question is why these injuries aren’t surgically taken care of before the regular season. Kalil too. He’s had hip problems off and on for quite awhile, problems that most likely contributed to his sub par play. Luckily our roster is deep and a cartilage cleanup will keep Floyd out for only a few weeks.

  7. More playing time for Shamar Stephen and Tom Johnson aka Sebastian Thunderbucket isn’t a bad thing. I’d feel comfortable saying Johnson is the best “back up” DT in the league.

    It sounds like Floyd should be back sooner rather than later, but this constant knee issue he has is concerning, he has a world of potential.

  8. GM Spielman and Coach Zimmer have done a magnificent
    job in loading this team deep with well coached talent.
    Those injuries hurt but will be back in time for the post season (if this madness of injuries stops).
    On Sunday the only weakness was Waynes calls and those are teachable calls. You can get instructions every day until
    kingdom comes, but the embarrassment in front of 66,000
    people there, and 100 million in front of TV sets will make player remember better than anything else.
    The Vikings are fine, and are perhaps better now than during training camp.
    No doubts if Teddy can hit the deep ball, or if they are keeping Peterson happy by running the QB under Center or how many touches he gets. And after Sunday Night Defenses aren’t going to be putting 9 Men in the box!

  9. coltluger says:
    Sep 23, 2016 12:00 AM
    As difficult as this is, the team proved they are the best in the NFC North, even without their stars, when they beat the hopeless packers.

    Minnesota = 2 game champs! lmfao!!

  10. Which is worse the packer trolls here or Aaron snapping at the local media because they aren’t blowing him this week? Pathetic your team just isn’t that good. Stop reading power rankings.

  11. In my opinion Floyd is not that good of a player. Yes, he is always hurt but he rarely shows up when he is in there. Linval is getting the double teams and Floyd still hardly ever makes many plays. He won’t be on the teams next year. Its too bad because he maybe could have been good but we haven’t seen it at all over the past years. With that said I would rather have him healthy. We will be fine with Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephan though.

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