Decker, Richardson fined for taunting penalties


Jets wide receiver Eric Decker and defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson were each fined $9,115 for taunting during last week’s win over the Bills, PFT has confirmed.

Decker’s was a double whammy; it came after what appeared to be a big gain but was negated by penalty. Richardson’s came after the Bills scored on an 84-yard touchdown pass to Marquise Goodwin.

Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore was also fined the same amount for his facemask on Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall in that game.

6 responses to “Decker, Richardson fined for taunting penalties

  1. Fines should be used only for players that are trying to intentionally injure other players. A penalty is adequate punishment for taunting. To take a man’s property away just because you can is wrong.

  2. At least the highly dangerous and illegal facemask grab that Gilmore used to make the tackle, which could have resulted in a serious knee injury for Marshall (and nearly did), was fined the same amount as taunting.

    I guess words really do hurt..the wallet.

    Seriously that move by Gilmore was total crap and if Marshall had torn an ACL, would he only have gotten fined $9115 ?

  3. And they wonder why viewership is down? Inconsistency and the nanny state of the league office have so many fans frustrated and irritated.

  4. The NFL rules regarding taunting are a joke. A receiver gets up after a twenty yard catch, takes a few high steps and over emphasizes a first down call by pointing at the opposing teams end zone. NO PENALTY. A touchdown occurs and two players come together to celebrate with each other and the flags fly and fines will follow later in the week.
    Get some consistency NFL.

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