Patriots kept J.J. Watt from having any impact on the game


After last night’s loss to the Patriots, J.J. Watt talked to reporters. Which was helpful, since it reminded them that he was there.

Watt’s stat line included two tackles and no quarterback hits, but he had very little impact on the game at all.

They played a great football game,” Watt said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “They played very well. They deserved to win. We didn’t play well. They did a great job all-around. We didn’t do a good job. I think we just got outplayed.”

“Hats off to them. I think there’s obviously a lot of things we need to clean up. There’s a lot to look at on that tape and correct. We obviously didn’t play well.”

Apparently, they didn’t play well.

The Patriots having a mismatched offensive line didn’t matter, as they held the three-time defensive player of the year in check throughout. Perhaps it’s still rust after late-offseason back surgery, but he had 1.5 sacks last week against the Chiefs.

The Patriots also slowed teammate Jadeveon Clowney’s hot start to the season, limiting him to two tackles.

The Texans led the league with 9.0 sacks through two games, but added just one to that total last night.

44 responses to “Patriots kept J.J. Watt from having any impact on the game

  1. Every time J.J. Watts gets touted as “Defensive Player of the Year”, I think to myself “don’t the patriots make that guy invisible every time they play him???”

    Last night, they did it again. They always reduce Watts to a “non-factor”.

    I didn’t hear Watts’ name all night long. Clowney’s either, for that matter.

    And New England has a history of dropping a ton of points on this supposedly “fabled” defense. Lat night, they did it with a THIRD STRING ROOKIE!!!!

  2. This would be the article about which folks should be using the term overrated.

    TB puts up 40+ last night. Legit. If you can’t see that in the game plan then its time to turn in your football card.

  3. Patriots ALWAYS keep JJ NOT from having an impact

    JJ Watt is a perfect example of why you DONT make a D lineman one of the highest paid players

  4. JJ played? Watt racks up his stats against Indy(Lol) Ten(lmao) and Jax(lmfao) he is media hype. He disappears against actual good teams.

  5. Go back to the AFC South, J.J..
    Rack up some stats against those losers.

    As usual….all talk, no action!

    Go take some selfies and make another stupid commercial.


    That game was a top-ten for most enjoyable viewing with no stress involved.

  6. Nice to see J.J. Watt humbled a bit. I like him better as a star athlete than as the celebrity he’s so desperate to become.

  7. Whatever a team does well, Belichick takes it away.
    Someday it will be revealed, Belichick is a sorcerer playing among human beings.

  8. Yes, but Bob McNair spread Goodell’s lies and said JJ Watt would never “destroy” his cell phone.

    Sometimes I wonder how these STUPID and phony owners made their money in the first place.

    Hope you enjoyed the flight home, McNair.

    That was for opening your mouth and lying about Brady.

  9. Patriots have a very good game plan for playing against Watt. They throw the ball extremely quickly. Not much Watt can do about that. The rest of the defense needs to show up when this is happening (that and not gift the patriots 17 points on turnovers).

  10. We did the same thing to Peyton for over a decade. I only ever watched him against the Patriots and wasn’t sure he could even throw more than 15 yards without it getting intercepted. Had to go back and watch him run up the score on the Titans and Jags to see his “greatness.”

  11. JJ is correct, they were thoroughly outplayed.

    But judging by these comments, you would think that NE wins the super bowl every year. Not sure how they are considered a “dynasty” when they have won ONE super bowl in the last ELEVEN seasons. Might explain why this bandwagon fan base is reviled.

  12. JJ is a great defensive player but not the greatest….Reggie White or Lawrence Taylor could never be made to be that invisible in a big game like the Pats continue to do with Watt…..that was embarrassing, last time I saw him last night Gronk was getting off him after putting him on his back, and that was early when he just took his heart out with that block….I had to turn it off after the 2nd kickoff return fumble, about 6 min left in third and Houston hadn’t touched the ball since 2nd quarter. smh Houston fans aught to be embarrassed they root for that team…. stay in the AFC South and leave the big boys alone…..

  13. swagger52 says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:04 AM
    Houston can now go back to the AFC South losers, and the Patriots can go back to the AFC East losers.

    Speaking of losers…..have you seen the Seahawks offense? When they come to Foxoboro it is going to be ugly….

  14. I loved the camera shot of Texans stupid owner. The clown interjected himself in the Tom Brady “witch hunt” with no reason but to help his team achieve home field in the playoffs. I loved watching him squirm… Hey Bob, clean up you own house before you tell others to clean their’s.

    The next questions is whether Rex Ryan will be fired after next Sunday’s shellacking?

  15. Watt is a great player, no he’s a beast but I chuckle when people mention him as the greatest defensive player of all time. His stats are unbelievable but the GOAT makes the players around him better and comes through in the clutch. As long as Watt is getting shut out of games, generally disappearing against better teams and never going anywhere in the playoffs; he is is not the best defensive player of all time.

  16. I am convinced that the Patriots are successful due to coaching – not Brady.

    Cassel won how many games?
    Every time Brady is out they still win. A great system with coached up players.

    Hats off to that

  17. As a Redskins fan, I am just so jealous of New England fans. I hope you guys FULLY appreciate the era you are enjoying. OMG, i’m going to drink bleach now. 🙂

  18. I can’t be the only one who sees the proof in the picture shown on this article. If you hold a guy all night, he won’t make any plays. If you don’t think that’s holding in this picture, “time to turn in your football card”

  19. bartpkelly says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:34 AM
    I am convinced that the Patriots are successful due to coaching – not Brady.

    Cassel won how many games?
    Every time Brady is out they still win. A great system with coached up players.

    The Pats had the easiest schedule in 2008 of any team in the league. They also had the same team intact from the previous season that went 16-0 in the regular season. Cassell won 11, that’s a 5 game difference with only him as the single different factor. A five game swing is huge, so pump the breaks…

  20. JJ didnt play well, nor did the entire team and they were badly outcoached.

    But how many of you keyboard badasses on here would be off your mommy’s couch, let alone playing football, 2 months after back surgery?
    And ironic that the picture used shows him getting the absolute crap held out of him…

  21. There is no picture that is more satisfying to look at than the dumb blank face of JJ Watt after the Pat’s maul the Texans,…again.

  22. I can’t believe the Chiefs handed a free win to a team this bad.

    Not that the Chiefs are world beaters or anything, but the Texans are terrible.

  23. The Cassel comparison is moronic. He was 10-5 as a starter,he inherited a 16-0 team and they missed the playoffs. How does another persons success diminish a certain players value? Cassel didnt start at USC because he was behind 2 Heisman trophy winners, he led the Chiefs to a divisonal title the next year. Hes always been a solid QB, is anyone shocked he won 10 games with a team that was undefeated the year before? Jimmy G has had time to learn the playbook and hes a good QB. That isnt a knock on Brady.

  24. They learned all that while you were in make-up for a commercial shoot JJ.

    And instead of trying to get their nose to bleed a little more for the sideline camera, they were listening to their position coach.

  25. You can HATE New England, Bill Belicheck. BUT you have to admit, They can set a game plan, and play it. They have been tough for years, And no matter what, they overcome it. Have to give them credit, don’t care how much you hate them. I live In Jacksonville, And I had the honor of working with the teams during the super bowl game here Between New England, Philly. I really enjoyed both teams, They were great, I was out walking the river walk, other places too. I had a fantastic time talking to fans from New England, They were nice, friendly, very pleasant to mingle with. Just amazes me What New England does, Next man up-IT WORKS, Every detail I guess one over, drilled into, They get going it’s like clockwork, The coaches really must study films, go over every little thing.

  26. cowboysfan83 says:
    Sep 23, 2016 11:36 AM
    Over rated or not I’d take Va-JJ on our line. As long as he leaves his letterman jacket in Houston.
    Trouble is the salary hit! Do you want to spend that much of your cap on a single guy who can’t best a 3rd-string rookie QB (who played injured in the 2nd half!) sitting behind a patched-up o-line? Yes, the Pats are unusually good, but that’s what you face in the playoffs. If you concentrate that much of your resources on just 1 good player or 2 (say Watt & Clowney) you make it easier for a dark Jedi like Belichick by reducing the number of targets he has to take out of the game – essentially all your eggs are one basket.

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