Poll finds Colin Kaepernick is America’s most disliked NFL player

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A research firm that asks Americans whether they dislike various athletes has found that Colin Kaepernick is now the most-disliked player in the NFL.

Kaepernick, who led the movement to sit out the national anthem, is “disliked a lot” by 29 percent of Americans polled last week.

The last time the poll was taken, two years ago, only 6 percent of Americans disliked Kaepernick a lot. So it’s safe to say the majority of Americans who dislike Kaepernick dislike him because of his anthem protest.

The jump in Kaepernick’s unpopularity comes entirely from whites: In the poll two years ago, 7 percent of whites disliked Kaepernick a lot; now 37 percent of whites dislike Kaepernick a lot. Two years ago 3 percent of African-Americans disliked Kaepernick a lot; now 2 percent of African-Americans dislike Kaepernick a lot.

The next-most-disliked NFL players are Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (22 percent), Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (21 percent), Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (13 percent) and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (10 percent).

183 responses to “Poll finds Colin Kaepernick is America’s most disliked NFL player

  1. He should stage an armed takeover of a national wildlife refuge in response to being rightly charged with a crime. His popularity among football fans would skyrocket.

  2. Holds no credibility unless you name the “A research firm”. If he’s the most disliked person in the NFL, why is his jersey the most sold?? Do people war the jersey because they hate him? Makes no sense.

  3. The average American don’t really like dirt bags and douche bags… No matter what their profession…

  4. This poll is BS, all the these non-vets that have no clue what the flag or anthem even represents hate him now. I bet these people keep walking or talking when the anthem is on. They are fake americans. #GoKAP #GONiners #VETSforKAP

  5. Not sure a poll was needed. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s meant well but his execution of his cause much like his play on the field is wanting.

  6. As a niner fan and a former believer in Kaepernick I really hate seeing these poll figures. When you see the demographics in the polling it just hurts because you cannot deny that some of these figures smack of racism or fear of the unknown.
    Yes, it’s true he’s no longer a viable option at quarterback whether it be that he’s been exposed as one dimensional and only reads half the field, lacks confidence in himself or has lost the locker room and the ability to lead a franchise.
    I completely disagree with his choice of protest as the American flag and the national anthem are sacred and should never be desecrated. I’m sure if he could do it all over again he would choose a different platform as this one clearly has severely divided onlookers and generated these negative polling figures.
    However, I do not disagree with his message. We have major issues in this country and something needs to be done. Cops need to be better prepared and make better decisions in the field so that innocent lives are not lost. Racist cops need to be exposed and eliminated.
    We also need to stop ambushing innocent law enforcement and marching down the streets chanting “kill cops” and doing so under the guise of a peaceful movement.
    Our country is hurting. The madness needs to stop.

  7. a guy peacefully standing up for something that he believes in and something that needs to get fixed….and now white America hates him..

    racism is alive and well.

  8. LOL!!!! What else do you expect in a country that has a history of oppression? Of course they don’t like when the oppressed citizens stand up for themselves. For those so bothered by his stance, good, don’t watch. You can just go outside and salute YOUR flag all day.

    If his own birth mother would sell him out for her own people, I expect the good ol angry racists (and the sellouts too) in a comment section to bash this man for standing up for the oppressed.

    Right on, Colin! (Hit that dislike button, clowns!!)

  9. Yes, my mathematically-challenged friend. He can have the best-selling jersey and still be the most disliked. Since most fans won’t be involved in either tiny segment.

  10. At first I did’t think he had the gravitas to pull something like this off, but I was wrong. He started a national dialogue that these same people likely don’t want to engage. So kill the messenger, I’m sure he’s devastated.

  11. In this country he has every right to express his point of view. I have every right to call him a selfish SOB with no respect. btw, has he actually done anything besides disrespecting the anthem?

  12. Must’ve had this poll at a Trump rally since he’s got the number one selling jersey. Just saying.

  13. Someone said: “What did Jameis Winston do?”

    Yeah? What did he do? Is it the rape charge that went nowhere?

    Brady, Kaep, Suh & Big Ben I get. But a second year QB on a small market club? Second most hated?

    What am I missing here?

  14. So its a race thing. Yup, the only card that can be played today.

    I don’t care whether you are green, blue, pink or polka-dot,…you want to disrespect the heroes who have fought for your freedoms and liberties to promote your own agenda, then I have the same freedoms to call you a fool.

  15. Also the TV ratings have really dropped a lot. Football fans dont like mixing politics with the NFL. Especially when the people protesting / rioting just disregard the FACTS of black shootings by cops

  16. Well, he certainly won’t be remembered for his football abilities when he’s out of the league next year.

  17. justintuckrule says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:04 AM
    Despite what posters say here, racism is alive and well in this country.


    I would say that posters here say what they say because racism is alive and well. Pretending that protecting privilege is patriotism doesn’t make it any less racist. Hating someone for bringing attention to a cause isn’t patriotism.

    Does anyone really think that the officer in Tulsa would currently be facing charges of first degree manslaughter if this topic wasn’t kept in the media? If one person is brought justice, then the protest is worth it.

  18. Once again, white have demonstrated their ignorance and the self deluded concept that their opinion is the only one that matters. LOL.

    The changing world is a shock to these cretans.

  19. Yea, I am a 49ers fan. No I am not a Kaep fan. I never wanted to replace Alex Smith. I also do not agree with Kaep’s “movement.” I am a logical person though, and I find it incredibly ironic that so many people care about what he is doing during the national anthem. I have been watching football for over 20 years. I have watched football with too many people to count. Until he began doing this, no one ever cared about the national anthem when they are sitting at home. They don’t stand. They don’t stop the conversation they are having. They don’t look up from their smart phone. They get up and go get food, go to the bathroom, or change the channel until the game starts. That is just as disrespectful…if not more so. I am tired of hearing about. Everyone needs to just move on and stop talking about it, because 99% of the people who complain are hypocrites.

  20. He isn’t hated by whites cause he’s black. Last I checked he has been since the last poll. He is hated cause he is a disrespectful and selfish child that swooped in to capture his last 15 minutes of fame before he is out of the public eye and the NFL forever.

    See ya

  21. Well, at least he got noticed for something, because his play on the field wasn’t getting him any attention.

    Hey Colin, some advice: If you took your cause to inner city Chicago and demanded that the gangs there stop killing each other and a bunch of innocent civilians along with them, you’d be doing a lot more good than you are by simply kneeling at the national anthem.

  22. Before this I thought the most pathetic thing in sports was Pats fans defending Brady on every thread but we have a new winner, by far the most pathetic is football fans claiming that they will not watch football anymore because a guy on the 49*ers exercises his first amendment right and kneels during the anthem….but they still post on every thread smh….I’m sure they are the same people who think the constitution is sacred….does us all a favor, if you are boycotting the sport please boycott all blogs along with it…thank you

  23. Kap has the right to protest as he sees fit.

    Americans have the right to show their displeasure or support in how he protests.

    I understand what he is protesting against, but I disagree with his method. What he is doing, IMO, it is a slap in the face to all members of our military, active, retired and those that gave their lives for our nation.

  24. This list seems about right. 2 rapists, a cheater (both on and off the field), a low life and an attention seeking SJW. Surprisingly JJ Watt is absent from this list.

  25. All he’s doing is pushing the false narrative that America’s cops are targeting black people for murder. This is contributing to the riots we’re seeing in Charlotte. There’s nothing admirable about that.

  26. I one poll we have evidence for Trump’s slogan.

    Trump is right. Any country that hates a guy who quietly protests more than it hates a long list of domestic abusers is not a great country.

    This poll is a great reminder that as a country we still have a long way to go.

  27. Or, 71% of people polled have a favorable opinion, actually “dislike” someone more, or simply… couldn’t care less. The fact remains that people are still missing the point of this protest. This isn’t a protest to dishonor the flag or those who serve to protect the citizens of said flag. Those naysayers are diverting you from the real issue at hand. He’s exercising his right to speak out against something he feels is unjust. Should we all just play the role of back up QB in society according to Trent Dilfer? Be docile? Be quiet? Be still? There’s a deeper issue in this country that his protest keeps bringing to the forefront every Sunday. Since critics don’t really have a valid argument to his protest, they try to defame his character. They call him unpatriotic, a closet Muslim, etc. This just further shows what he’s doing is right. A protest is meant to make you feel uneasy. Make you feel a little awkward. Make you question your own beliefs. Stop reading just the headlines and do your own research. Listen to what he and others are saying. Listen to the critics. And look around you. At the end of the day Kaepernick is doing more than a lot of us to make sure our country is on the right side of history.

  28. The average American don’t really like dirt bags and douche bags… No matter what their profession…

    ————————————————– really? go look in the mirror!

  29. The interesting take is that most of the others on the list of disliked players, ratings are related to their profession. Kap is not good enough to start for a terrible team, hell even Gabbert beat him out…worthless QB.

  30. Unfortunately this is not a complete survey. I’m a marketing manager and can attest that surveys can give very different results depending on how they are worded.

    While this info may be accurate, Kaepernick could also be the most well-liked player. There is still a possible 71% of people out there who could have voted for him as their most liked player.

    Also I was pretty surprised there was no mention of AP on that list. I’ve seen more hate for him than anyone else.

  31. I used to be indifferent to him. Now I like him. America IS US…ALL of us. It isn’t an abstract concept represented by a song and a flag. This isn’t 1950 anymore.

  32. Wouldn’t it be correct to say most hated bench warmer? Dude’s a backup and hasn’t played this year. If not for salary cap reasons they’d have cut him months ago. He’ll likely be out of the league in a year or two.

  33. munny10 says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:18 AM
    So its a race thing. Yup, the only card that can be played today.

    I don’t care whether you are green, blue, pink or polka-dot,…you want to disrespect the heroes who have fought for your freedoms and liberties to promote your own agenda, then I have the same freedoms to call you a fool.


    Kaepernick has been directly quoted to say it is not meant to disrespect those in service, and in fact has multiple family members and friends in service.

    You ARE aware that the national anthem is not meant specifically just for soldiers right? It’s for Americans. ALL of us.

  34. justintuckrule says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:04 AM
    Despite what posters say here, racism is alive and well in this country

    Why? Because more whites now dislike him? You are jumping to a conclusion. You are assuming they don’t like him for racial reasons. Calling “racism” on everything really on serves to dilute actual racism. By your logic, I can call the black respondents to the poll racist. After all, why would their support tick up by a point? It must be his skin color, right?

  35. Just in the way of showing what BS the implications made in this report are: When Kap took over a few years back, I was indifferent to him. I thought he could do some good things, but didn’t think he was close to taking over for Smith. I also hadn’t watched him much up close. That means I had absolutely no idea he was half black. It was ever talked about. If I did see him, I didn’t even notice. All anyone cared about was football.

    When he took over for Smith permanently, I was not in support of it. I didn’t think a QB who had been playing very well should lose his job because he had gotten a concussion and missed a few games. I never was sold on Kaepernick…not before I knew he was half black, and not after. The point is that assuming the increase in the number of white people who don’t like him is due to his race is racist in itself. It’s an assumption. Has it occurred to the authors that the whites surveyed simply found his disrespect of the flag more objectionable than the blacks surveyed? Why did their support actually go up? Is that racism, too?

  36. tformation says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:18 AM
    Someone said: “What did Jameis Winston do?”

    Yeah? What did he do? Is it the rape charge that went nowhere?

    Brady, Kaep, Suh & Big Ben I get. But a second year QB on a small market club? Second most hated?

    What am I missing here?

    You mean like the same charge that went nowhere with Roethlisberger?

    You might want to do a bit more looking into… like the crab episode, and all the stuff that’s been said about him in college regarding him being an arrogant jerk (not saying I was there to know, just saying I even heard about it on sports talk shows). There’s been a LOT more said about Winston than the other guys.

    So why do you “get it” with the other guys and not him? Is it because he plays for the team you follow?

  37. Ben Roethlisberger was accused of some nasty sex crime and he is not the most disliked. Yet Colin Kaepernick exercises his Constitutional Rights and he is most reviled? No no no… this country is not racist.

  38. Of course he’s disliked. He single handedly called this country out on its age long bs and every day his point is proven, whether you choose to see it, acknowledge it or not. #KapForPrez

  39. markprzyb says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:01 AM

    Holds no credibility unless you name the “A research firm”. If he’s the most disliked person in the NFL, why is his jersey the most sold?? Do people war the jersey because they hate him? Makes no sense.

    On what planet is his Jersey the most sold? per nflshop, its not even top 25! lol Most people aren’t buying a jersey of a backup QB….

  40. So what you’re saying is that Kaep is disliked 24% more than Tom Brady? Of course Kaep will be disliked more than Brady in a predominantly white, racist society. He’ll also get pulled over by the cops more than Brady, for the same reason.

  41. collectordude,

    Do you get the irony in coming here to whine about a peaceful protest and then typing: “Well deserved, despite what the whiney democrats on here say.”

    Probably not. Trumpettes tend not to have high levels of self awareness.

  42. I love those that said they have stopped watching. Largely the same people that say people have become too thinned skin and PC. If you have stopped watching you are the biggest wimp I have ever heard of and also don’t really believe in freedom or equal justice.

  43. That’s how this whole thing started. Everybody was ripping on Kapernick for the national anthem thing because nobody likes him. Then the media misinterpreted the hate as real outrage about his protest. The media gave him credibilty and really created this whole thing. Other players are now joining in to get their piece of attention.

  44. Ben Roethlisberger was accused of some nasty sex crime and he is not the most disliked. Yet Colin Kaepernick exercises his Constitutional Rights and he is most reviled? No no no… this country is not racist.


    Ben was ACCUSED. Please provide a link where a court found him guilty of sex crimes.

  45. And there you have it… the mentality of the average football fan. Hate the guy that is standing up against the people that are killing everyone.

  46. All he’s doing is pushing the false narrative that America’s cops are targeting black people for murder. ————-
    This absolutely misses the point. The narrative is not that cops are targeting black people. The narrative is that the cops that do unfairly use excessive force on black people are not held accountable.

    The distinction here is so massive that it amazing how many people can’t understand it.

  47. the stupid moron should do this on his own time, he is suppose to be working not using his work to do this personal thing, can’t think of anything better than this KaeperP_k

  48. What if…

    All this is because the idiot known as Kaepernick was to busy playing with his headphones or something on the sideline, was unaware that the national anthem was playing, and cameras caught him?

    Kaepernick’s agent:

    “Tell ’em you were protesting something…”.

  49. We watch the NFL to escape the CONSTANT BARRAGE of ridiculous political nonsense, you annoying simpletons. What don’t you get about that?


    PLEASE, just shut your stupid face so I can enjoy some football.

  50. Many white people don’t like Kaep because he is an anti-white racist who has led other NFL players to exhibit black power by having there fist raised. Can you imagine if Tom Brady came back from suspension and gave the Nazi salute. This is the equivalent of what these black players are doing.

    Hell yes I hate Kap, call me a racist I don’t care. He has not offered a solution for what he sees. Doug Baldwin gave a solution yesterday demanding for attorney generals to change the laws regarding police training. Here would be my demand back to Doug and all these other black power players. Get your communities house in order. Stop having kids out of wedlock at above 70%. Stop committing 50 percent of the homicides in this country when you are only 12 percent of the population. Come talk to me when you have solutions for your communities problem.

  51. Upon further review, the blatantly bigoted post was from Titans4evr and not from Smith.

    Smith, my apologies.

    Titans, what a shock. A racist from Tennessee. Wow. How rare. /snark/

  52. Middle aged white guys here.

    I’ve been embarrassed by how many times I have heard in person,” I’m not a racist but….” followed by something short sighted and extremely racist. And most of it is from people I do like very much.

    Racism is emotion based in fear and it’s hard to reason with emotion and that is what makes it hard to not only conquer but even discuss on a rational level.

    Not all white people are racist and not all black people are criminals. Nobody gets to pick to whom and where they are born.

  53. Also, as much as we do truly need a strong military and one can’t disagree that military members alive and dead deserve the utmost respect and reverence, but 1) this isn’t about them and 2) they don’t own the flag nor the anthem. They belong to all of us.

  54. Kaepernick has stabbed the NFL in the back with his toxic hypocrisy. Ironically the NFL is one of the few institutions in America where race interaction, and relations have been a positive force for more then a generation. The only color that matters in the NFL are the color of the jerseys, but Kaepernick has singlehandedly turned tens of thousands of NFL fans into former NFL fans. Goddell’s shield is now tarnished beyond repair.

  55. Amazing how people view the poll results as racist but only look at it one way. There seems to be far more whites that like him than there are blacks who dislike him yet whitey is racist. The rise in his dislike numbers among whites is far more likely to be caused by his chosen manner of protest. Most who have a problem with his protest have said they don’t like it for at least one of three reasons 1) it is disrespectful 2) he is protesting while on the clock at his job 3) he cherry picked statistics and portrays the problem to be much bigger than it really is. I’ll offer a fourth potential reason for disliking him based on recent events. When he first did it, he was asked by a reporter why he sat. He stumbled through an incoherent answer and only refined his protest explanation once the backlash came hard. That tells me it was initially an attention ploy (possibly more geared towards not being the starter) than any kind of social stand. That came later, while he wore his pig socks and castro shirt.

  56. bigbluefandom says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:44 AM
    Ben Roethlisberger was accused of some nasty sex crime and he is not the most disliked. Yet Colin Kaepernick exercises his Constitutional Rights and he is most reviled? No no no… this country is not racist.

    Actually it’s more hypocritical than racist.

    I love the people out there bleating on about racism while they go ahead and show their own prejudice by condemning a guy who was only ACCUSED, not found guilty of anything. Nice job!

  57. “Despite what posters say here, racism is alive and well in this country.”

    tell me about it- what did tom brady ever do?

  58. No poll needed to fully understand liberals are mindless lemmings. All a person has to do is read any comment section where a persons political views are on display. And we wonder what is going wrong with our once great nation? Well, the USA had a good run.

  59. titans4evr says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:11 AM

    He should go back from where he came and let us know if he finds it ‘safer” there.

  60. chadsmith013 says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:11 AM

    a guy peacefully standing up for something that he believes in and something that needs to get fixed….and now white America hates him..

    racism is alive and well.

    Your comment is racists.

  61. Kaepernick is disliked because he’s a one season wonder and frankly he’s not a very good ballplayer .

    His protest has accomplished nothing because people aren’t speaking of why he knelt for the anthem they’re only speaking of his kneeling .

    His actions are ineffective just as in the 70s when hippies stood out in front of nuclear power plants with signs . The plants were open and operated anyways . If he truly wants to elicit change he should delve into the inner workings of the police departments across the country and fix things from the inside. That will never happen because he must go through the motions of trying to remain a football player. He is like most protesters: great at holding up a sign or blocking a road but lack the courage to put in actual effort to make things better.

    He is a complete and utter hypocrite because if him and his girlfriend were walking down the street and they were a victim of a crime the first people they would call would be the police.

  62. Well Greg Hardy is a free agent and could come back.

    Terrell Suggs beat his wife and still plays and people focus on Colin Kaepernick…really? You may disagree with him but there are players out there we all root for everyday who have done much much worse things. So if this guys your main target you are a huge hypocrit.

  63. He has every right to peacefully protest or make a statement in any way he chooses. Doesn’t make he a bad or good person, but clearly says a lot about you.

    Obviously most people disagree with this stance (the minority I would assume) or the way and he chose to go about conveying his feelings. Again, we all have the the similar right to agree or disagree with his stance.

    Nothing more, nothing less!

  64. krjourney40 says:
    Sep 23, 2016 11:07 AM

    this guy is a moron…

    says kap is anti-white..he was raised by white people..stuff people say are so ignorant..

    then he says that before black people can say that they are being mistreated, they have to fix their own problems..? wtf

    so go tell a kid who is constantly getting bullied..hey you need to fix the reason you are getting bullied before you can say anything..

    the stuff people say on here is down right ignorant.

  65. duffelbagsports says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:08 AM
    Must have only asked white folks because in my community he’s a hero

    You’re community thinks a guy that doesn’t stand for the national anthem is a hero? I understand he’s trying to make a point here, but hero?

    By definition, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

    I’m sorry but he doesn’t meet any of that criteria. Your community is pretty dense if this is their definition of a hero. Do a quick Google search for Medal of Honor recipients. These folks are heros. If you lump Kapernick into this group, you should leave the country because you’re part of the problem.

  66. they same people on here say the love america because of freedom of speech and liberties are the same ones on here hating on someone for actually putting that to use…makes no sense.

  67. Someone said: So why do you “get it” with the other guys and not him? Is it because he plays for the team you follow?

    Actually, I don’t follow the Bucs much at all. Bears are my team.

    So, it’s the rape thing. OK. I thought the charge on Winston didn’t have the traction that Big Ben’s did. Clearly, some people think that’s not true.

  68. Why do people keep claiming that “He is exercising his Constitutional Rights”. Sure he has the right to do so….ON HIS OWN TIME. When you are at work you follow the rules set forth by your employer. You do what is best for the company.

    None if this is in the NFL’s best interest. It is at best a distraction from the game and at worst they will lose some endorsements. And let’s be honest, Kaep’s real protest is he is now relegated to a backup to a guy who should probably be a backup himself.

  69. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Sep 23, 2016 11:21 AM
    “Despite what posters say here, racism is alive and well in this country.”

    tell me about it- what did tom brady ever do?


    He beat too many teams senseless.

  70. CK is trying to make a larger point based on an ignorant understanding of reality.

    Black men commit murder and violent crime over 5 times their proportionate number in society and about 10 times that of whites. That is a cultural problem because if I was a cop and knew that Green people committed violent crime than many more times than everyone else you can be sure as heck that I would look at them with more suspicion. Throw in that blacks refuse to follow police orders more than others and you have a recipe for disaster.

    We need to address police culture and the abuses caused by their unionization but also as much black culture and why it is so prone to violence and rule-breaking. Stop making excuses for both.


  71. there was a great point made about what Roethlisberger did some years ago, and got away with it. do we see how conveniently we dismiss this? Colin is even MORE right after Tulsa and probably Charlotte. also HE IS a SB QB, not gab blainert, and no. 7 should get the start.

  72. The DOJ maintains an office called the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This site would block any citations and the Bureau works hard to hide their own statistics but what they have is fascinating and puts this issue in perspective – particularly the part about who is committing violence and who the vast bulk of the victims of violence are. Long story short, cops are the least of these communities worry.

  73. markprzyb says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:01 AM
    Holds no credibility unless you name the “A research firm”. If he’s the most disliked person in the NFL, why is his jersey the most sold?? Do people war the jersey because they hate him? Makes no sense.

    It’s called counter culture. You do realize that shortly after his arrest Aaron Hernandez jerseys were in high demand right? Have you been in this country long?

  74. and the people that say he is doing this solely for attention….

    i just don’t see how its possible people can be so ignorant..

    a lot of people don’t see this racism in their world..so they think it doesn’t exist..some people have never been treated badly by cops based on their skin color..so they assume it doesn’t exist..people don’t think outside the box..they think their situations are the only ones that matter..if they don’t see it..then its not there…

    I am not a black person..but if this many people are saying something is wrong, and video of this stuff popping up left and right..then dam it, something is wrong…who the HELL am i to tell them they are wrong..what, just because I don’t see it personally??

    sick of all these self righteous judgemental pricks out there who act blindly to problems that exist outside of their world.

  75. Well he’s a moron.

    He took a problem of insane policy enacted by all people, but especially African Americans like Obama, and went backwards by wrongly claiming it was about racism.

    What a moron.

    Outsourcing isn’t racism, especially when it’s supported by Obama.

    Militarization of the police isn’t racism, especially when it’s supported by Obama.

    Putting Saudi Arabia above the victims families of 9/11 by vetoing the JASTA bill which Obama the traitor has said he’ll do by Friday’s deadline isn’t racism.

    The facts of the matter are it was never about racism, but Obama and others want you to think it is.

    It’s called divide and conquer. If Kaepernick really wants change, his actions and his insanely wrong focus is his own worst enemy.

    That and the moron media who should be pointing out it’s policy, but has focused in on the racism angle. But then again they never told you Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11 did they?

    They didn’t warn you that the Iraq war was lies, they cheered it on.

    Whenever the stock market is in a bubble, like now or 2008 or 2001 they never recognize it.

    Whenever anything bad happens or is about to happens, they are clueless.

    This Kaepernick thing proves that what they should be proficient at, they are 1st graders at, because they haven’t even been trying to report the new this century.

    It is in fact racism what Kaepernick is doing. He is so ‘real’ he can’t call out Obama, instead he blames white people.

    If we really want solutions, the first thing to do is drop Kaepernick and BLM. They are doing nothing but making problems worse. They are a distraction from reality and sickly twisting and distorting it.

    It’s so obvious even a caveman knows it.

  76. The biggest threat to a young black man is another young black man. You have to climb over an enormous pile of bodies to point at the few deaths at the hand of the police.
    But since no-one wants to examine the institutionalized racism of the welfare state, or the gleeful self-destructive nature of hip-hop culture, or the effect of unchecked immigration on the poor, we might as well go back to the old reliable excuses.
    Peaceful protest for a misguided cause is still misguided. Sincerity is overrated.

  77. He’s always been a tool. Now he’s just become a bigger tool. This “poll” is the closest he’ll ever come to being mentioned in the same group as Tom Brady.

  78. lmao…they must have polled the right wing haters, bigots and racists….oh, that is ALL of the right wing. Typical.

    How about we fly that treasonous confederate flag of hate……

  79. honestly, I’m really not even sure there is an epidemic in this country of people being killed by police- yes i know it is happening, but i think the uproar is caused by the 24/7 news cycle and click bait journalism perpetrated by the media who is trying to drive ratings, page views, and subscriptions. Violent crime in this country has been steadily decreasing over the past 20 years, but when you tell people they seem surprised because now the access to information is so much greater and when it’s put in your face on the news every night you form a negative opinion that isn’t based in facts or reality.

    there just aren’t good historical statistics on homicides by police so nobody truly knows if this is a growing problem or not.

    It also seems silly to me that most of the big and violent protests on the subject revolve around shootings by police that were arguably justifiable

    don’t get me wrong, i hate the police , probably a lot more than even the average black person in america today, but i really don’t think their are a lot of cops out there that get up every morning and say “i’m going to go shoot someone today just because they are black” and i don’t think they are racist- i think cops have gotten away from serving the community and become an “us vs. them” militarized militia that lacks accountability

  80. That figures, why is anyone surprised? He is a back up QB and has started a lot more trouble.

    What trouble has he started? He’s explained his position and has chosen a peaceful method that is allowed by the NFL and is thus, considered a right in this country. It is the people in this country who believe he or anyone else should just shut the hell up and be thankful for what he has. If are truly non-racist, you should at least be open to solving the issues as opposed to being angry at him or anyone else. The truth is you 2.5 times more likely to be pulled over by a cop if you are African-American. Those are the facts….

  81. Most Racism is gone.

    If people act respectful, they are treated respecfully.
    If people treat others with kindness, kindness is returned to them.
    If people act honorably, honor is bestowed upon them.
    If people show consideration, others will show them consideration.

    This is not something that is limited to certain demographic groups. These are fundamental facts that apply to everyone. Without a doubt there are people in the World without a moral compass whose selfish actions can & should be condemned. Some of those people spread hate, like Colin Kaepernick. His actions in no way demonstrate honor, kindness, respect or consideration for all the people who have lived & died so he could have a free voice. Many of those he dishonors fought for his same cause, and those people are also represented by the U.S. Flag. The U.S. Flag represents both the good & the bad, the rights & the wrongs of this nation. But the days when certain groups were treated differently is long gone. Today, the only distinction between the “different groups” is character. Some have character, others just expect the return without putting forth the effort. Unfortunate for those that don’t realize the reality of the World is that you only get back what you put in. Be the person who deserves respect & you will have respect. Be the person who inspires hate, and you will be hated.

    And that isn’t based on a color.

  82. Black Lives Matter.
    – All lives matter.
    – All.
    Syrian refugees?
    – Well…
    LGBTQ lives?
    – The Bible says…
    Unarmed black men?
    – Should have complied.
    Poor people on food stamps or public assistance?
    – I’m not subsidizing laziness.
    People of different religious faiths than yours, or none at all?
    – There’s only one true…
    – What’s this?
    It’s called a dictionary. Before you say “all lives matter” again, look up the word “all”.
    It’s towards the front.

  83. “Tom Brady? Lololol. What has he ever done?”

    It’s really not surprising Brady is on this list considering the cheating controversys he’s involved with. Some didn’t like him for his arrogant tone before Super Bowl XLII when he laughed at being told his offense would be held to only 17 points (they later got held to only 14).

    Also as we’ve seen lately, Brady also get overrated due to the genius of Bill Belichick. It doesn’t matter if Brady is in the game or out of the game for the Patriots, Bill finds a way to win.

  84. patswhatsup: Funny all those jersey buyers couldn’t save the NFL from some of the worst tv ratings in more than a decade eh? Considering the percentage of people who buy NFL football jerseys make up a tiny sliver of the US population I’d consider the fact you have pretty much zero critical thinking skills.

  85. flexx91: Being pulled over by a cop and police shootings are two entirely different issues. Whites pulled over by the police are more than twice as likely to be shot by police officers despite the fact blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime. Spare me the “youre a racist if you don’t like Kaepernick” drivel. I have every right to be angry at a moron like Kaepernick who calls police officers murderers and claims the American flag is no different than the Confederate flag. If you think insulting people is the best to way have a dialogue you are as delusional as the rest of the far left in this country

  86. It would seem to me that when you tell people that they are an a$$ for believing in something and than ask them to listen to what you have to say, you don’t stand much of a chance to open any minds.

    He has every right to express his opinion in this manner, as does any one else to disagree with him or the manner he chooses to use to express himself.

  87. I think it is like auto racing. I never saw a poll, but will bet that in his prime, Jeff Gordon was both the most disliked and the most liked driver at the same time. Kapernick, may not be the most liked, but I will bet his numbers went up significantly in that category as well…

  88. I disliked Kaepersuck even before he decided to disrespect law enforcement.

    I also think he did it for himself too. He was on the cusp of being cut. He knew doing the whole knee thing would garner him sympathy from the NFL.

    I just cant wait until someone else chooses to make an individual political statement. A controversial one, like wearing orange gloves to show support for hunting awareness.

    Then watch the NFL divvy out the fines.

  89. How is Aqib Talib not on this list! He has so many things going against him! The racists will think he’s a terrorist because of his name sounding like a villain on 24, he has made idiotic plays on the field many many times, he shot himself (allegedly), and from all reports, he sounds like a jerk in real life.

    Aqib Talib 2017!

    (obviously joking above, but I’m surprised he isn’t on the list just for everything passed my first bullet point…)

  90. dumbaseinstien says:
    Sep 23, 2016 12:11 PM

    Most Racism is gone.

    You assume that ANY racism being left over is OK though… so I stopped reading there.

  91. I know the easy anserw for uniformed white folks is just stay outta trouble as a youth hit the books and go to a good school and make something for urself. But unfortunately for the majority of young black especially men that is not an option at all. Unfortunately from my personal expierience the majority of them grow up in low income housing in a single parent home as high majority of them fathers have unfortunately ran out and it’s up to the mother to work multiple jobs just to afford a place in a terrible neighboorhood. So w the only parent u got working multiple jobs which is nothing against them as single black women are some of the strongest ppl in the world. And they do try to keep their kids out of trouble but unfortunately have to work so aren’t always around to keep an eye on kids at all times. So usually the oldest sibling is now in charge abd for boys who really need a man to show them to be a man have no father influence that is the unlucky ones. There are many black fathers that do stick around and I commend them but w no one to teach them right and wrong and more importantly no one to show them love that’s where neighborhood gangs step in and A become the father figure figure and show them love or at least say that abd show them how to get easy money to get the fluent gear and as a young kid not mature enough to make rational descions you to the choice which at the times easily make the most sense and majority of time ur life is downhill from there.

    So after rambling forever not all blacks are bad some have both role models and are good kids but because of the ones who went down the wrong road and no matter why or who’s fault(which its ours as a comunuty not guiding our youth in need of it the most) we just lazily throw all minorities from inner cities or bad parts of the city into the same group which is Racial Profiling which is against the law but happens by cops all day everyday. Maybe the best minirity kid with a great family support system is on his way to Yale on a full scholar ship if he happens to live in a housing complex/project as a huge crack ring right away in the cops eyes he’s a bad man a drug dealer up to trouble or probably has a gun. All cops should be retrained and if they even see a 1% hint of racism they should be fired w/o pay on the spot and stop these problems before they ever start.

  92. breadslicer says:
    Sep 23, 2016 11:04 AM

    It’s the same country capable of nominating Donald Trump for POTUS.

    Or worse yet, Hillary Clinton.

  93. Did they ask the respondants to rate every single player in the NFL? No. False flag survey.

    CK is not protesting white people, he is protesting police brutality of blacks. He is protesting black cops as well.

    Yes black on black crime is a big issue and kils more black people than cops. HOWEVER, Cops are paid to protect all citizens that is why the two are not analogous.

    Yes he sucks (owned by 2% of fantasy owners on CBS Sports), but he has America’s attention which was his main objective. So all the people with negative comments, he beat you. You are doing what he set out to achieve.

  94. I again a 35 year old man think it is so disgusting Colin is the fattest player in the league. As a diehard Raiders fan and the BEATING! We put on him last year he may have been the worst starting QB over the past two years. Sorry different topic. It’s just SO SAD as a so called community but this poll shows we r the farthest thing community. Among black ppl well must be he has the #1 selling jersey as a backup all year not like he played a game killed it abd coach went back to starter he hasn’t played a snap showed nothing in preseason but has top selling jersey. Then in this poll not where from but showed on PFT shows he is the most hated person. Ahead of Ben who Footbal shows praise. Go back and read Ben’s case report he is a terrible person and shouldn’t have just been suspended from the NFL but he should still be in a State Penatentary prison. That was the most disgusting report I’ve ever read but Vick spent a year in prison AP got same punishment as Ben. Shows difference between a white player and a black player.

    I have 3 dogs never touched them and have no respect for anyone who ever would but no matter what a human’s life who will have to Cary around the trauma Bug Ben cause her the rest of her life is so much worse then what Vick did which in itself is dispicable. I am no way w fighting dogs I am totally against it 100% but if ur not from the south like Mike and didn’t grown up in his world where I’m sure his whole family Unc’s Cousins friends everyone down there fighting Pits is a normal thing. Not that it’s right or an excuse but if ur a lil kid growing up in that environment then u come to think its a normal thing. I blame Mike a 100% but Ben did not grown up in an environment where taking adavatge of an unwilling crying girl in a bathroom club was a regular thing he was part of growing up. Again love dogs and would love to end all pit fighting but if u go down south and spent a year putting all ur resources on just stopping dog fighting u wouldn’t be able to it’s just a part of their culture no matter who disgraceful it is abd they think it’s normal and again not for it totally against it but don’t think he should’ve had to pay more than Ben as it always still gets brought up w his name and when Ben is mention only thing u hear us elite QB & Antonio Brown. Just another difference on how race gets u treated differebt

  95. I just wanna applaud Colin for the guts it’s takes to get the whole country talking about an issue that has been pushed under the rug and ignored for way too long. He should be applauded for bringing this to the forefront abd month later we r still talking about but unfortunately it’s hasn’t worked yet as just the other day another armed man UNBELIEVABLY w BOTH hands in the air wasn’t hit w just the taser which in itself was uncalled for but was shot dead for no reason. I really hope that comunuty gets the justice they deserve and not paid suspension not suspension and not even firing of the cop but criminal charges as the criminal she is commuting first degree murdee and pays her time or the black community has had enough showed by the riots in Charollete the other night will look like nothing and I think we r in for another another LA Riot. They have had enough and I don’t blame them. This is up near 10 of these incidents in the past cpl of years yet NOTHING has changed.
    So mad props for Colin doing something to show he’s had enough and showing support for his community as the flag that represents the whole nation when the nation besides a cpl half hearted appologize a has done nothin but empty sorts abd promise. Like they say no justice no peace. There is definetly no justice the no peace is coming soon and not the small time we’ve seen I’m talking a huge movement that’s just my opinion.

  96. Nobody liked him before he decided to take a dump on dead soldiers graves. Cries for attention are rarely coddled especially when you’re a spoiled athlete making millions for sitting on the bench.

  97. There are weeping families in Tulsa and Charlotte (to name the most recent locales) who think Kaepernick may have a point.

  98. pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    Sep 23, 2016 10:08 AM
    Well, he’s singlehandedly caused me to not watch a sport I’ve been enjoying for thirty-five years so yeah, he’s the most disliked player.

    134 117
    Report comment
    Yeah, right. You and 133 others no longer watch football because of Kaep. I call BS. Not one of you has boycotted the NFL because of Kaep. You’re all still here clicking, reading and commenting.

  99. So in turn I think Colin has done the best thing possible. First preseason game he sat during the national anthem. Then showing how intelligent and open minded he is to the topic he talked to a veteran and they both decided that instead of sitting on the bench alone away from his teammates he now stands w his teammates but takes a knee during the anthem. Again as no disrespect to our soilders but to get a topic to get talked about. Which worked perfecty. He got a much needed topic to the forefront so maybe as a nation of equals we can together find a solution to this problem before it leads to another LA Riot or worse. As that’s not to far away as writing is on the wall.
    Also Kap was the first but by far as u can see as many players along many sport are also joining him in many different kinds of protest across the league. It’s the first amendment to express urself which is the greatest thing about u can speak ur opinion wether popular or not and get ur point across wether ppl hate it or not.

  100. Isn’t it interesting that the athletes that are protesting are primarily black, and those objecting to the protest are mostly white people that somehow are offended and don’t see a problem…but there is no disconnect in our society. Nope, none at all.

  101. Why do people keep claiming that “He is exercising his Constitutional Rights”. Sure he has the right to do so….ON HIS OWN TIME. When you are at work you follow the rules set forth by your employer. You do what is best for the company.

    None if this is in the NFL’s best interest. It is at best a distraction from the game and at worst they will lose some endorsements. And let’s be honest, Kaep’s real protest is he is now relegated to a backup to a guy who should probably be a backup himself.
    You do know that the NFL is ok with what he is doing and so is his employer who not only agree with him but matched his 1 million donation with one of their own….this is in the country’s best interest screw the NFL, the games will go on, and for you to question his motives shows how out of touch you are with the seriousness of the issue he’s fighting for….

  102. duffelbagsports says:

    Must have only asked white folks because in my community he’s a hero

    But your community is only 13% of the population. You’re not nearly as big and powerful as you would like to think.

  103. How can a man that is being tased make her feel threatened? First they lied and said he was res ching in his car while the door was closed and the windows were up.. So she clearly knew she was wrong by makin things up.

  104. Nothing is going to change until parents start teaching their children to respect authority. Here in Charlotte those rioters were carrying flags ‘No police No prisons’ …compelete joke lol. They want complete anarchy that’s the goal of BLM.

  105. byHim4u says:
    Sep 23, 2016 12:29 PM

    I think the pole is fabricated and the opposite is true.

    Most, if not all, polls are fabricated nonsense.

  106. packerenglishmajor says:
    Sep 23, 2016 1:05 PM
    There are weeping families in Tulsa and Charlotte (to name the most recent locales) who think Kaepernick may have a point.

    There are weeping families around the country who’s children didn’t come back from overseas that think Kaepernick should have found a better way to express his point.

  107. Also regarding those rioters in Charlotte, it was so staged and faked just to have the opportunity to loot downtown, they totally wiped clean the Hornets shop. 72% of the people arrested was from out of state, they were all put on bus’s and brought here. That’s what Kaepernick is kneeling for that’s why he is disliked.

  108. I wonder if a NFL player were to “protest” the treatment of Law ENforcement and Military personnel in this country by having Police, Sheriffs and/or Military escort him onto the field and stand with them during the National Anthem, how much play would this get? How would Roger Goddell and the media react to this not so politically correct “protest”?

    Therein lies the WHY behind why so many find Kaepernick and the others’ “protests” despicable.

  109. I find it interesting that many that post here think Kaep started a dialogue on black men being shot and killed. That’s all this administration has talked about since the first inaugural address. Still people believe that whites kill blacks at an alarming rate while government produced statistics show entirely different truth.

  110. I don’t understand how the amount of money that Kaepernick makes has anything to do with whether or not he should be able to mount a protest.

    If there was some bum in the stands that decided to sit through the National Anthem to protest police shootings and oppression, no one would even give a damn.

  111. I didn’t realize Kaepernick was black until he did this and the media reported it. I just thought he was a very annoying person. I admire someone who pretests when it’s not popular, but wish he was willing to be factually honest about what he is protesting, because all sides could improve if this was an honest attempt to address the “whys” of the issues.

  112. The ppl against Colin either never seen the devastation in those poor communities he has seen or if they did it was so long ago they forgotten. To take the dumb stance that he is doing it as he is anti American or anti our military is just ignorant. Vthere American flag does not stand just for our soilders. The American flag stands for every single American in this country or in others. What he is protesting is that millions of ppl purely based on their skin color who are represented by this American flag are not receiving their civil rights on what this country was built on an what this flag stands for. W/o his gestures these conversations ESPECIALLY in the sports world which is a huge part of the American population wouldn’t be happening and if he opened just one eye if he saves just one life it is all worth it so I applause it

  113. This is an utterly ridiculous poll, though I am sure the corporate culture of the NFL foolishly takes it seriously. Anyone polarizing will see a huge spike in support and hate. The spike in support actually means that the net gain to a team would be very positive. Now, Jameis Winston being disliked would concern me. I assume that is due to the Hunting Ground and the rape allegations that, whether true or not, were certainly not investigated properly. Winston has no cause, so he is polarizing only in the negative sense. Colin may be disliked, but he is also passionately beloved and any poll that only assesses the negative without the positive is simply irrelevant.

    I could see the 49ers cutting him over this poll and other teams not signing him, when in reality he actually brings a huge amount of fan support with him.

  114. I sure don’t like him. He is just a punk, with his gangster style hat and the other crap. I won’t watch him play, not for any reason. I can tell you one thing, it sure seems suspicious that he chooses this particular time to go political. He isn’t playing well, and isn’t starting. Just shows how stupid he is.

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