Stephen Jones: Tony Romo is coming along, but we won’t push it

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has made significant progress from the fractured vertebra he suffered in the preseason, but the team remains unsure when he’ll be back on the field.

That’s the word from Cowboys Executive V.P. Stephen Jones, who said Romo has come along nicely.

“He’s throwing the ball around now, so he’ll just keep doing more unless there is something that concerns us,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Right now everything is looking great. He’s feeling good and certainly feels good about the progress he’s making.”

Early November has been mentioned as the time Romo can expect to return, although Jones said it will always come down to what the doctors say.

“Every injury is different,” Jones said. “Everybody wants to say, ‘Well, we rushed him back last time and he got hurt.’ I think unfortunately it was a tough lick there that happened to hit him just right again. At the same time, unless he’s ready and the doctors feel like he’s ready to go, we won’t push it.”

The good news for the Cowboys is that rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has shown enough promise early in the season to make them think they can stay in playoff contention without Romo this year — something that didn’t happen last year, when the team fell apart with Romo out. Prescott’s presence makes it easier for the Cowboys to stay patient.

22 responses to “Stephen Jones: Tony Romo is coming along, but we won’t push it

  1. Given the Org’s history of being careful with Romo’s health, he should be pushed back into duty the minute he can walk without help.

  2. Do not rush him back. Although I think Prescott has looked really well as a game manager and can the move the ball this is still Romo’s team. The Cowboy’s are paying him a lot of money and really can’t do anything without taking a cap hit. Yeah one bad hit in the back or in general and he’s done. He needs to think about the future and his family. It really is a tough decision for the Cowboy’s when he comes back but Prescott has the hot hand then go with him. Who knows though we shall see.

  3. I bet Romo is feeling pressure about his job for the first time since he was named permanent starter. He’s been needing a motivating factor his whole career. Too bad it came about five years too late for him because it looks like Dak can be the man from here on out.

  4. unbelievable that ‘boys fans would doubt this man, any true fan would know that he is a warrior–it would be an insult to insinuate that a warrior would not return to finish his fight and cement his legacy. I have a lot of respect for Tony Romo, he doesn’t give up, keeps on fighting–some of you can learn something here.

  5. So many haters on here when it comes to Romo. He isn’t close to being ready to hang ’em up and is still playing at a high level. He has had some horrible luck with injuries, but he will come back, and he will play very well.

    Peyton Manning had several neck surgeries which included fusing cervical vertebrae, and couldn’t grip a ball correctly for several months. He came back and has a SB ring to show for it (even though it was the D that deserves the majority of the credit).

    Romo had a small anterior vertebral endplate fracture that is basically healed up already, and he is already throwing the ball. Romo still gives Dallas the best opportunity to win games. In the meantime, Prescott will hold the fort down, and has done an admirable job thus far. With that said, all indications at this point are that Romo will be returning to finish up the season.

    Give the guy some breathing room already. It is up to him and the team Doctors as to when (not if) he returns.

  6. Getadealdonealready! LMAO That comment about the weekend at bernies concerning romo is just to damn funny lol. I could just imagine jerry and Stephen jones one on each of romo sides trying to hold him up at a press conference! Lol thanks for the laugh! Just win baby!

  7. I love everybody telling Romo to retire. Just shut up, please. The man knows what he’s doing and he’s not an idiot. He will know when to hang it up. I look forward to him coming back and shutting all the haters up.

  8. bert1913 says:
    Sep 23, 2016 11:40 PM
    York’s, Haslam, synder, irsay, and jones’ worst owners in all of sports
    very interesting comment, really is. Could you do me a favor and define ‘worst’ cause it must not include SB championships or Jones would NOT be in that group. So do so all a favor and define ‘worst’…idiot.

  9. very interesting comment, really is. Could you do me a favor and define ‘worst’ cause it must not include SB championships or Jones would NOT be in that group. So do so all a favor and define ‘worst’…idiot.
    Since their last SB OVER 20 YEARS AGO, GM Jerrah has a grand total
    of 3 playoff wins. Even he admitted that any other GM would’ve been fired with such a record a long time ago, but since he’s also the owner and his ego is too big to ever give up GM duties, look forward to more mediocrity for years to come. They haven’t done squat since the team Jimmy built disintegrated… But, hey, keep living on last century’s glory and giving Dr. Jones your money. He’s counting on your blind loyalty so he can keep doing what he’s been doing since 1996 (like wasting 2nd round picks).

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