Twitter’s NFL stream won’t build momentum in Week Four

Twitter scored an impressive 34-percent increase in average viewership for its live stream of Thursday Night Football from Week Two to Week Three.

For Week Four, count on a 100-percent drop.

The game between the Dolphins and Bengals will be televised only by NFL Network. As a result, it won’t be streamed on Twitter.

That was the arrangement from the get-go, with Twitter streaming only the games televised on NFLN and CBS or NBC.

The exclusivity of the broadcast relates directly to NFL Network’s arrangements with cable and satellite providers. The ability to charge the rate the NFL currently receives hinges on having a certain amount of game content.

This means that, during those weeks when games are televised by NFLN only, they won’t be available on Twitter. Which will make it hard to develop viewing habits on Twitter — and which undoubtedly will result in plenty of complaints from users who dial up Twitter on Thursday night in search of Dolphins-Bengals but can’t find it.

7 responses to “Twitter’s NFL stream won’t build momentum in Week Four

  1. If the League thinks keeping exclusive broadcast rights for the Bengals-Dolphins is going to get people to pony up way too much money for their network, they are so very, very wrong.

  2. minnesotablizzard says:
    Sep 24, 2016 4:52 PM
    That’s ok, nobody wants to watch the Bengals play the Dolphins outside of their respective markets anyways.

    You may have a point, while it’s possible only Cincy fans will feel a need to watch the Bengals win it’s a given the rest of us don’t need to see the Dolphins find another way to lose to know it will happen

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