DeAngelo Hall says doctors believe he tore ACL

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The Redskins got a much-needed win over the Giants on Sunday, but they may have lost safety DeAngelo Hall for the rest of the season.

Hall left the game with a knee injury in the first half and did not return. After the game, he told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he was told he tore his ACL, although Anderson reports that Hall appeared to be walking fine. He will have an MRI to confirm that initial diagnosis.

If it is confirmed, it will leave Hall with only 16 games played over the last three seasons.

The Redskins also lost cornerback Bashaud Breeland to an ankle injury during the game. He said that x-rays didn’t show a break, although there will be further evaluation to assess the severity of his injury.

6 responses to “DeAngelo Hall says doctors believe he tore ACL

  1. Fitting for a player who took Bills TE Chris Gragg out for the year in the preseason with a direct hit on the knee and then said that there was nothing wrong with it. While technically not illegal by the letter of the rule book, it was pretty lousy of him to admit he was specifically targeting his knee. So good for Hall that he gets to enjoy the same injury and rehab for a year that he intentionally inflicted on someone else.

  2. 33 million in the bank. Time to move on and enjoy the rest of your life doing whatever it is that you want to do.

  3. Buffalomook– you may have just written more about Chris Gragg than anybody else in history. Combined.
    Gotta ask– are you Chris Gragg?

  4. .Look at all the injuries in the NFL in recent years, Its all from this 3rd generation turf, Most of these MCL/ACL,etc injuries are from this dang carpet they are using. IT gives ZERO room for players cleats to move. With real grass fields…players feet are given a little wiggle room from grass that can easily give players cleats to move. With turf, the surface gives no room for cleats to move or have any wiggle room…once the players cleats are locked…their feet are permanently planted..which causes these masses amounts of injuries.

    I am shocked that no one has really examined this huge up-rise of injuries as most stadiums are now using this garbage turf field

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