Dolphins outlast Browns, win in overtime


The Dolphins tried to give it away, but the Browns missed chances — and missed field goals, specifically — and the Dolphins eventually won in overtime, 30-24.

Jay Ajayi ran 11 yards for the winning touchdown after the teams had traded punts to start overtime.

The Browns won the overtime coin toss but elected to kick. It went to overtime because Browns kicker Cody Parkey missed a 46-yarder on the final play of regulation.

It was Parkey’s third miss of the game. The Browns just officially signed him Saturday after Patrick Murray suffered a torn ACL on Friday. The Browns had chosen to take a knee despite having a timeout with 20 seconds left at the Dolphins’ 28-yard line.

The Dolphins led by 11, 24-13, late in the third quarter before the Browns rallied. The Browns used ex-quarterback turned wide receiver Terrelle Pryor at quarterback and all over the field, really. Pryor threw for 35 yards, ran for 21 yards and a touchdown and caught eight passes for 144 yards.

Browns rookie quarterback Cody Kessler, making his first start, threw for 244 yards.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw for 319 yards but threw two interceptions, one that Briean Boddy-Calhoun returned for a touchdown in the first half. Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry caught seven passes for 120 yards.

The Dolphins move to 1-2 and are at Cincinnati Thursday night. The Browns fall to 0-3 and are at the Redskins next week.

33 responses to “Dolphins outlast Browns, win in overtime

  1. Tannehill needs to go. He is a turnover prone below average passer. He has no presence. Just trade him now and tank the season.

  2. 3rd string quarterback

    kicker picked-up off the street

    back-up center

    back-up right guard

    and the Browns still took the Dolphins starters to over time.

    The easiest thing to do is blame a kicker who is in a funk coming off the street. But the Cleveland Browns has their coach of the future in Hue Jackson. Let that man make his mistakes and keep him in place for continuity purposes.

  3. The Browns have any sort of kicker last week, or this week, they would be sitting at 2-1. Their kickers are just bad. Robbie Gould is out there, and they go for this guy.

  4. Tannehill has never been a real franchise guy, not even close…. Phins management will never learn

  5. Tannehill has some nerve telling a practice squad player to enjoy his paycheck when he’s not much better than a practice squad player himself.

  6. Unbelievable. Miami win and the Tannehill bashers are out in force. He throws for 300 yards plus and that’s not good enough? You guys need to know that there’s only one HOF player in the history of the game with a higher yards per game average than Tannehill and that’s Marino. Love him or hate him…he’s quietly going about his business and doing very well.

  7. Miami wins and people are upset ???? Did you watch the game Miami stunk up the joint they had no business winning that game so lucky Cleveland’s kicker got hurt on Fri that game would have been over long before the overtime

  8. Can’t wait to see what spin Andy Cohen from Dolphin digest puts on this one in his column tomorrow. Probably does what he has done for the last decade, cuts and paste his usual excuses and just changes the names. Did you here Solomon Wilcox say ” nobody saw this coming ” with the Browns marching down the field looking to win the game. Really ! Solomon Really. And the halftime chat in the studio talking about the under rated Dolphin defence up against the Bengals on Thursday night. Do these people actually as part of their jobs watch the Dolphins. Fact Tannehill is the worst kind of QB. Somebody who just does enough to keep you interested but the reality is we must move on and try someone else. If Hall of fame inductees were measured on yards and touchdowns when the game was lost or season over he would be a nailed on candidate. The excuse merchants keep on about the great second half in NE but the game was gone and the Patriots had gone home. Fact our defence is slow and can’t tackle on third down. Fact-Our best player is our punter. Fact-versus good teams we lose when there is still something to play for and not dead rubbers.

  9. Tannehill is supposed to be a franchise QB? No franchise QB allows himself to be sacked and to lose that fumble that gave the Browns a chance to win in regulation. That’s simply a bush league play. If the Browns had been able to get any kind of pass rush through the first 3 1/2 quarters of the game, they might have been able to pull that one off. Tannehill continues to put up numbers, but not really impress.

  10. Browns might have won if Pryor was also kicking field goals, and no I’m not joking. Signed a Dolphins fan.

  11. The Dolphins are once again a really bad football team. I’m done with Tannehill. He’s just too inconsistent to ever be a great QB. Yeah, he made a nice throw on the second drive in OT, but he had many chances to put this team on his back and just couldn’t deliver. He needed the defense to come up with the stops at the end.

  12. $500 Million in stadium renovations looked nice –
    but we STILL look like a 7-9 team!
    Tannehill looked typical which AIN’T good – but remembering he was Philbin & Irelands pick only brought in on Shermans recommendation..So there you go.
    The Defense was…eh.. well let’s just say we got a gift!
    I didn’t see anything to get overly excited about – Jarvis Landry looks fine, Kenny Stills is coming along, still NO running game & Vance’s mysterious Defense that’s yet to really shut someone down… where’s it been hiding?………………….. oh before people say what about the Seattle game…the SeaChickens ain’t really that good anyway!

  13. That was painful to watch. Offended struggled most of the game, apart from 3rd quarter and end of first quarter. OL still struggles to create a pocket and Tannehill can only function when given time- he lacks poise when there’s pressure. Tannehill is like Cutler- they produce good stats that make people think they’ve played well but the stats are padded (like the 30 yards at end of the half that was thrown too short but picked up some yards to fluff out his stats). Dolphins still lack the killer mentality to close a game out- they let Browns back into it and the defender (apart from 3/4 of the Seahawks game) has been sift again. Browns should have won this.

  14. jchipwood says:
    Sep 25, 2016 5:21 PM

    This is the game Dolphins needed to kickstart their wins. They probably won’t lose another game all year.

    While I admire your optimism, your football insight is poor. Your team stinks, you should be embarrassed like the other Fins posters…

  15. How many more years can the Dolphins put up with Tannehill throwing interceptions non stop and fumbling the ball away?
    One poster called him Turnoverhill, man its so true.

  16. I never realized Pouncey was THAT critical to the run game. The offense was bad except for a few scattered plays. It seems as if there is minimal effort from guys that are not directly involved. Tannehill looked for a specific receiver for many plays rather than surveying the field for the best option and too many plays had the WRs running patterns of the same depth. That allows the defense to be bunched around the area the throws need to go to. That said, when the defense absolutely needs a stop at the end of the game, they fail. That was a crippled Browns team that should have been shut down. It almost looks like they play backwards. They rush the QB but play off coverage allowing quick passes that avoid the rush or they play close with no rush allowung the receivers to separate while the QB has all day. The execution on both sides needs to get better quick. It seems every play has someone screwing up whether it be a missed block, poor pass, dropped ball, bad pursuit, poor tackling or guessing wrong and getting beat. There is a fair amount of individual talent but it rarely works together on any given play. The dolphins should be thankful to get the win but they should feel embarrassed by that performance. Much credit to the browns. They could have easily just laid down but they kept fighting and should have won that game

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