Terrelle Pryor does something that hadn’t been done in 57 years


Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor made a significant contribution to the effort on Sunday. Instead of cutting off a finger or any other appendage, Pryor added roles to catching passes, with rare results.

Pryor had 144 receiving yards, 35 passing yards, and 21 rushing yards in the overtime loss at Miami. According to the NFL, Pryor became the first player to have at least 120 receiving yards, at least 30 passing yards, and at least 20 rushing yards in a single game since Hall of Famer Frank Gifford did it on December 6, 1959.

Look for Pryor to keep doing all he can for the Browns as coach Hue Jackson keeps trying his best to make chicken salad. At a time when the Browns don’t have much about which to be proud, they should be glad that they saw real ability in Pryor and stuck with him long enough for it to emerge

26 responses to “Terrelle Pryor does something that hadn’t been done in 57 years

  1. Oh lord how pathetic that this has to be used as some glimmer of hope. They lost to the Dolphins. The Dolphins are tuuuuurible!

  2. Browns need to eventually get some wins so the players stay bought into the program going into next year, but they’re developing young players and getting better. They put up almost 500 yards of offense on the road with a rookie QB against a defense that went to Seattle in week 1 and gave them fits. If not for the kicker, they win that game. The defense has made great strides from how bad they were in the preseason with a lot of young players getting action for the future.

  3. Browns are so close to being competitive. 1st game of the season obviously not but I credit RG3 for that blowout.

    But they’ve played very tough against two quality opponents in the last two weeks. Hopefully Hue can keep them together after these close losses and finally push through for a win. Not a Browns fan per say but I like the city and the people a lot and they deserve a competitive team.

  4. How about them REFS….two times today the Miami Dolpfins were a yard short on third down, the wonderful Refs twice awarded them a first down.

    I hope the Commissioner takes notice of this or someone in the Browns organization brings it to his attention. But then again…its the Browns so who cares!!!

  5. I hate all these superlatives they use. Just a bunch of random stats they jumble together to try and make something out of nothing. Hear it during every broadcast, every week.

    “Billy Joe is the first running back to rush for 88 yards and have 67 yards receiving while wearing white gloves and drinking blue Gatorade!”

  6. All that and the Browns still lost. Maybe he should have drop kicked.

    Pryor is a gifted player, but he’s not a NFL QB. Rather like Tebow. There is nothing wrong with it. Some players need to get over the glammer of a position and just work to play.

  7. I came here to compliment Pryor, he was something special and fun for a football fan to watch. Unfortunately, I read a comment about “how the Refs favored the Dolphins”. You are kidding right? You missed 2 easy FGs, the Dolphins Defense played like a bad High School and Tannehill did everything to give that game away. I am not delusional… The Dolphins are not a good team, but they are not nearly as bad as the Browns and it never should have even been a close game. No such thing as moral victories or excuses. Grow up Dude!

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